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4.8 out of 5 stars
D・N・ANGEL, Vol. 1
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 26 January 2018
Was in good condition when it arrived.
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on 26 October 2014
cool story and with the extra story N is for nishiki was awesome good luck to the author with their next series
with the d.n angel getting 're released by viz media I can't wait to see the manga reach its conclusion
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All teenagers go through a lot of difficult changes... but Daisuke Niwa's are a little different.

And a family legacy becomes quite a burden in "D.N. Angel Volume 1," the opening parts of Yukiru Sugisaki's solid little fantasy/comedy manga. and while the titular character is not terribly likable at first, the mixture of shy first romance, fantasy and action is quite good.

For every male of the Niwa family, the fourteenth birthday brings a curse -- their body will turn into Dark Mousy, the phantom thief, every time their feelings of romantic love are stirred.

So as you can guess, Daisuke's birthday is an unmitigated disaster -- not only has pretty, shallow Risa rejected him, but he suddenly morphs into Dark. His grandfather and mother send him off to steal a priceless sculpture from a local museum, where he's almost captured by his icy classmate Satoshi Hiwatari -- until Dark's flirty, devilish personality takes over. Even worse, Risa falls in love with Dark, and her identical twin sister Rika thinks that he's a peeping tom.

And Daisuke's problems aren't over: his family expects him to keep stealing artwork, Hiwatari is onto him, and Risa's presence triggers the Dark transformation. So his daily life is riddled with problems and personal crises (what does he do during swimming class?) and until he can win the love of his Sacred Maiden, they won't stop. There's also a cute little separate story called "N is for Nishiki," about a girl trying to summon a shikigami servant.

"D.N.Angel Volume 1" is a pretty solid, smooth intro to Yukiru Sugisaki's series -- it introduces the main characters and swiftly braids together the various subplots, without being too confusing about it. The whole idea of a Phantom Thief is a promising one (especially one with bunny-wings!) and it'll be interesting to see what Dark and Daisuke have to do in the future.

But since Sugisaki is just starting out in the series, the first few stories rely rather heavily on Daisuke's junior high school woes and inconvenient transformations. He also does an excellent job combining fantasy and action with humor (Dark leaves a bunny statue in place of a priceless crown), and starts the first steps of a love triangle. But there are some hints of darker motives from Hiwatari, and Sugisaku's okay-but-not-great artwork blossoms when Hiwatari briefly captures Dark.

Daisuke is a likable little everyman hero (despite his family's weird entrance), and you end up feeling sorry for his increasingly complicated life. Dark, on the other hand, is a flirty devil-may-care thief who charms you pretty quickly, even if he isn't fully fleshed out yet. Hiwatari is still something of a dark horse (why is someone so young obsessed with Dark?), and Wiz is just cute, cute, cute (a sort of shapeshifting bunny-thing!).

"D.N.Angel Volume 1" is a solid introduction to this fantasy series, and while Yukiru Sugisaki is still working out the kinks, it's a very promising start.
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VINE VOICEon 23 December 2003
I was so excited to find out this was getting translated!
D.N.Angel is a fairly recent addition to the ranks of anime classics in Japan, though the manga has been around for a few years now, and there's a good reason why it's so popular. It's friggin' fantastic, that's why!
Daisuke has a pretty normal life, seeming to have no issues different to the average young teenage male. Okay, so he seems to be strangely skilled at sudden athletic stunts, but we can let that go, can't we?
But it's Daisuke's fourteenth birthday, and it's all change now. Because now, Daisuke has to share his body and awareness with Dark, an angel-like legendary thief (who's also extremely cute ^_^ ). The other problem is, Daisuke and Dark are both in love with the same girl, but she only has eyes for one of them...
And of course there's much more going on, with various enemies, relationships and mysteries to solve. This is a really great manga. It's got great characters and plot development that takes its time helping you get to know the cast without seeming slow. Some of the storylines feel a bit 'problem of the week'ish, but there's always enough development of the ongoing, overall story to keep it satisfying. The artwork is quite similar to the anime, if you've seen it- in other words, gorgeous.
I'm really enjoying D.N. Angel, and I have no problem with shouting its praises to the masses- so go, buy it, love it! It's fantastic!
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on 20 March 2011
I love this manga, really enjoyed it,
The book itself was brand new and the price was amazing,
so glad I bought it, one my favourites yet..
I'll deffinately be buying the next one from here!
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on 17 August 2008
I love everything about DNAngel. There is a great story, some wonderful characters and some excellent drawings. 5/5. I would recommend it to anyone who loves manga and anime.
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