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Rebecca Slominsky & Tim Lockley
5 Nov 2009 • Lancaster, U.S.A.
Welcome, and thanks for visiting. The way we're doing this is a little unusual, so here's the explanation. First, we're not strictly speaking "setting up home" since Rebecca will be moving into a home that Tim has owned and lived in for fourteen years so if this list seems a little short on household neccessities and long on frivolous fun that's the reason why. Second, since the UK and US use different electrical systems the chances are that any appliance bought on the left hand side of the Atlantic will be useless on the right- we'd like to avoid that. Third, these items are all "would likes", not "wants" and certainly not "needs"- we need nothing more than your good wishes, so please don't feel under any obligation to put hands in pockets, or stick to the list- If you have a better idea by all means go for it.

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