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Introducing Treasure Truck! A new way to shop with Amazon
We're in the UK! A taste of the Truck. Our team has been hard at work sourcing the most desirable offers for you. We’ve gotten muddy visiting farms, leveled up playing video games, and geeked-out testing gadgets. The point? There is only one item on the Truck at a time, so we make sure it's great! Take a look at a few treasures we've had lately!
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Treasure Tuck runs on happiness (and fuel, but mostly happiness)
At Treasure Truck, you can expect the unexpected. There's always something happening at the Truck- whether it's a sample of something delicious, a celebrity meet-and-greet, or a fun game with prizes. Stop by and see for yourself!
Treasure Truck happiness
Lunchtime racing!
'Spot of lunchtime racing with @treasuretruckuk and @thegrandtour - I only went and WON THE RACEW #truckyeah' - Treasure Truck customers
Prizes and giveaways!
Free chocolates!
We surprised our customers with free luxury chocolates!
Chocolate is the answer. Who cares what the question is? Our Taittinger champagne offer was poppin' - especially when we gave away free scrumptious sweets from Hotel Choclat! Cheers, indeed.
Fun and games at the Truck!
'Working in SE London today, get a text from #AmazonUK, the @TreasureTruckUK is passing by loaded with the better half's favourite champagne.' - Treasure Truck customer.
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