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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 December 2011
Lots of the reviewers on here are saying how brilliant this puzzle is and I absolutely agree. It's hours of fun!

A couple of the plus points I have found are:

1. Keeps you occupied for hours, with lots of fun in between.
2. Great for families or by yourself.
3. Brilliant for children interested or in need of geographical knowledge.
4. Has a decorative element - once you've built you can either keep it on display or disassemble it and build again.
5. Despite only being 540 pieces, it feels like so many more and requires quite a lot of thinking because of the obscure shapes of each piece.
6. Each piece is numbered with directional arrows on to help you out.

But, a couple of negatives too:

1. The pieces are hard-ish plastic which means that sometimes they are tricky to push into the puzzle correctly - sometimes leading you to believe it's in the wrong place even though it definitely isn't.
2. I found that the only way I could build the puzzle was by number because of the puzzle being a globe, I couldn't hold it and look at the image on the outside and then put the pieces in too.
3. The effort it takes to push the pieces into place is shocking! My fingers were so sore after trying to convince the piece that it really does belong there (to the extent I was constantly checking the number to make sure I was right).

Overall though, a brilliant concept and lots of fun!
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on 18 April 2017
Great Puzzle, brought it for my daughter. Really good to put the country's together and teach a bit of geography at the same time. The oceans are a bit trickier as all same colour (some with writing on them to help work out), but all pieces are numbered so you can cheat a bit when it comes to the oceans.
Once complete its very robust and spins nicely on the stand.
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on 13 May 2017
Very good
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on 30 December 2011
This 3D puzzle was fun, but quite frustrating at times. It is a brilliant way of learning your world geography, and is great fun for any child aged 12-15. However, be aware, this puzzle is not easy. You just have to use the numbers on the back of the pieces to put it together(unless you know the world map like the back of your hand)...so its not like a normal puzzle that way. Some of the pieces are very hard to get in, and sometimes I would push too hard, so the pieces around it feel out. Especially near the top of the puzzle when you put in the last few pieces, it is fiedishly difficult. I found the top pieces stuck out, because if I pushed too hard they fell into the globe so I had to remove the pieces around it to stick my hand in and retrieve it.
If you're looking for a globe, then this probably isn't what you want. Some of the pieces don't line up--so sometimes words such as CANADA spread over two pieces will not line up.
So, at the end of the day, this is a puzzle more than a globe and an ideal holiday project for any teenager.
I bought this product on ebay brand new and it was cheaper
The spinning frame is a great additional, giving it a professional look. Once together, the puzzle is reasonably robust. I dropped it on the floor and it survived, but when my 13 yr old cousin kicked a football at it, it crumbled : )
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It's always great to discover a child's toy that's fun, educational and lasts more than five minutes, and this Puzzleball certainly fits that description. It's a plastic 540 piece puzzle that once made becomes a nice decorative item; Ravensburger now include a metal stand in the box (as well as the plastic one you may see on other versions of this puzzle) that transforms the puzzle into a fully rotating 22cm diameter traditional globe. My eight year old was lucky enough to be bought one of these for her birthday, and so impressed was I by this toy that I have since bought one for a gift.

In the box you get the 540 puzzle pieces, 2 stands and also simple and clear instructions. There is also a 2-D picture of the globe and a template should you need to refer to them for assembling the puzzle the traditional way - ie looking at the pieces and trying to work out where they go. The puzzle can also be assembled by a somewhat easier method, which I have to own up to being the one we have always used with puzzle balls; prior to owning this we have worked our way up through 60 and 240 piece puzzles. To make things easier Ravensburg have printed numbers on the back of each piece of puzzle. By finding the numbered pieces in order and following the little arrows that show you which direction to go for the next piece you can make the puzzle with relative ease. Even by following this method it still takes quite a long time to construct the puzzle ball - the two poles, ie the very last row are already assembled. The only difficulty we really had making this was inserting the North Pole which was tricky, though not impossible.

Making the puzzle is quite an education in itself, there is quite a lot of detail on the printed map, as adult I'm always surprised by how much the world has changed, and I enjoyed finding the places I had been as I built this with my daughter. I don't think I had quite realised how far this country is in the Northern hemisphere before having to wait to fit in the UK at number 501 and 502 respectively, and having the globe in front of you is a very powerful visual reminder of how vast the oceans are and how small our country really is. Everything on the globe is clear and the colours are bright and well printed. The Globe once assembled has quite a glossy finish and spins well when on the metal stand for easy reference. The puzzle pieces have a triangular pattern that make up bit pentagons - I assume it must be computer designed but it's really a thing of beauty. The only criticism I would make of this puzzle, (apart from the fact that it's far too tempting to "cheat" when you are making it) is that the transfer on one or two of the pieces is a bit off kilter on the ends of a couple of the pieces, but this isn't really noticeable once it is assembled.

Once built the puzzle ball can, in theory, be disassembled and made again; personally I would be a bit loathe to do this as firstly it's not terribly easy to take the pieces apart and also I don't really enjoy making the same puzzle twice. This one probably took us 2-3 hours to make by the time we had sorted out all the mixed up pieces.

We really like the finished globe which is sturdy and well made with a surprisingly smooth surface, though you can see the joins. Most importantly we really enjoyed making it so much so that like I said at the start I have bought one for a gift. Should you be interested in buying this then I would say it's suitable for a child to do with help from age 7 or so, but the manufacturer's recommended age of 12 is probably accurate. They also make a children's version of this with less pieces (180)XXL Children's Globe 180 PC Children's Puzzleball with Rotation Stand, as well as a metallic and historical versions of this one. I highly recommend this item and it was, I think, a great buy.
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on 18 February 2012
Great fun way to spend your time and learn at the same time!Interesting and engaging...difficult enough to be a challenge but not impossible.
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on 16 February 2012
its fun, educational and nice way to spend time with children.
if you are into puzzles, get the 1000 piece, the 540 pieces one is quite easy for a puzzle maniac
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on 27 April 2012
I recommend this product. The product gives you the option to follow a well designed numbering system to put the puzzle together or the expert puzzle builder can build it without using the numbers. The only difficulty is positioning the final puzzle pieces at the top of the globe. The final built puzzleball is a wonderful actual globe that you can turn on its stand. Advice is to ensure that you align/smooth the pieces while you build, as it is dificult to do the further you have built on.
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on 29 December 2011
fantastic. my 10 year old daughter loved this. would not leave it down until she finished it. wud highly recommend it
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on 16 March 2014
First came across the globe at my daughters home in New Zealand. Spent a happy time making it with my granddaughters so when I returned home ordered another from Amazon to make with my grandchildren over here
We all enjoyed it and it now takes pride of place on display unit in lounge.
Good education item
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