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on 23 January 2016
I had just bought a new 5.1 surround system for my PC. I already happened to have a single set the same as these that I bought quite a time back to connect my stereo amp to the 3.5mm output jacks on the back of the PC. These cables are of considerably better quality that the cheap standard leads that are often supplied with 5.1 systems. There is a noticeable increase in sound quality with these leads.

However the 3.5mm ends of the leads are very chunky, which makes them close together, and on my PC push against one another at the rear of the system where the audio jacks are. If they were any thicker they would not fit beside each another at all.

This would probably be OK if you were just fitting one output lead from one stereo output, but it is fiddly with surround systems with multiple jack sockets.

Also the polarity of the cables is backwards so you have to put The Left Phono lead in the right input socket on your subwoofer and the Right Phono lead in the left input socket on the sub for each channel. Why? I Don't know, but it does work that way. Plugging in the leads according to L/R conventions means that your channels are all reversed. So really just an issue of swapping the leads contradictory to convention and it all works.
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on 23 February 2017
LOL This product makes me smile ! ! ! Yes the left and right are the wrong way round lol. This dose not bother me at all I find it quite endearing and quirky! I just swapped the left and the right the other way round, Anyway all I can tell you is its very well made ! ! ! and the sound quality it transfers if really first class ! ! ! Seems to take the WHOLE signal and transfer it PERFECTLY ! ! ! ( I suspect they messed up the left and the right in the manufacturing and was really meant to be sold for a whole lot more than this, bearing in mind my packaging was included as well ! ! ! (Great product just remember to reverse the left and the right phono cables when you plum em in....lol :)
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on 21 January 2015
Outstanding - with a single reservation.
As you can probably gather from the image, the silver barrel just behind the active tip is large diameter. On the good side this is VERY solid. On the down side this obstructs getting up close and personal with some of the devices you might wish to connect to.
Typical issues, include having to remove the cover from a tablet in order to access the audio socket. Another is where the connecting face is not square, but bevelled or chamfered which induces waggling.
Apart from that the quality is superb for the budget pricing.
Very strong, clear signals from a snug locking connection. The cable is as rope-like in its thickness.
I love build of this brand and carefully select them for applications that can accommodate those large plugs.
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on 2 February 2017
Excellent upgrade from my previous cables. To be honest i didn't think that there was going to be any noticeable difference in sound quality at all but thought I'd give it a go, boy was i mistaken! Right from the start the cable felt, as well as looked a premium product compared to the flimsy black cable it was replacing and when installing, all the connectors fitted with a nice firm fit. Once up and running the sound difference was clearly noticeable which was without any "crackling" or interference just a "clean" uninterrupted sound from the music. I tested the cable by changing from listening from my phone to my tablet then my laptop then TV and finally my home stereo amplifier via the 3.5MM connection and of course the 2 RCA ends and the results for sound quality were the same on each, excellent! I would definitely recommend this make to anyone who is serious about the quality of the sound of their items be it music, gaming or even just if you need to replace a cable! Delivery was swift and without any problems. Brilliant all round!
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on 24 August 2014
I bought this lead to attach our iPhones to the car speakers.

I already fitted a device to give an aux input which came with a lead like this. Unfortunately, that lead was unshielded and it crackled, especially our phones were charging.

This lead is great and does the job. Plays music to high quality, even makes the phones work reasonably well hands free. No crackles!
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on 8 February 2017
Decent quality cable, quite thick and robust in its construction.

My only downside about this cable is that left and right input isn't clearly labelled on the wires so you would need to use a test track off youtube etc to check you put them in the right sides.
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on 16 June 2016
To all fans of any sort of audio please look nowhere else as this is the best by far.Not only was the product as described but it surpassed my ecxpectations.after the easy installation the sound was far much better than the previous phono cables i was using,even the neighbours have noticed an been asking if i got a new system lol...Its amazing how such a simple thing as a greatly manufactured cable can make all the difference to the whole audio experience.Thanks for a great product and prompt delivery.Cant wait to get more stuff from you guys.kenable Pure HQ OFC 3.5mm Stereo Jack to 2 RCA Phono Plugs Cable Gold 2m
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on 31 March 2016
Good quality cable with a solid feel to it. Good audio quality also. My only problem is that the headphone jack housing is quite large so it doesn't always fit into headphone sockets that have little clearence. I had this problem with my phone case where I had to remove the case to allow enough space for the housing to sit flush against my phone. Never had this problem with other lighter weight cables. Otherwise a great cable. Just think about what you're going to use it for before you buy it.
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on 5 February 2016
Use these cables on DJ equipment in clubs and bars in London. They work fine for me so I shouldn't hesitate to buy one for your home or car.
Only quibble is that the Jack plug is quite wide and I have to remove some of the artists phone cases to get a good connection into their phone.
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on 30 September 2014
At work I'm usually responsible for the music during the day. So with having a Spotify Premium account and an amp + speak next to my desk, I needed a cable long enough to connect my Mac's audio output in to the amps in front of my desk.

They haven't faulted on me and the cable is tough with it's coating.

Definitely recommend this brand and product!
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