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on 26 March 2013
Whether the formula in regular antiperspirants has changed in the last few years or I was becoming an increasingly sweaty bloke but I have struggled to find one that actually kept me dry. I could shower in the morning, douse myself liberally with a roll on, walk around arms aloft like a scarecrow until it dried, walk ten minutes to work and still have sodden pits which was becoming tiresome. Some antiperspirants claim 48hr protection but I find they're worse than useless after 4.8 minutes.

That is until I discovered Perspirex by chance and after three consecutive applications can testify that it works a treat. I could jog to work now and not look like I've been hit with a Super Soaker.

Heed the instructions carefully as it does smart when first using it. My advice is to ensure your underarms are completely bone dry before application then a single up/down stroke and keeps your pits exposed until its fully dried. If you don't you'll be wincing whilst drying the tears from your eyes.

Apply it correctly and you'll never be going to work sweating like a Marathon runner before you even get to your chair.
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on 6 February 2017
This product genuinely has changed my life. Having had uncontrollable underarm sweating since puberty hit, I had resigned myself to a lifetime of ruined clothes, yellow stains, embarrassment, and multiple showers a day.

Finding perspirex was a revelation for me and my quality of life (I am a woman in my twenties and have an active job). I can wear clothes of colours other than black, and no longer have to throw things out due to them beginning to rot due to constant exposure to sweat.

This stuff will stop it. You could run a marathon and your underarms would be dry.
It does sting and it will burn if you aren't very careful with it. I've had all the bad experiences mentioned in reviews - but have found a routine that works. After applying, I dry my underarms with the cool setting of my hairdryer and when completely dry, I pat some baby powder under my arms. I've found that this stops the stinging that sometimes happens. Moisturising your underarms on a non-application day also helps keep the skin from drying as it is very strong.

Changed my life. Will be using forever.

And please please don't use after shaving. It's like having a hundred angry wasps trapped under your arm. Just be sweaty for a day and wait the 24 hours until it won't hurt you.
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on 5 August 2015
Quite possibly the best product I have ever spent money on. I found in the past years I have been extra sweaty and smelly, this would be just sitting at my desk at work not doing any activity. No matter how clean I was or how much deodorant I used I was still sweaty! I decided to give this a try after reading the reviews. WOW what a difference, this product is amazing. It took me a little while to get used to applying at night but now i'm in the swing of it. It stings a little but is bearable and now I have been using it for a while I apply less so less stinging. I cannot stress what a difference it has made to my confidence.
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on 19 August 2015
Ok so I work in a hot stuffy office all day and I used to get embrassing sweat patches under my arms. I had tried the normal anti-perspirants and they didn't do the trick. This stuff really works for me and also a couple of my friends have started to use it too. It does sting a little when you first start to use it, but after applying it a few times it doesn't sting me any more. Brilliant product any who suffers from under arm sweating should get some of this it's great, I can now freely wave my hands around in the office again!
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on 9 July 2014
This is really good stuff!
Have used it for several months now and no more sweat marks on the shirts.
My routine,
1. Make sure your underarms are clean and most importantly dry before applying.
2. Apply to underarms before going to bed - the product needs about 30 mins to 1 hour to fully dry after application.
3. Do not apply too much, instructions say swipe twice under each armpit and that seems about right.
4. Can occasionally cause stinging (only iff applying too much or on damp skin).
5. Shower in the morning and use soap under the arms for a good clean.
6. Finally spray a deodorant on lightly and dress.

Really sorts out the sweat issue, I use every weekday and give it a rest at weekends.

Very good product.
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on 10 September 2015
Superb product, I suffer from a nervous armpit perspiration condition intermittently, generally in formal shirts when under pressure at work. This product provides full mental safe haven, removes the need to wear a white shirt underneath through the warmer summer months and performs exactly how you need. No ill side effects experienced and no burning via correct dry application, all good.
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on 30 April 2015
I received this in the post yesterday and couldn't wait to try it. For years I have suffered from constant sweating throughout the day which has controlled my life and everything i wear! I applied this last night before I went to bed, it dried in fairly quickly, there was a slight irritation where i could almost feel it tingling under my arms but it didn't affect me falling asleep. All today I was wearing a tight, white top and there wasn't even the slightest evidence of sweating. I am going to wait at least 2 more days before reapplying but first impressions are that this is AMAZING and if you are even considering buying it - do it! it will change your life.
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on 30 November 2017
You won't smell with this, which is great - but it doesn't actually stop the sweating which is what it was purchased for. Wouldn't buy again.
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on 24 November 2017
I have used this in the past and got on well with it. Unfortunately, this time, it didn't work for me. Very disappointed
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on 2 May 2016
Love this product...A fab addition to any wardrobe if you suffer from anxiety .....Use it for a few nights prior to you going on a big night out an it will eliminate those horrid sweat patches.....!
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