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on 4 April 2014
On travels you can end up with a lot of chargers and requirements for plug sockets. Often hotel rooms only have 2 free and often you only have a few hours before setting off again or going for a meal. Given almost everything requires a daily recharge you can struggle to priorities what to charge first...

This 40w/8amp/5usb unit is great as it can really charge a collection of devices quickly without the need for 4+ plug sockets/chargers. You still require USB cables but still its a significant weight reduction ,think airline carry-on luggage. I can however use all the these cables for the hire car and the 2 USB cig charger but that's another story...

Using my recent travel as an example, utterly bored at the airport we made use of these extensively: Samsung Galaxy note 3, Blackberry 9900, Hawuei MiFI, Ipad Air, Iphone 4s and an ipod Nano, Anker 6000mah battery.[which is roughly 2amp,1amp,1amp,2amp,1amp,1amp,1amp respectively].

It is able to charge the phones quick enough that shortly after hotel check-in we can leave to explore while the larger items(Anker battery,Ipad) have already got a head start. With the phones disconnected all the other items can be charging away ready for our return and the swapping back to the mobiles ready for the next day of abuse.

This newer unit doesn't require certain high-draw items plugged into specific usb sockets as its IQ is apparently able to balance the load. I believe the only aesthetic difference between this model and the last is there no labels on the USB ports to state "Ipad 2.1"/"Android" etc.
This load balancing makes it far more flexible and able to charge items more efficiently saving you time. I also think this makes it more future proof as its able to charge more than one device over 2amp which is becoming more common.

This highest load I've tried is Galaxy note 3, Ipad Air, HP Touchpad, Blackberry playbook and this should result in 8amp. After 30mins it was only slightly warm and neither picky Ipad/Touchpad/playbook complained.

It is compact(card/cig packet) and is reassuringly sturdy and heavy(155grams without cables).
The power lead it comes with is a simple 1.5m UK plug to figure of eight(C7) and comes with a neat velcro cable tidy. I don't think I will ever need 1.5m so I trimmed it down to 30cm(easily bought).

This unit can apparently handle 110-240v input voltage so you could swap the UK-to-Fig.8 cable for a US or EU-to-fig.8 saving you the trouble of needing a bulky adapter when overseas (e.g. LINDY US Mains Cable - 2 Pin Plug to Figure 8 Connector 2m ). I will test this in a few weeks time and report if not. ** updated worked great in the USA with is combo **
if you do not want a cable at all and forgive a protruding shape then this might be a good addon item Uk 250V 3A Fused 3 Pin Plug to Figure Of Eight C7 Through Adapter

A good time and space saver if you require MORE than two high output chargers in your bag.
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on 28 January 2015
First one of these was great, worked as expected, really happy. So I ordered a second one but that did not work. It did initially but a week later it did not. I hoped that this would be a simple case of send it back and receive a replacement, but I contacted Anker and it was not so simple. Numerous emails exchanged, with Anker asking me to send proof of purchase (although I contacted them via the Amazon website which linked me to all of those details), and another requesting full explanation of the fault. The item doesn't work, that's the fault. I have another one, that works, I know how these things work, but this one does not work. I am left with the feeling that all of these emails and questions are designed to make me give up on seeking a replacement and go away. I would have thought a no questions asked return would be simplest, saving my time and their time, and they can work out what is wrong with it when they receive it back in the post, rather than ask me to do the diagnosis for them. That's how every other seller does it. So yeh, bad experience, will not deal with this company again.

*** Addendum, I mentioned I had another one of these that did work, well it no longer works. Do not understand why, this should be a very simple piece of electronics. So customer service and product reliability are big problems, in my experience anyway.
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on 8 September 2014
I've had one of these for about two or three months now; yesterday, I'd have given it five stars and a hearty recommendation. Today, it spontaneously caught fire. Nothing plugged into it, it just suddenly started smoking and got really hot. Thank god I was sitting next to it when it happened. If it'd happened an hour earlier, I wouldn't have been home, and I'd have come home to a house fire.
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on 8 December 2014
Quite svelte, about the size of a deck of cards.
Rubberised along the sides and quite pleasing to the touch. No ports are specific in terms of output, the PowerIQ technology allows any/ all ports to detect the full current supported by the device and deliver it.

I use this at my desk at work and have used it to simultaneously charge an iphone, an ipad, my cube buddy's two nexus devices and a portable charger battery. Every item charged at its max and dropped down to a trickle charge when finished.

The rear of the product takes a standard "figure of 8" power cable, so if you need a longer cable it can be easily ordered.

There are no distracting LEDs or charging indicators, as such this would be good on a nightstand.

I recommend this without hesitation.
review image
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Stop browsing other products - buy this if you want a multi-usb charger with full power from all five ports.

- class leading
- delivered early
- beautifully made and packaged
- above all works really well straight out of the box.

These guys care about quality and consumer experience.

Bought the black version - no annoying LED light, no noise, no heat.

Use it to charge Galaxy III & 4 phones and tablet simultaneously. Faster than the plugs that came with the products.

Bought a Euro-plugged lead as well to use this abroad.

You won't be disappointed.

A very happy consumer. Well done Anker.
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on 3 August 2014
I have just received my second charger both have been faulty and have to be returned
A god looking well made product pity they don't work two ports fail to work on both chargers

Sorry but don't buy this product clearly they are not checked prior to shipment


I have been contacted by Anker and they supplied me with a new charger that works perfectly I must say their customer service was
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on 30 August 2014
Edited 2/8/2015
Amazon seem to have lumped all the reviews together, as they often do, having the effect of making the review system much less useful.
This review was for the previous model of the device: model 71AN7105 output 5volts at 8 amps. This model had some issues with output port failure which were attended to swiftly by supplying a replacement. The problem seems to have been resolved in this newer model according to other reviews. Note to Amazon : You are making the review process useless by lumping reviews together.
Remarkable small compared to some of the other integrated plug types. OK there is the extra wire and plug but sometimes that is handy if the mains socket is far away. Most important as far as I am concerened is that my Archos tablet is not picking up stray mains signals while connected to this charger. The stray mains signals cause the touch screen to become unstable.
This had been a real problem with a different 4 port power charger I had tried.
6/6/2015 Edit to this review and downgrade to four stars.
My unit lost one then a second usb charging port. It had not had much use and so should have been in almost new condition. The after sales service was very good and I now have a replacment unit but having taken the time to read the one star reviews find this failure occurrs. Most concerning is the one where the the reviewer said then that it caught fire. These instances may be rare but it is a concern as I often leave things to charge overnight. I will post a review of the replacment if it too fails but hope that there will be no problems. I say this looking at it with a degree of suspicion as I thought these things would be fireproof.
28/8/2015 Replacment device still working well with lots of different devices.
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on 17 November 2014
It's a neat box, and fulfils a need - but not for long.
I've had 3 of them, and they work for a while, then one of the ports stops working. Within a day, another one stops. Then another - until they're all dead.
I've still got the last (dead) one - will report back when I've opened it to find out why it's died.
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on 13 May 2014
I received this and as ive come to expect from Anker products it appears well made. Its a nice little compact unit which sits at the back of my desk and has removed several chargers and the need for an extension to be plugged into the mains. My only disappointment is that after a while one of the ports has stopped working altogether so im going to have to return it. Im hoping this is just a defective unit.

Update : Anker have contacted me shortly after writing this review to arrange a replacement unit which to me is outstanding customer service. Ill update the review once ive tested the replacement.
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on 3 November 2014
First unit died, on my second unit now and 4 out of 5 ports have died after only two months! (ports fail one at a time.. one one day, the next a few days later)
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