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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 12 January 2014
This takes a bit of getting used to, if you normally use aerosols. It's a semi-solid stick in a twist up applicator and the instructions call for a couple of twists per underarm. It just doesn't seem like much when you see the little bits of cream poking through the top. It seems to work OK for normal daily activities but some days were a '3 or 4 twist' day for me and I felt confident that the cream would see me through.

I don't really suffer from major wetness usually so I can't comment on how effective it is on that score, but for still smelling as fresh at the end of the day as I was at the start I'd say it coped admirably and the scent is quite pleasant but not overpowering. The instructions say to put it on at night to give it a time to develop and start doing it's thing and not wash it off the next morning and that feels very weird to me but I went with it and whatever it's doing through the night seems to keep going through the next day. It claims to last 48 hours but I didn't get that long out of mine. I showered at night and reapplied ready for the next day and didn't wash it off in the shower the next morning. That's going to take a bit of getting used to.

It's a greener product than aerosol deodorants and better for the planet so I'm going to be sticking with this deodorant cream for a while, I think. It's quite a bit more expensive than normal deodorant but with only a couple of twists per application (and if you manage to get the advertised 48 hour protection) it will probably last longer than your usual brand and save money in the long run.
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on 31 May 2013
Sure sent me this product to review however this is an honest test of the product and my true opinion.

I have been using this daily in a variety of situations where I would normally suffer from excessive sweating and I have found in every case a great improvement on any other product I have used with less damp patches and odour. In addition my skin has been irritated at times by other products but after using this now for a week my skin is still perfectly happy. Although this is more expensive than a normal deodorant product I really feel that it is well worth buying for effective protection against excessive sweating. I will be continuing to use it in the future.
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on 19 June 2013
I tried this as part of a Bzzagent campaign & having used Sure spray before I was keen to try this cream. The cream is easy to apply to your underarms & unlike roll ons does not feel sticky or leave white marks on your clothes. The scent is fresh & when you're stressed or sweating a little more than normal I can smell that the cream is really working.

It keeps me dry better than the spray & lasts a good long time too so pretty good value for money too :)
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on 4 June 2013
At first I didn't like it because i thought it was too strong for me. But now with the good weather and my gym pushing really hard...i cant live without it. As a BzzAgent i had the possibility to try and still am, and i am so happy. I have to say that if i didn't try out, i wouldn't buy it...but after this , i will definitely stick to it.
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on 5 July 2013
I've had an ongoing problem with excessive sweating since I was a teenager & have tried all sorts of treatments including Driclor & 'long lasting' antiperspirants. None have done the trick as each have drawbacks (the 'long lasting' doesn't seem to be strong enough & the Driclor causes me irritation at times). I often end up resorting to stick on dress shields as sweat patches still show expecially on my work shirts.

I was keen to try the Sure Maximum Protection as part of a free product testing scheme from Sure. Trying new things is always good & if it solved my problems I'd be very happy.

I've had a mixed experience with the Sure Maximum Protection. The Everyday Fresh fragrance wasn't my favourite. I personally preferred the Confidence and Sensitive versions I tried with my Buzz vouchers.

The Sure Maximum Protection was easy to apply. All it needed was to apply it as you went to bed & wash it off in the morning. I found it didn't irritate like some of the others I've tried so that was a big positive. After a few nights of applying I did find my sweating reduced, but it never got to a stage where it stopped & got to a manageable level.

I tried the suggestion on the packet of applying it during the day. This increased my protection but had the negative effect of build up of sticky residue on the underarms of my clothes which was difficult to wash off so I have only used this with caution.

- reduces excessive sweating
- easy to apply
- non irritating
- nice smells available

- didn't completely control my excessive sweating
- leaves residue on clothes if used during the day
- sticky to wash off

I will continue to buy Sure Maximum Protection as it does reduce my sweating a bit & is easy to apply, but I will be aware of the negatives when I use it & in particular be careful about using it during the day to reduce the risk of damage to my clothes
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on 3 July 2013
I recently received a Sure Women Maximum Protection Everyday Fresh Antiperspirant Deodorant Cream 45ml free from Sure via BzzAgent to test. I followed the directions on the carton to the T. I must admit I had my doubts about the suggested application method - applying it at night and showering with it on the next morning - but I decided to give it a go. I was surprised with the results. I have worn it now when doing several strenuous, physical activities - including Zumba class, jogging and a night out with the girls - and I have been very pleased with the results. Sure Maximum Protection is a bit pricey but it is definitely worth it if you are worried about problem sweating.
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on 18 June 2013
I recieved this product free from BzzAgent to try and review. I am a big lover of the Sure brand and used to use a version of their maximum protect a few years ago and I loved it then. This meant I started this BzzCampaign with quite high expectations!

I am pleased to write that Sure Maximum Protect Everyday Fresh met and exceeded these expectations thoroughly!

1. The anti-perspirant really did last 48 hours! Unlike many who make claims like this and then disappoint! However I have to admit I did not test this claim when doing strenuous excercise.
2.The deodarant did hold up for 24 hours involving strenuous exercise - and also a scorching day out at the safari park which involved having to drive round in the heat with the windows closed so we didn't get eaten by lions!
3. The deodarant dried quicker than both roll on and spray on deodarants - and didn't leave unsightly white marks on my clothes. However i did notice that it left a white residue on my underarm sometimes - not the most attractive when combined with a strappy dress.
4. When applied directly after shaving it did not sting or irritate the underarm skin, in fact it was very gentle.
5. The everyday fresh scent was very pleasant! Kept you smelling clean without being overpowering.

I have to say that this product seems to be the best of all worlds when it comes to an antiperspirant/deoderant except for one factor - the price. I would stress that if you have difficulties with perspiration or do a lot of strenuous excersise or clubbing - then the money really is worth it! Especially when you consider how long the bottle lasts for - I've been using mine for nearly four weeks and it is still going strong!

Anyway this product has defintley reaffirmed my love of Sure and I would reccommend Maximum Protect to anyone!
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on 7 June 2013
An anti-perspirant product that provides long lasting protection, is definitely something I thought I would find useful. When it comes to anti-perspirants, I did not feel that my usual deodrants were giving me satisfactory protection all day, and the fragrances often did not last very long. I chose to apply Sure Maximum Protection Everyday Fresh after showering and before I got into bed each night, and even though I had some really busy and sometimes stressful days, I was impressed by how protected against excessive sweating I actually was. For me, this product ticked all the boxes, it provided long-lasting protection against sweating, is dermatologically tested, which is great for me as I sometimes suffer with sensitive skin and the product lasts a very long time which is great for someone like me who has limited money to spend. I loved that it has a really creamy consistency and texture and that it was very easy to apply, by twisting the bottle twice, enough product comes out for each underarm area. I think this is a fantastic concept, as it means you are using the right amount of product required and there is no waste, which is often not the case when you are spraying a deodrant. This was great for using immediately after shaving and I did not suffer from any irritation or discomfort, it is gentle on the skin and very moisturising. I am also a fan of this product because after using it, there was no residue or white marks left on my clothing, something that often bothers me about other deodrants. The fragrance is really lovely, it is a fresh everyday scent that although is not overpowering, lasts a long time, and is definitely something you could wear day in and out without getting sick of the smell. After trying this out, I can now say that I am a big fan of this product that I would love this to become part of my everyday routine and something I use on daily basis. You get a lot of product in the packaging and it does last a very long time despite me using it quite a bit already, so that being said I am convinced that it is worth paying a little more for this than a normal anti-perspirant product. Although a bit on the expensive side, I feel that the cost is justified especially if you require extra protection daily, as this product will clearly last a long time, provide very good results and leave you feeling confident. This product is very effective at meeting the claims it promises and the protection it provides is excellent, I feel the only area for improvement is the pricing, however as previously mentioned, I feel that you do get a lot of product for your money. I would definitely recommend this product to people who are prone to excessive sweating or like myself, have ever felt let down in situations by their usual deodrant or anti-perspirant products.
review image
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on 5 June 2013
I was lucky enough to test this product for BzzAgent for free, and was very pleased to be picked for this campaign as I have not yet found a deodorant that really does the job fully and all day.

I have been testing Sure Maximum Protection Everyday Fresh for a few weeks now, and have been quite impressed with it for everyday use, and found it to be much better at protecting me from wetness and a fair bit better at protecting from odour than other brands (including Mitchum, Right Guard 72 h and others with similar claims), so have been happy to use it. However, I don't like the applicator clicking as that's very noisy in a morning and feels like you're going to break it on first use, plus I don't like that the cream doesn't adsorb very well, so leaves white residues under my arms (and potentially on my clothes, which I fear could damage them). It's also very expensive compared to other products for the amount of added protection that it gives - I don't think it's worth that much more to be honest, and would only buy it on promotion/discount in future.

I have found that, while this product offers an improvement over other off-the-shelf rivals for casual, everyday use, it still falls a little short on really hot days or when exercising, and I find I need to reapply or use a spray later in the day to really feel 'safe' from odour. So I would recommend it, but suggest that people don't expect amazing results.
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on 4 June 2013
I have been lucky enough to try this product free from Sure.

The deodorant has a twist motion which releases the cream through holes at the top.
Sure Women Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant comes in 4 different varieties, Everyday Fresh, Clean Fresh, Confidence and Sensitive. The deodorant is formulated with TRIsolid innovative body responsive technology which contains 3 important components:
* Encapsulated odour-fighting technology
* Skin moisturising ingredient
* Scientifically proven wetness protection
For best results the advice is to apply the cream deodorant before going to bed. While resting, the TRIsolid formula builds up a strong layer of protection which lasts throughout the day.
I decided to follow the instructions to the letter so after my shower and just before bed I applied the cream deodorant. The instructions say that it can be reapplied the following morning but I opted not to. After showering I got dressed and went about my usual busy day. As a busy mum juggling work, children, housework I have a tendency to perspire especially as I suffer with hot flushes. My day doesn't finish until 9pm and I honestly expected to be bathing in sweat and a bit smelly but no I was dry and just as fresh as when I started my day.
I am really impressed, it really does work.
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