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on 20 May 2014
We have had this 2 weeks and have had to return it. The keyboard caused the ipad mini to heat up and shut down. And when the ipad was in the case, the pressure from using the touch screen caused the ipad to return to login page. Disappointing.
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on 7 January 2014
The actual case is lightweight, a nice colour and easy to open and close. The logo isn't too obvious which is always a concern of mine.
It's easy to use, start, turn off & provides 360' protection.
The magnetic hold is quite strong (between case and keyboard) which is good to hold the keyboard in place but can be a little difficult to move the keyboard around - which isn't too big of an issue.
As other reviewers have mentioned the real star of this case is The keyboard which magnetically attaches to the case with ease and is great to use - typing this review on the keyboard too!
The keyboard short cuts include brightness change, opening homepage on iPad, opening safari, etc. I specifically mentioned it as it reduces the need to touch the actual iPad to a minimum unless you want to go into a different app or something. All very handy and practical!
Another great feature is that the keyboard is not part of the case so even if you want to change your case further down the line for any reason you can still use the keyboard. You can also pair with any other gadget with Bluetooth capability making it a really handy accessory.

Compared to £55 cases supplied by Apple it is extremely good value. I like it and would recommend purchasing - very light, portable and sleek.

An additional note, I really liked the Eco friendly and minimalist packaging. It is secure and sturdy but really cuts down on unnecessary wastage. As they say every little helps and in this case the manufacturer definitely has got the right idea.
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on 20 March 2017
Fantastic, another excellent Anker product!
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on 28 September 2014
This is a great little piece of kit. Fantastic price, easy to set up and super snazzy.
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on 6 January 2014
Just received this today and it took less than 2 mins to put ipad into place and connect keyboard with bluetooth - extremely easy.

I have used a samsung netbook for many years now so I am very much used to typing with small keyboard and even though this keyboard is a couple of inches smaller it is very easy to use.

It holds my ipad mini with retina display which is a couple of mm bigger than ipad mini 1 perfectly with the sleep function working brilliantly when using it as only a cover - just realised that funtion doesnt work with keyboard attached but then again do not plan carrying the keyboard when out and about.

Even when the keyboard is in the case with the mini it is extremely slim and lightweight.

For the price compared with other makes like logitech - this is definitely good value for money plus it has 18 month warranty so would recommend this product 100%
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on 7 January 2014
***Please note that this is an updated review and video for the new version of this product that is currently shipping from Amazon as of Aug 2014. The main difference between the previous version and this version is that the previous version had a detachable keyboard. The keyboard in the new version is no longer detachable.

Anker's latest version of the Bluetooth Keyboard Case now attaches the keyboard to the case, has a much improved synthetic leather cover and has a magnetic strip for positioning the iPad into the upright position. I like these updates except for the non-detachable keyboard. I really liked this feature from the previous version because I could just pop out the keyboard if I didn't need it and just wanted a case. That being said, and again this is only my preference, I do like all of the other updates to this combo.


*Improved keys, feels and sounds better than previous version
*Very thin, lightweight
*Rechargeable lithium battery lasts for up to 4 months on a single charge with 2 hours of use per day - outstanding! Battery also has no memory effect so you can charge it anytime for a quick topping off
*Auto shut off after 10 minutes of inactivity, an improvement from 15 minutes for the previous version
*Lights for Caps, Bluetooth, Charging, Power
*Function button activates other commands along the numbers up top
*Has a nice magnetic strip for the iPad to clip to, an improvement from the notch on the previous version
*Automatically wakes the iPad when the iPad gets connected to the magnetic strip - this saves a lot of time and energy from having to constantly pair these devices

*No height adjustment, would be nice to see this with some rubber tips that fold out from underneath
*Bluetooth keyboard, I found that while typing sometimes the keystrokes would not mimic the keys that I struck, this got particularly bad when I made a mistake, had to hit delete and go back and fix or retype part of my sentence. I have had similar experiences with other Bluetooth keyboards though.
*Keyboard is tricky to learn how to type on but once you get the hang of it you will be ok
*Not detachable like in the previous version, I hope Anker brings this back in future updates


*Case is made out of nice synthetic leather, a huge improvement
*iPad mini clicks into and out of case nicely
*Case folds nicely into keyboard for an integrated unit
*Lightweight, with nice rubberized pad to keep the iPad in place
*Sleep/Wakes the iPad

*Cannot detach keyboard from case
*Case is a little on the thicker side due to the way the iPad sits in the cradle

This is a solid little combo unit from Anker. I like how easily it paired with my iPad and I also liked how I could close the unit with the keyboard turned on and then open it up a few minutes later to have the unit sync right back up without having to reconnect the Bluetooth. This is an ideal case for people who need to send e-mails on the go. I would not want to type on this keyboard full time, only when in a pinch or sitting around an airline terminal. The case is solid and could be used all the time to protect the iPad. The integration of the keyboard and case is very nicely done - there are a few things I would like to see but no real negatives. I hope the next version of this product will have a detachable keyboard because it is nice to be able to pop this out when I want to.

I was provided a sample from the manufacturer for testing purposes and have given this product a fair and honest review.
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on 26 April 2015
Disclosure Notice:
I received the Anker Bluetooth Folio Keyboard Case for iPad mini free of charge in exchange for my unbiased review. This review is based on the merits of the product.

The Anker Folio Keyboard Case for iPad mini fits all three models released thus far. The first thing I noticed about this case was how tiny it looked. I don’t have small fingers and did not think I would be able to type comfortably on it. The outside of this case is 8 3/8 in. wide, which is over an inch smaller than the full-size iPad case. When looking inside, however, the keyboard for this folio only loses ¾ of an inch to its larger counterpart (7 ½ in. to 8 ¾ in.). This reduction in keyboard space is not accomplished by making the keys smaller. Anker strategically removed redundant or infrequently used keys from each row and placed them elsewhere on the keyboard. They can be accessed with the blue Fn key. The result is a typing experience similar to a larger keyboard… a pleasant surprise!

The exterior is a nice faux leather and protects your tablet from scratches while it’s in your backpack or briefcase. Upon opening it, I was concerned the magnetic strip along the top of the keyboard would not hold my tablet securely in place… No need to worry. It held just fine. The surface of the keyboard is a black matte finish, which does not show fingerprints and smudges. This helps maintain a clean finish. I wish more of Anker’s products were like this.

Typing on this product was very easy and effortless. It felt much better than the one from another maker I previously owned. Again, for a keyboard this size, the keys don’t feel small at all. Anker claims the battery will last about four months between charges. I started using it right out of the box a couple hours a day for a little over a week now and it’s still going strong. If this product is anything like the other Anker keyboard cover I own, it will go on forever between charges. It even shuts itself automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity.

I only wish this product could used in landscape mode. The folio can only accept the tablet on its side and there is no way to hold it securely in place while in portrait mode. I have would also like to see the Anker logo somewhere on the keyboard. This is a great product, so let people know who made it!

I definitely recommend the Anker Bluetooth Folio Keyboard. I had no problems to report during a week of heavy usage. The keyboard feels surprisingly large, the battery goes for months between charges, and the folio offers great protection. At £29.99, it sells for about half the price of similar keyboards.
review image review image review image
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on 4 January 2014
Ok, so I received the keyboard and case after placing the order last weekend (took 7 days for delivery), so I can only give you an account of my first impressions, but I will come here for an update once I have used it for a while longer.

PACKAGING: really not wasteful but nevertheless the case and keyboard were suficiently protected.
The instructing manual was short and to the point as it didn`t need anything more.

SETUP AND CONNECTION TO IPAD: super easy and it took no time at all to do it. I believe that even someone with little IT knowledge could have set it up follwoing the instructions provided.

KEYBOARD: great to type on, but different from the feel toy get with apple products. That was not a problem as I am also used to other types of keyboards, and although I have not used them for a while, for me it is proving very easy to get used to it and touch type as fast as I usually do.
It has a very similar layout to an apple keyboard, but it will take me some getting used to find the apostrophe (`) sign which is located on the top left.
As mentioned before, the magnets holding the keyboard in place is not that strong or sufficient, but I found that if the keyboard is placed as close to the edge as possible it will pretty much stay in place as long as it is not shaken too much.
Sometimes when the case is open the keyboard will remain attached to it, other times it will just lay on the ipad. That for me is not too much of a problem as I have a screen protector on my ipad which should protect it.

CASE: has a lovely feel and the overlapping magnetic closing strappy bit does not act as a visual barrier when the ipad is standing vertically.
The front of the case can be folded backwards entirely and it will hold the closing strap out of the way when the ipad is handheld.
The case I have does put my ipad to sleep, but only when the keyboard is removed.

STAND: it works brilliantly as a stand in which the ipad can be held at various degrees. The ipad stays where you put it and does not slide foward even when on my lap in a slopping position.

I give it 4 stars because of the efficiency of the magnets to keep the keyboard attached to the case at all times, nevertheless based on first impressions I would definitely recomment it. The price is great, it looks great and works a treat!
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on 18 September 2014
I have ended up now with three different keyboard or folio covers for my iPad mini and this one appears to be the best.

The other Anker case with the detachable keyboard had some practical problems. The Logitech keyboard is really good, but you have to detach and then re-attach the iPad to use it, which is a funny manoeuvre if you are on the go...

Now I am using the TC840, which combines the best of both other products:
- The keyboard is pretty good, although the layout does require a bit of getting used to, which I guess is true for all of these sub-size keyboards.
- It is magnetically activated, so it does not interfere when the folio is closed or flipped fully open. It gets activated when the bottom of the iPad is attached to the magnetic strip on the keyboard.
- The angle in this typing mode is quite good, the screen is easy to see. The distance between the keyboard and the screen is adequate (this is not the case of the Logitech: you might inadvertently touch the bottom of the screen whilst typing).
- If really looking for an imperfection, then I should say it is a little funny when the folio is fully flipped back so that the keyboard is behind the iPad. When holding, this means that one would be gabbing the keys, but as they are not active, this is not an issue, just a bit awkward. Having said that, I am not sure that it could be done any other way.
- The magnetic strip is strong enough so that the iPad can be lifted whilst attached to the keyboard, and the keyboard does not dangle off.
- The folio itself looks quite good, no unnecessary bits and pieces and feels robust.

Overall, pretty much what a good iPad folio should do and look like.
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on 22 February 2014
I bought this as the primary cover for my iPad mini after a chap at work recommended it. Good thing is I'm not disappointed with that recommendation.

Good points first. Very good quality and nice fit. The product has obviously been designed very well and the iPad fits perfectly into the case, and with the keyboard in there it's completely solid. The case itself is hard enough that I happily put it in my laptop bag for work and don't worry about other items in there hitting up against it. Ergonomically it has good positioning options for both typing and general viewing. The battery has a very good life between charges (haven't had to recharge mine in two weeks and still going strong). Very easy pairing and reliable too (I've had other bluetooth keyboards that have proved problematic). Finally, the keyboard itself feels very solid and gives good tactile feedback.

Bad Points. To be honest there's nothing bad about it, just a couple of niggles that honestly don't spoil it. First up the keyboard size. So, face facts first of all, it's an iPad mini so the keyboard is never going to be full size, therefore getting used to it takes time as the keys are very close and if you have fat fingers it's going to be tricky and frustrating at first. Having said that it's worth noting the layout is very clever in ensuring all functions are there (though some characters take a little searching for at first). With the keyboard in the case is a little bulky and definitely fattens out the iPad, though not hugely, and in my opinion the extra bulk and weight is worth it for having the keyboard in tow. Finally, if you decide you don't want to take the keyboard out with you one day then the cover feels a little empty (i.e. space between the cover and the screen). But, the auto switch off function still works when you close the case, and for the capability to include the keyboard when needed it's still a surprisingly good fit and definitely still protects.

All in I'm very pleased with the case and it's great for taking on business trips where I don't want to get out my laptop for note taking or browsing.
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