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#1 REVIEWER#1 HALL OF FAMEon 20 September 2014
This was a choice for my niece who is starting college and needed to replace an older laptop with something a bit more "up to date" and the portability was a factor for her too. For her uses it's mostly projects/web/office work and watching a few videos too, nothing too demanding but it's quite capable of a bit more.

The transformer concept isn't new this is a recently updated model and features an improved processer (Intel Atom 1.8GHz) You basically get a Windows tablet AND an add on keyboard which turns it into something along the lines of a slim line netbook/laptop. My impressions overall are quite good, but you'll need to see if this is suitable for your needs

A quick summary of the stronger and weaker points of the Transformer

+ The screen is quite clear 10.1" - IPS touch sensitive 1366 x 768, it's not super high resolution but contrast and colours are quite respectable
+ Processors is the newer updated Atom this is quite a lot better than older models and more than good enough for powering the tablet it feels quite snappy in use and for a tablet it's a good performance even for video playback and the odd game. 2Gb of ram is also fine
+ Quite well featured you get a 1.2mp webcam front camera on the tablet, stereo sound and microphone, wifi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0: connections on the tablet are a micro USB port for charging, mini HDMI, micro SD card and a headphone socket.
+ Keyboard is pretty good for touch typing if a little cramped (due to smaller size) this adds a single USB 3.0 port to the computer and fits quite firmly in place on the tablet
+ Battery life is very good, Asus quote about 11 hours and it's not far off that (depending on screen brightness and what you are doing) a good 9-10 hours is fairly easy to achieve (playing games though will hit it a bit more)

Not so good:
- As a tablet it's not the slimmest or lightest but it is a larger screen model
- 32GB of storage is adequate for most needs, but pay attention to the apps you install it could use a bit more being honest (double would be great, but no doubt the price would go up)
- Would be nice to have a higher resolution screen

It's best to think of the Asus as a "budget surface" running Windows 8.1 it runs just like any other windows tablet ie Win 8 works quite well as a touch device (at least I think so, but then so does Android!) Really what you have here is an affordable bigger screen tablet with the keyboard included, the advantages and limitations of that this is quite good for office type work and documents/projects but you have limited storage you might be able to overcome that with USB sticks and the micro SD slot. As the battery and main components (unlike a normal laptop) are all in the screen part Asus have made the keyboard weighted to balance it out (otherwise the screen would tip over when you open it out)

The design works quite well as a keyboard is pretty much a requirement for some types of work, but if you are doing media work (video etc) and frequently use a lot of storage they you might be better off with a normal laptop. Overall though I think the Transformer is a pretty good value offering if you want a more compact tablet/laptop combo.
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on 4 October 2014
I have been looking for a net book replacement and this seemed to be right. I am very pleased with this item. It is fast to start up with the ssd drive. Screen display is sharp . It is windows 8.1 so all windows programs are able to be used . Keyboard is nice to use even with my incompetent fingers. Battery life is good. When used as a tablet it converts quickly and easily into a full size tablet. I have had no problems so far and would therefore say this item is well worth looking at.
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on 14 August 2014
A state of the art tablet/laptop. Can't think of anything wrong with this item. It doesn't say on the description,but it comes bundled with basic MS Office, which makes it even more of a bargain.
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on 28 September 2014
Very powerful for it's size. Fast start up and shut down with the solid state drive. Now need to review the various cloud offerings and sign up with one to store our documents, pictures etc.. Rougly half of the 29 GB of the solid state drive are taken by Windows 8.1 Update and Home Office.
Keyboard is needed for example to use Firefox browser, tapping doesn't work to close tabs or to drag websites to bookmark toolbar.
The screen has quite some reflection, not possible to work outside even in the shade.
If you're new to Windows 8, it's a steep learning curve, fortunately we already have an Asus gaming laptop, so the keyboard is familiar.
Glad to have the keyboard to take full advantage of the tablet.
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on 3 September 2014
had a sony tablet with android and was sick of it within hours. got rid of it and bought this transformer book which is a tablet and a laptop. super little job takes forever to charge though but hey its better than the ipad
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on 17 August 2014
the latest updated version, running at 4x 1.8 ghz. doesn't mean its perfect but it irons out the buggy slowness i noticed in display models of earlier version. windows 8 is huge and won't run properly on anything under a quad processor, so beware alternatibe products running core i3 processors or celerons.

Works far better than my ipad, simply because you can access all the windows software you've previoously paid for, or got free, such as Open Office. sadly ipad is nothing but a toy by contrast, running crippled free apps that are really up to nothing when unlocked. apple made the choice not to allow entirely free software on the ipad (part of the lifestyle image they want to create), so you won't find great stuff like open office for that, but you can use it here without problem. the display is a little small and if like me your eyesight isn't what it used to be, you'll need 3x reading glasses.

more ports than ipad, and takes micro SD cards as expension hard drives.

windows 8 takes the biscuit, really, with stuff moved around and renamed for no apparent reason. but you slowly get used to it.
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on 1 November 2014
I thought this was going to be an answer to my prayers: something with a keyboard that was cheap and light enough to be genuinely portable -- just what I needed for travelling. It served me well on a short trip to Ireland, and I was so pleased with it that I got one for my husband as well.

However, we've both been using them -- or trying to use them -- on a longer trip to Australia, and are disappointed and fed up. With both of them, however carefully they're used, the tablet stops "knowing" that the keyboard is there. It is necessary to keep disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard. With mine, I can't use a soft shut-down: I have to use the OFF switch on the tablet.

Perhaps we've been exceptionally unlucky. Once I'm back in the UK I hope to find out.
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on 14 January 2015
a fabulous device, i'm not a computer genius, but I know quality when I come upon it, had this a few months now and find it positive and very easy to use, everything about it says built to last, much better than my last big name machine, I recommend totally
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on 15 November 2014
If you buy one of these, check that you actually receive the correct model (T100TA-DK023H). I ordered one and received the older T100TA-DK002H model. After a few email exchanges with the Seller, it appeared to me that the older model was being "passed off" as the newer model based on the Seller's supplier stating that the older 1.33 GHz chip does allegedly burst to 1.8 GHz on occasions (though the model number printed on the keyboard label doesn't change when it does this!). You should also check that Control Panel -> System shows the CPU as a Z3775 at 1.46 GHz (not Z3740 at 1.33GHz).

Amazon catalogue "people" haven't got a clue. I managed to get the description changed correctly once, but I assume someone managed to confuse them and they added the phrase "1.33 Base Frequency". I wonder who that would be?

Current description for the T100TA-DK023H on this page (as of 15th November 2014) is:-
"Asus Transformer Book T100 10.1-inch Convertible Tablet with Detachable Keyboard (Intel Atom Z3740 1.8GHz, 1.33 Base Frequency 2GB RAM, ..."

In my opinion this should be described as:-
"Asus Transformer Book T100 10.1-inch Convertible Tablet with Detachable Keyboard (Intel Atom Z3775 1.8GHz, 2GB RAM, ...)"

If you search the DABS website, their Asus T100TA-DK023H description states:-
"Asus Transformer Book T100 Intel Atom Z3775 Quad Core 2GB 32GB 10.1" Windows 8.1"
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on 28 November 2014
Some initial teething problems were resolved quickly and courteously by Hannah at Student Discount and I would highly recommend them.
Their after sales support was superb.
The Transformer is a well made piece of equipment and is great value for money.
Thank you
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