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on 5 November 2012
I have dabbled with non-manufacturer ink cartridges for years but mostly felt very disappointed. Despite the high cost of manufacturer's own brand ink cartridges, I seem to have thrown so many of the non-manufacturer ones away because they have not worked for one reason or another, that it may have been cheaper and easier to stick with manufacturer ones in the first place. BUT having just worked my way through 3 of these multipacks of cartridges over the past couple 6 months, I am very pleased to say that only 1 of the 12 cartridges let me down - and even that one could not be recognised by the printer when it was almost empty anyway. I therefore have no hesitation in giving these ones a very strong recommendation - I am about to place another order for 3 more multipacks for my Epson SX525WD.
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on 29 November 2011
Does exactly what it says on the box, worked a treat on my SX535WD, very good price and I will definately order again.
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on 23 February 2012
Triangle MMA were great to promptly answer any questions I had prior to me placing my order and also shipped on payment so I received my inks very quickly.
Further to this I am more than happy with the inks received. With an XL sized Epson branded sole black cartridge retailing at £19.99 in the High Street to get not one but THREE full sets of ink for the same price is phenomenal. They also installed easily and with no problems as some third party cartridges do sometimes come with snagging issues.
I will be using MMA for all future ink cartridge purchases, and will only consider shopping around again if the prices increase.
Very happy with the ink and print quality and very very very very happy with the price.
Highly recommended
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on 24 September 2012
Keeping it simple and answering the questions I wanted to know:

Excellent,low-cost and prompt service from the supplier - thank you.
The cartridges come as 3 x boxed sets and individually shrink wrapped within.

My printer is an Epson Stylus SX535WD. (I highly recommend it in all respects)
Cartridges are recognised instantly by the printer - none of the usual Epson hassle.
Quality of print is identical to Epson's own supplied cartridges.
No banding or drying of print head.
Will use this supplier and cartridge again and again.
Recommend highly

I hope that covers it.

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on 5 March 2012
These cartridges are fantastic value. They are every bit as good as the full price Epson cartridges. The quality of the print is amazing.

I have had a lot of photographs to print & because they are special to me & some other people I wanted them to be crystal clear & pristine, & they are with these cartridges.

The same can be said for documents that have been printed.

I would whole hartedly recommend these cartridges. They are well, packaged, do a fantastic job & I will certainly be back for more.
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on 15 September 2013
Way better than other "cheap" inks that were not as low priced as this and clogged up the print heads.

5 nozzles cleans (TO GET RID OF THE PRIOR INK )and these are simply superb!

I have checked them for photo quality against some older Durabrite Photos I have framed, (never been in sunlight), and these are as good if not a bit sharper to the naked eye than Epson originals, I'm sure if I scanned them at 2400dpi they'd show these definitely better.

Multiple printing of large quantity is no issue either. This has been a problem with some inks in the past, but these racked of 75 x A6 full colour prints without missing a beat, they are really very good :-)

Great value and very pleased so far, the only thing I can't review yet is shelf life, but I can't foresee a problem as i get through them pretty quickly and Inks rarely have a shelf life anyway.

Great product, don't hesitate to save 70% + on your inks and get these ordered, you'll not regret it.

I'm using the BX525WD all in one and love them.
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on 14 September 2013
To date I have used 10 sets of these inks in my Epson. Not always successful, the tanks can run dry yet still read part full. They can also block the print head occasionally, requiring a lot of cleaning cycles but at this price it doesn't matter. I have more than recouped the price of the printer by not using Epson carts and there is no difference in the print quality. A bit of a no brainer.
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on 15 September 2013
Well I read the reviews and the seller reviews on some of these exceptionally low price cartridges and although there were a few one star ratings and dia warnings I figured people are more lightly to report bad problems and they may well be astroturfing by the competition, I've also had some issues buying bulk ink for refilling in the past. Given that I opted to buy this set of cartridges as it's dispatched by amazon.
They arrived within the 2 days for the postage I opted for (maybe even within one day considering I probably placed the order in the evening)

If you're like me you got this printer as a kind of low end office printer with a paper tray and feeder for copying and faxing, most of the printing I intend to do is standard quality on inexpensive paper, though I may do some higher quality printing on higher quality paper and maybe even print a few photos (but generally I'm digital now when it comes to images) and full colour flyers. I didn't buy a laser printer or a high quality photo printer, those things are not in my general usage requirements so paying for the odd professional print run seemed the better option if I need those kind of things. Even the remote possibility of outstanding cost savings on Ink were worth a go given the cost of ink for this printer is almost as much as I paid for it in the first place!

I installed a black cartridge (as that was the one which had run out), I checked that the cartridge had the correct code printed on it and it installed fine (all be it with the printer taking a good while to do the first charge)

I then done some test prints and images and a quick photo copy and it seemed to be working fine.
On one of the first few pages I had I did get a smudge down the page and I thought 'here we go....' but I have to say that it only happened that once just after I'd fitted the cartridge.

I thought the next thing to do really was give the cartridge a run for it's money to see how often the 'smudging' happens and just how many prints I can get out of it?

I downloaded the free EBook 'NeuorAnatomy draw it to know it' by Adam Fisch in PDF format which is around 500 A4 pages long with mixed text, graphics and photos, loaded the paper tray full and began to print with the printer on standard print settings with plain paper and black and white / greyscale colour space from a computer (in this case a Tablet I've loaded Gnu/Linux ubuntu 12.04 onto)

After about 200 pages the printer (and me) had run out of paper so I popped down the local shop to buy a few more reams and reloaded the printer with paper. After checking through most of that 200 pages that first came of: the print quality was good throughout, no smudging, smearing etc... good tone on the solid blacks bits and nice crisp writing and drawings.

The last page of the book(page 466 + 17 for the intro) plus a few test pages I'd printed in the first place has now come off the printer. I check the Ink levels in the printer settings and the black is almost empty, so I would say that each cartridge is good for about 500 pages of mixed media A4 printing with standard settings (and in my case I turned on black and white to test the cartridge).

When the colour inks run out I'll replace those and get some nicer paper and see what the colour reproduction and quality is like when printing photos with the settings on the printer maxed out. I have a feeling I'm about to buy a few years supply of these! (hoping they sell black on it's own in bulk!)
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on 11 October 2012
These are great - they work just like the real thing, and of course they're lovely and cheap. The lack of branding is no problem--they work just fine, although I'd definitely recommend printing a test page or aligning the cartridges since the first page I printed came out with the colours a bit off. Everything I've printed subsequently has been lovely, though, and it was my fault for not testing them.

Remember to take the wedge which prevents the clip from locking in out--I didn't and spent ages wondering why the cartridge didn't fit!
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on 28 February 2012
these ink can not be used in my epson SX235W. I reinstall it so many times and i tried three of these, the screen still show me ' ink cartridges cannot be recognized" ...I really want know what can i do ..can i refund these ink?
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