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on 18 July 2017
Won't play. Waste of money. Give your money away to someone who needs it.family friends, throwing out the window,burning, any,and all of this.
Amazon won't let me tell you more. Runaway as fast as you can . Pointless.
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on 28 May 2015
It does everything it says it can do.
A brilliant bit of kit.
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on 8 January 2014
The Oppo bdp 103d heralds the integration of Darbee visual technology into the 103eu, hence the D moniker at the end of the 103.
This new technology is a smart feature which monitors luminance and sharpness on the fly and alters both to make the picture coming out brimming with detail.
Be aware Darbee can be ramped up to 120% but the best setting I found for myself is, high def and set the percentage to 40%, anything after 50 tended to make images look processed.

The Oppo is one hell of a bluray player and at a single quid shy of 600 it should be.
But after spinning up the blu ray version of Tom cruises 2013 flick Oblivion I knew exactly why Oppo is at the top of the market, images were simply gorgeous and full of detail, colours were amazing and the DTS master soundtrack was dripping with tiny details my old player just couldn't seem to convey.

If your really pernickety with settings the Oppo has a breadth menus to tailor your deck to perfection.
It also has smart apps like Netflix and BBC i player, but sadly there are many like the excellent Vudu which are only available in the states.

Oppo also have great network facilities for streaming from home networks, and brilliant media functionality for reading nearly and file type from USB.
I was curious just how good this would be and attached my 3tb external hdd to the Oppo to see if it could even detect it, I needn't have worried as it not only detected the hdd but also read every one of the media file types it had stored which included mp3, mp4, mkv, avi , flac, mov and many more.
This is the Swiss army version of all in one media playback.
Even DVDs look stunning on the Oppo with its up conversion breathing new life into the sd format.

Yes the Oppo is a bit of a wallet killer, but by the gods, you get one heck of a lot for your money.
If I had to sum up the Oppo 103d in one word, that would be easy.

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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 September 2014
I thought at last I had found the AV centre that everyone really should have; a Bluray player with HDMI inputs able to decode surround from my other sources. It's a solution with many advantages over an AV amp. Combined it with just a Freesat box, and active speakers, and you have a superb system that can select and play any disk, any file from USB memory stick, and any TV or video source, with just one remote control (plus a Humax freesat remote in my case). All through one high quality surround decoder and D-A converter.

There are other BD players with surround decoders built in, but none that I know of with volume control. Volume controlling six or eight channels is difficult without resorting to an AV amp, yet I have been loath to buy a big heavy AV amp just for volume control (and as I use professional active speakers I'd need one with low level 'pre-outs', which most don't have.) By the way, it took me several minutes to find the 'volume' control on the remote. I was looking for the standard rocker arrangement, but its two tiny buttons at top centre. I wish it was a thumb operated rocker as it's needed all the time.

So does it fill this role? Almost, but with one big disappointment - it won't play 1080i H264 files properly (some stutter, some have a big picture on sound lag, and some judder at about four frames per second). I edit video to 16Mb/s 1080i 25 for the best quality free from judder (I hate the judder of film and some television), and as they play perfectly on my Western Digital media player, and also on Samsung BD players this is a disappointment. I was pleased to find that the Oppo does play some 1080p .MKV files that I have, with surround sound, something I've never been able to do before.

I'm also disappointed that one of the HDMI inputs is on the front - I need to feed my WD media player into one and my Humax Freesat box into the other, and don't really want a hefty HDMI cable into the front.

The good news though is that I can now enjoy surround sound from my recordings on my Freesat box. I had some doubts whether it would work, and whether it would need an optical digital connection, but it just worked straight off thought the HDMI! The speaker settup is good too - each speaker has an adjustable gain setting (-10 to +10dB) and a selection for 'large' or 'small'. More importantly the output on the back is correctly labelled 'sub woofer' and not LFE channel. Some manufacturers seem to think that the LFE channel is a sub-woofer channel, which it most definitely is not, as the subwoofer has to combine low frequencies from the other channels too, and does not necessarily cross-over at the Dolby LFE limit of 110Hz. Selecting 'none' for the centre channel is possible, and seems to correctly send the centre to front L and R. Similarly selecting 'none' for sub woofer seems to leave the bass on the other channels, as is correct. If a sub woofer is used, then the crossover frequency can be selected between 40 and 750Hz although phase cannot be adjusted. In my case I use Mackie HR824 active monitor speakers for the front (beat any 'consumer' speakers for around £1000 a pair) along with a custom built crossover and four 18" bass units in the listening room wall, and I plan to get smaller Mackies for the surround channels.

Booting and loading are quick, as others have noted; one by-product of this is that I find myself playing CD's again, because I don't have to wait minutes for the drawer to open any more as I did on my Sony and Samsung BD players. It won't allow jumping over the copyright warning on BD's though - pity - how many hours do I need to spend being told the same stupid thing over and over? I like the way the menu up-down selection 'glides' up or down if you hold the key down, yet stops almost instantly - very nice for selecting files and navigating. I have found some dead-ends in the menu - like not being able to get back after a notice telling me there is 'no wifi connected', but turning off and on again got me back. Also surprised that 'top menu' doesn't work from many places, such as from within a file directory on memory stick - you have to step back using 'return'.

So I am very pleased, but I wonder if Oppo might be able to fix the 1080i problems? I've tried pressing 'video quality' on the remote and selecting 1080i instead of 'auto', but still the same problem.
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on 23 March 2014
They build and performance quality of the OPPO is without question. However, I purchased this purely for its 4k up-scaling to improve the poor performance of my 4k LG in-built up-scaler. I tried SKY at both 1080i and 720p through the OPPO and the LG confirmed the 4k signal. The LG on its own offered better images (motion flow were more natural although far from great) than the OPPO achieved. I would not necessarily question the quality of the OPPO, but in combination with the LG the results were disappointing.
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on 2 November 2013
I've just bought one of these players (not through amazon though - I used Mark Grant Cables) and hooked it up to a 3D projector and was amazed at the picture and sound quality. I've tried DVD's and they look and sound fantastic too.

Focusing on the sound aspect, the player reveals huge amounts of detail in regular CD's, SACD's and DVD-Audio discs too.

It handles everything you can throw at it with superb results every time.

However if you want to delve into the extensive menus you will find a multitude of options that can fine tune both sound and vision. The added Darbee video processing can enhance the wonderful visuals further.

I've also added a Freeview box and an Apple TV to the two HDMi inputs meaning that they too can benefit from the immense audio and visual quality of the Oppo.

It's also well specified in terms of connectivity including digital and analog (7.1) sound, USB, HDMI, ethernet and wireless.

Granted it costs more than most Blu Ray players but throw in all the added format compatibility, connectivity and the amazing audio and video output and it becomes excellent value for money. It's very well constructed and no doubt will give years of pleasurable entertainment.

Highly recommended.
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on 28 July 2014
Quality,quality quality...enough said .Read some proper reviews and then go buy it.
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on 13 October 2015
i am using the oppo with a pioneer plasma 50" Kuro model, it stopped me buying a new 4k oled tv after i realised how much more the Pioneer could be improved with this dvd player, even though previous Denon player was excellent. Netflix is excellant and also ps4 has gone up another level,
Highly recommended.
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on 13 May 2014
This player is worth every penny. Even the box it comes in is quality. What I liked was you could use it straight out of the box. The factory settings are good & means you can use it & tweek settings later as you get used to the menus. It pays to start with the Darbee settings low the turn up slowly until you find what is right for you. The picture is first class, rich in colour, detail & motion is smooth.The sound is also excellent & I can here detail I have never heard before. After looking at many different player I chose OPPO because there players due to regular firmware updates stay up to date for many years. Unlike other makes were they bring out new models every year so there older ones quickly become obsolete . Therefore OPPO is better value.
Also this player loads discs really fast. Some discs are almost loaded by time I have sat down. It is also very quiet in operation & responds almost instantly when you press remote buttons. The remote has backlighting so you can see the buttons in poor lighting.
You will not get a better built player unless you pay a lot more.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 December 2014
First thing I want to address is ...this machine has had an update...If you bought one before Oct 27th this should be available NOW...I have just had the latest model and the updates have come included....which brings me to a couple of reviewers comments...There is NO volume control now...it's fixed at 100%...this is a quick view of some of the fixes...although if you notice the volume is not mentioned
1. Resolved a Colour Space issue for the HDMI 1 Out in BDP-103D/105D Customers reported that if the Resolution was set to Source Direct and the Colour Space was set to RGB Video Level, the actual colour space sent out was RGB PC Level. This issue has been fixed in this firmware

2. Resolved a Picture Adjustment issue found on 75-0515 firmware. Customers reported that after changing the Picture Adjustment parameters for HDMI 1, the value of Contrast Enhancement would automatically go back to 0. It has been fixed in this firmware.

3. Resolved a playback issue with regular DVD discs found on 75-0515 firmware. Customers reported that if the "DVD 24p Conversion" was set to "On", pressing the REV (rewind) button within the DVD playback could cause the player to immediately freeze up. This issue has been resolved in this firmware

4. Resolved a HDMI Audio issue with some 2L Blu-ray Music discs. Customers reported that if the AV Sync was set to 90ms and above, there might be no audio signal from both HDMI outputs.

5. Modified the RS-232 serial control protocol: fixed an issue with "#SZM" that could not change the Aspect Ratio.

6. Improved the Gapless Playback feature, and resolved an issue where the gapless mode could not be enabled for some 96 kHz / 24-bit WAV files.

7. Improved support for CUE files, specifically for CUE files that point to multiple WAV files.

8. General disc compatibility improvements based on recent and upcoming Blu-ray releases as well as user-submitted disc samples. Expanded the character set library to support more languages in external subtitles.

9. Added support for MediaControl 3.0.

10. Added a feature that when streaming in 5.1ch or 7.1ch LPCM in bitstream mode, Players can output Dolby digital or DTS(Multichannel) through SPDIF.

...With that out of the way....I originally had LG's flagship model and was very pleased ...but I have been upgrading my system picture wise and Audio wise and I needed the best player I could get...and after much reading and searching decided on this,despite the high prce tag ( I bought the one with the Darbee Tech)..it's certainly worth it in my opinion...The first thing you will notice is..it oozes quality and Yes...it is large so make sure you have the space to place it...and also much heavier then the normal ones out there..The remote is quality too and has everything on it you should reguire to control the player from it...even a backlight....Compared to my LG...there is NO comparison at all...the Oppo is way better in leaps and bounds..I also have quite a few 3D discs and this plays flawlesly...One thing I wanted to test was my downloaded movies from Yify,copied to a flash drive....he rips Blu rays but at a 10th of the size....On my LG the dark areas had lots of artifacts and spoilt what would have been a great movie...The Oppo is astounding at actually making it look as good as the original...I was truly amazed how good this machine is...DVD's get the same treatment giving them have a new lease of life...I can't speak about the Blu ray to 4K and you will be hard to find any reviews on this matter...although I did read a small article that it IS spectacular...but over all I have not bought it for this reason....

My other test was with my Photos...Music and Movies on a Flash drive....The movies were fantastic as I mentioned earlier...Viewing photos and listening to music from a flash drive is not only a doddle to use but also a dream to listen and view...everything is so smooth and I was surprised with how quick they all loaded...it even plays Flac/lossless...and very impressively...the soundstaging and separation is incredible..
I downloaded the app for my phone and it works a dream...replicating the handset..so making best use of everything on offer.
One thing I did do was use both the HDMI outputs...HDMI 1 for the video and HDMI 2 for the sound going straight to my AV amp...This makes the sound definately more meaty and has a lot more presence...and because of the updates there are only 2 ways to choose...making it less confusing.By doing it this way your assured of the best possible quality...Sound AND Vision....Just a note..it does not play AVI...but apart from that it's played everything else I've thrown at it.
So in conclusion...if you can get past the high price..this is one hell of a machine....superbly well made...fantastic performance...but for me well worth it...I've not been disspointed in any way...Treat yourself and get one...Cheers.
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