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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 11 November 2013
Having not bought Black Ops 2 on the basis that I didnt like Black Ops, I've been waiting two years for a new Call Of Duty game. Actually, make that four years since I was truly satisfied with a CoD title (MW2). I understand that developers have a tough job raising the bar with each subsequent release because if they keep it too similar, gamers will criticize them for not moving the franchise forward yet if they make radical changes, gamers will moan they liked things better before. You need to strike the right balance of not trying to fix something that works fine already and introducing new innovations. That said, CoD: Ghosts for me has not achieved these objectives.

I'll try to review Ghosts objectively even though I can't make comparisons to Black Ops 2 like other reviewers have.


When I first played on the launch day, the servers were down so I played the campaign a bit. My first thoughts were positive ones. The story is cool and the action visually cinematic. The gameplay is varied between running and gunning, stealth missions, piloting an Apache and even remotely controlling Riley the dog which is lots of fun. That said, after a couple of hours in, I have no real urge to play again. Something is missing and I think it's a problem I have identified with CoD before, it's just too structured. There is no scope for completing missions different ways or using any initiative whatsoever. You are told which way to walk, when to press x and when to breach a door. If you don't follow the on screen instructions you die. This style of gameplay, no matter how cool it looks, bores me. It's too easy.


I haven't managed to catch any mates online yet so I had a go at the squad feature solo. I opted to play the equivalent of survival mode where you defend against waves of CG attackers. I really enjoyed this feature on MW3 and still play it from time to time. The Ghosts version is far inferior. Every attacking player is an exact copy of the last. It's as if they were designed at the last minute. They move awkwardly and the graphics are poor. I was bored within minutes.


Infinity Ward obviously realised the popularity of Treyach's zombie mode and tried to do something similar except with alien things. You basically have to move a drill around and plant it on each alien hive you find and then defend it against waves of attack until it has finished it's job. You earn money for each kill and can buy more weapons. It quickly becomes tiresome.


The main reason we all buy CoD games. Multiplayer is the reason we clock up countless hour of gaming time and are still playing it years after the release. It is the reason we invest again in DLC and add-ons. It needs to be right. The Ghosts multiplayer is an extremely frustrating experience. The maps are huge. My favourite map on MW2 was wasteland so I'm not averse to big maps but there are no small or medium sized ones. It can be two minutes before you engage an enemy however, the minute you spawn you are shot dead. I counted 1-3 enemies in my field of vision with most spawns. I'm not a dreadful player but I'm struggling to get a 5 kill streak with Ghosts. The guns are simply too overpowered. You never get the red screen and chance to take cover, you just die every time you're hit. The maps have vast lines of fire so you can get shot from the other side of the map and not have a clue who did it. Every spot on the map is approachable or visible from multiple directions so it's not even possible to dig in and snipe for more than a few seconds. They are probably trying to eliminate camping but it just means aimless wandering until you get killed from a mile away with a pistol.

The perks and killstreaks seem pretty poor. You have to unlock them by spending points but you rank up really slowly so most stuff remains locked for ages. UAV is replaced with a satcom which is basically the same thing except you place it on the ground and within seconds it's been destroyed. Waste of a slot. The dog can get kills for you but is usually shot straight away. If you try and hide it stands looking gormless attracting enemies to your position. The juggernaut maniac is fun but a nightmare to play against. The predator is replaced with 3 missiles so not much more innovative really and I havent managed to get much else yet. You can gain a care package by completing little mini challenges hidden in a blue briefcase but try landing the crate without being shot from the other side of the map.

Some of these gripes may dissipate as we all get used to the maps but I urge the developers to release maps that cater to different playing styles in future. I'm already getting fed up of these.
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on 5 February 2014
If you like hiding in a bush, on a box, on a roof etc for 10 minutes in a virtual world this game might be just what your after. This is arguably the very best First Person Hiding game on the market. Infinity Ward have supplied all the tools for you to enjoy your ideal "leave me alone to sit in a corner for 10 minutes" experience you could ever have hoped for, the only thing missing is the Camping Stove but hopefully this will come in some sort of DLC in the near future. Goodbye Call of Duty.. After 80hrs of this I'm well and truly soul destroyed..
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on 11 February 2014
I'm new to the Xbox and to Call of Duty, so I'm not comparing Ghosts with previous COD games. I was pleasantly surprised that the story line was not just a short video at the beginning of the game, but weaved into the 'campaign' single-player experience. The images are pretty stunning and the vibrations in the controller make the experience even more realistic. Not familiar with the Xbox COD series, it took me a while to figure out that the button and stick functions were in the options menu (e.g. how to sprint); but once I got that I managed to get through the recruit level campaign in a few days. Very fun, and apart from repeating it at veteran level, I have played specific missions over again.

The multi-player experience has been addictive despite my lack of expertise. I mean, I get killed lots. I suspect that my router configuration or bandwidth may be part, and maybe my slow reflexes and poor knowledge of the maps. But even an old guy like me can have a lot of fun if he builds up his squad and puts them up against other player's squads, or plays one of his characters with other players against bots at the recruit level.

One word of advice: don't squander your squad points, and choose the type of squad member you unlock carefully--they will come with perks and equipment that you would otherwise have to use squad points to get. I had to look up information on the net about this, and learn from experience. As you progress in level perks will automatically unlock, so don't get too impatient and start 'buying' them right and left. As far as what weapons and weapon customizations you should buy, I have bought many rifles for my different characters, but so far the Remington assault rifle with an advanced tracking scope and armor-piercing bullets has gotten me the best results. My favorite perks to stay out of people's sights is 'off the grid' and 'take down', but then again, I'm not a very fast draw.

So, great game, all in all, but I wish there were some instructions and a strategy guide for newbies like me.
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on 11 November 2013
Every year you look forward to the new Call Of Duty game, waiting in anticipation for it to come out and hoping you really enjoy it.

The question is, will you enjoy it?

Single Player

I've played every single player in the call of duty series with some impressing me like the MW1/2 and black ops 1 and some being terrible in my eyes like the MW3/BO2 and this campaign tends to fall in the impressive category.

Although it falls into the same type of missions you get in all the other call of duty games, this is the bread and butter of the game. As long as they nail these missions and give you something else to do, people tend to be happy with it.
I found myself guessing what was going to happen next with alot of success so if you have played other call of duty games, you will know what is going to happen in advance.

To summarize the campaign mode up, it was a really enjoyable story mode and one I'll probably complete again at some point.

8/10 for the campaign for me.

The Multiplayer

The reason the majority of call of duty fans buy the game.

Everyone will have there own favorite call of duty Multiplayer and unfortunately they will always compare the next installment to that one. I'm not different half of the time, black ops 1 was my favorite and I always find myself comparing it to that since it captured my interest the most and easily spent the most time playing that one.


I find myself slightly disappointed with the guns, although there is like 6 categories, I find the choice limited and only like probably 20% of the guns themselves which I was hoping for more.


The perks are probably one of the better things about Call of Duty Ghosts. With 35ish perks and the 10 point system it allows you to customize your own style brilliantly offering a wide variety for all the different type of players. The run and gunners, Snipers, Shotguns.

The grenades I find to be very poor on this. On most other call of duty games, I could throw grenades with relative success, however on this one, I haven't got a single grenade kill and I have prestiged my first squad member. The I.E.D Mine seems like a slightly worse version of a Betty/Claymore


I like about 50%. Most of the maps tend to be too big for my liking. I've always prefered the smaller/medium maps. With Large maps in my opinion being a flop most of the time. The only big map I've ever liked is Wastelands. The best maps for me without doubt are Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare. I thought they were that good, if they decided to update the graphics of it, I would buy the game over again and start the prestige system all over again.

Ranking up

Yet again, I don't like it. Basically you have to take 10 squad members and get them all to level 60. Every time you get on to level 60, you get a new prestige badge. Now that system for me, isn't exactly bad. However, leveling up seems to take a pretty long time. Most previous games keeps you leveling up at a decent speed until around the level 40 mark, when they then start to go up at a decent pace. With this, I find myself sat at level 20 thinking to myself, this is taking a pretty long time.

But then again, I prefer fast prestige at a low level and plenty of them, like the black ops 1 series but that doesn't mean you won't like this system, everyone will make there own mind up.

Overall, it is a pretty good effort from Infinity Ward with Ghosts and the positive thing for me is that they have a single player I like after really not like the MW3 effort.

However, the Multiplayer isn't bad but it really can be improved upon in my eyes.

The game was worth buying for the Campaign though.
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on 2 February 2014
It is a brilliant game, the campaign is epic with a cool story line. You get to drive tanks, fly helicopters, blow everyone up and lots of other cool things. The range of guns is really good with a whole load of new guns. There is a new type of gun class called "Marksman Rifles" which are kin of half sniper half assault rifle. The multiplayer is really good with some new gamemodes like safeguard and infected. The only problem is, on local,live and extinction you can only do 2 player you cannot do up to 4 players. The extinction game is really cool, it is basically zombies except you are trying to drill out these alien nests while tons of aliens are attacking. I would recommend this for and call of duty player but I would also recommend it for people who haven't bought played COD before.
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on 12 November 2015
This game is a new offshoot from the MW series where no doubt there will be sequels.

Its set upon a revolution of a group called the federation mainly controlling south and north America and a banned of guerrilla soldiers waging warfare against them.

The games inborn weapons are diverse from the MW games with only a few adopted, the sound effects from these are modernised to go with continuing evolvement of shoot'em ups.

If you like the first person shooter games then this one is ok.
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on 6 March 2014
This review is only about the online multiplay game mode as i only bought the game for that reason.
Theres not much more you can offer anyone when you play a genre, ie, F1 you drive a car to win a race, you play COD to shoot people etc.
Extinction is better than the usual zombies fare.
I'm new to this game so i am just getting used to the maps which i find im liking at the moment.
I have spotted several games where lagging is a massive problem,along with the game being hacked to death.But saying that i haven't had any hosting problems that i see in BO2.
I played a couple of games last night and spent the majority of my time not finding anyone to kill only to find it was dominated by snipers because this game does indeed tend to favor the poor gamepaly tactics enjoyed by campers who have no skill whatsoever.
I do believe there should be a system that limits the amount of snipers you have on one team to balance it out and the servers need to be dedicated to sort out the muppets who exploit the system.
I also do not really like the credit system on here and i prefer experience points based systems like the one on BO2.
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on 24 April 2016
This was bought as a much wanted gift for my son. It isn't my type of thing but the recipient was very pleased with my purchase. Overall quite an enjoyable experience if you like shoot em up games. Very good price too.
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on 22 October 2014
Although this is not the best ever Call of Duty game that has been made and not many people have enjoyed playing it, I think that it is underrated. Personally it has the best campaign out of all of the other Call of Duty games that have been made as it is longer than most of them and very well made. However the multiplayer is fairly dull and simple, the only enjoyable modes being gun game and infected. Ghosts is a good game
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 27 September 2015
Not the best in the series, especially in terms of multi-player, but the campaign mode is prob one of the best and feels a lot bigger/longer than usual. Not my fave but good enough to buy this replacement copy at Amazon's current price.
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