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on 27 July 2014
It does what it says! Temperatures are always maximum of 40 when normal use.. on games it gets to maximum of 60, although it has a max temp of 72+ so all good! Price was amazing! Easy to install! Only bad thing is never got told about extra features it can do, like fast boot ect. so will check their website out. What else is there to say.. Stock fan is silent, only slight noise when gaming at high temps but hardly hear and with headphones on you don't hear a thing!
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I've built a few pc's based around this processor it's a step up over the i3 performance wise, but avoids the price premium of the higher end i5 or i7. But you still have enough firepower to handle decent workloads such as photo/video work and makes for a solid gaming CPU too.

With 4 cores and 4 threads, normal clock speeds are 3.1GHz with 3.3 GHz max turbo, it is a step up over the older 2500 i5 processor, though it should be noted if you are planning on overclocking, the K series would be a better bet. 6MB of cache is also plenty enough.

Real world tasks such as photoshop and lightroom, as well as video editing are handled with no problems. You do get Intel's built in HD Graphics 4600, good enough for watching videos without taxing the CPU, as well as a bit of lighter to moderate gaming. More serious gamers will want a dedicated graphics card though. But if you are building a pc based on this and don't game it's very satisfactory for day to day use.

The built in graphics though are dependent on ram speed, so go for the DDR3-1600 type over the DDR3-1333 if you are using the IGP graphics. For a dedicated card it won't matter as it will have it's own higher speed ram.

A good all round processor at a reasonable price, and more than capable of dealing with more intensive tasks.
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on 17 June 2014
TL;DR: If you need power but have a low budget, this is the one to get until the Haswell Refresh drops down to similar prices. Eats games, office applications, and video editing for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the same time.

Now, I bought this at the time when the Haswell Refresh was released, and I needed the best performance I could get with quite a moderate budget. I initially was interested in the i5 4590 as I was not planning to overclock in the near future. However, I saw this and after a bit of digging, I thought that generally this offers great performance for its lower price.

And boy, I wasn't wrong.

Arrived next day (thanks to Prime!), and after waiting for my motherboard I set to work. I also would like to point out that I did not order an aftermarket cooler, because I wanted to see if the stock cooler is fine enough. After a successful boot and Windows installation, all seemed fine and... surprise! The stock cooler is pretty quiet, although this could be due to my motherboard.

After everything was installed, I ran some games (Battlefield 3, 4 and Batman Arkham Origins) and all seemed fine and dandy. CPU usage never reached 70%, and I also multitasked and that seemed great too! I really do find this CPU to be very relaxed and can easily up its performance when needed. This does cause the fan to spin faster, but from my case I just hear a low hum. Also, temps t idle were about 35C, but in BF4 reached 51C with the stock cooler. Very good in my books for a stock cooler.

If you were to put an aftermarket cooler, then temps would slide down quite a bit and also during intensive tasks would make your PC a lot more quieter (depends on your case).

All in all, a very surprising CPU which is still the one to beat for stock i5 price to performance. An i7 is just overkill in my opinion.

But remember! The Haswell Refresh is likely to drop to similar prices soon, and if the 200 MHz clock boost is what tickles your fancy, then go for it!

My System:

- Intel Core i5 4440
- Gigabyte H97-D3H motherboard
- 2 x 4GB Kingston HyperX Blu RAM
- Gigabyte Windforce GTX 750TI 2GB
- SeaSonic S12II-520W PSU
- WD Cavier Blue 1TB HDD
- Corsair Carbide 200r Case
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on 4 June 2014
I got this processor for my first gaming rig build. I researched and sifted through every single iteration of i5's i7's and several AMD processors before settling on this one. This processor is brilliant for the price and will not disappoint. After consulting many sites and many people on the i5 v i7 for gaming the consensus was the same. i5 for gaming and i7 for editing. I am using this for gaming so my choice was clear.

So far it is running everything I've threw at it and more and is still as fast. I would highly recommend this processor for anyone interested in gaming. Make the jump on this and save yourself some money on the i7! It has the performance for half the cost!
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on 25 June 2014
I was trying to piece together a gaming PC. Having looked at reviews and graphs of performance, it was illustrated to me that the jump in performance from the top-range i3 to this low-range i5 processor is considerable and worth the extra money for long term performance.

For gaming particularly, the jump from dual-core (in the i3 range) to Quad-core (in this processor) brings a substantial boost in performance. The extra cores are worth a lot to gaming performance. That is why, in budget gaming PCs, AMD processors are often favoured: most low range AMD processors, for the same price as i3 processors, compromise single-thread processing power for an extra two cores. This brings better performance for gaming. With this processor you get the best of both worlds, Intel quality and two extra cores.
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on 30 March 2015
Works fine with the motherboard and Ram memory I installed , plenty fast enough for what I need, nice and quiet, I took the panel off my R5 and it is still quiet with all fans stopped and just CPU fan running, have had Intel fans before that have got noisy over time, so I will see how this one goes. Nice and compact fan never seems to run hot even when under load and benchmarking doesn't' get above 50% of max temp when under load and sits at 35% on normal usage the fan never goes above half speed , but I do have four other fans for cooling also and two fans on the graphics running also so I have lots of airflow and the R5 has plenty of airflow also.
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on 7 April 2014
As I expected the processor was very easy to install and the fan supplied is extremely quiet. I teamed it with the H87 mother board and a corsair case and ssd drive, the result is a nearly silent pc. You can only hear it when the cd or normal hard drive spins up.
The processor gives 7.4 on the windows experience index. A reasonably priced cpu at the centre of my gaming pc.
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on 25 December 2013
this CPU is vary fast and does not cost much compared to other Quad Core processors, i would recommend to anyone who is looking to build a budget computer
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on 8 July 2014
Bought this for a new build PC, for light gaming and editing photo's in LR5 and PS. Although only had it a couple of days cant find nothing to fault, stock cooler runs quiet too. Anyone who is not interested in OC this is the one for you, sure there are other more expensive ones that run 200-300 MHz faster but difference is negligible unless you run many heavy programs at the same time. Grabbed it while it was £120 bit of a bargain although still on the expensive side though hence the 4 stars.
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on 5 May 2015
Great choice for a mid range gaming rig (pair with GTX660/760/960 or a R9 270), a good step up from the i3, but you pay for the extra cores. Can do some video rendering, but might be a bit less than ideal when compared to a Hyperthreaded i7 or Xeon E3, but considering the lower price it has a better value for money.

The stock cooler might not be adequate in most scenarios, some prime95 tests result in throttling to 3.0GHz.
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