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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 20 July 2013
BUY BUY BUY - under £75 for a camera that is water and shock proof (1080p and upto 16MP stills camera) I'm using this on my MTB and Dog scooter and it's the business. Never gonna win an Oscar but I can use the money I saved for better things. and for the record - this camera is identical to the Ion Pro Air (only much cheaper) and it uses MOST of their accessories and mounts, I ordered the helmet and sucker mounts to attach to other things.

PS the battery lasts 2-3 hours so a 16GB micro sd card is enough (class 10)
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on 14 November 2013
I reviewed this item on the techmoan prior to purchasing it. The reviews by this man are comprehensive and practical and he gave it a positive thumbs up. This encouraged me to purchase the camera and I have not been disappointed since doing so. The quality of the results is fantastic!
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on 9 September 2013
I bought this for Tough Mudder as a way of taking photos and videos to remember the experience.
The battery lasted for the 3 hours 15 minutes that it took to complete the course. Videos look sharp in full HD, Photos are nice and clear.

The camera has also been down to 7 meters in an aquarium dive.

Would definitely recommend, pick up a class 10, 32gb MICRO SD CARD and you won't go wrong.
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on 6 February 2014
very good value, just think about what you want it for. If you need exceptional low light performance - go and spend £400. if its mainly daytime shooting you do, this camera is tough and versatile and sports a standard 1/4 - 20 tripod mount. This means that getting or making innovative mounting solutions is pretty easy. File are produced in .mov format, very Mac compatible. I don't know how it would work with Windows. I might buy another one ;-)
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on 31 October 2013
Liking the first tests, but can't hear any sound, just seen this on their web site (which was NOT on the Amazon product description):

Note: Windows Media Player sometimes has trouble reading the audio stream of the .MOV files created by this camera. If you experience trouble, try installing and using the Apple QuickTime® Player or the freeware VLC Media Player instead.

The HD setting seems to produce a lower sized file than the 720p resolution (based on the same length on recording, so this will need further testing...
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on 9 November 2014
Could never get the camera to generate a playable video with the Class 10 32gb card it was ordered with
(got this weird "error 2002: a bad public movie atom was found in the movie (" when trying to play anything recorded on to the 32gb),

....but mSD card itself checked out fine in other devices. Sourced 2 other class 10 microSD cards - an 8 and 16gb - and it APPEARED to work ok.

However, recordings are fine for the first 5-6 minutes, then full on blank screen glitched for about 30 sec then settled into a repeating loop of clear>light grey haze > deep gray haze>glitch>glitch>clear.
My longest recording was 22 minutes and this cycle repeated throughout the remaining 17 minutes after it started at 5 min in.

Symptoms were the same tested :

1: using 3 different microSD cards - 2 of class10s and 1 of class4
2: when data has been copied off the mSD card onto disc - i.e. playing directly off Hard disc
3: using 3 different PC players - Windows Media player (which can't produce sound off any video produced by this camera - declared on Monoprice's website), Quicktime, and VLC. problem is with the camera, not the media. Maybe some buffering issue?

I'm hoping that some other purchasers of this camera will say whether they had similar problems or not, as the camera performance before it started glitching was great for its price bracket in both daylight AND low light (as this was to be a vehicle / riding camera).

I've given it one star only because THIS ONE was faulty, so if others haveN'T had this problem, then I'd certainly try another one and suggest its worth purchasing, but Amazon only gave the choice of Refund when I went through the returns process.
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on 3 April 2014
Was looking for an underwater video camera for my holiday in dominican republic.
In the past, I have had to buy a normal video camera plus a waterproof housing, costing upwards of 500 pound.

5 years on, and you can get something that does the same job for a fraction of the price, and less than half the size.

About the same size as 2 packets of cigarettes side by side.
The video quality is pretty good, especially on full HD, cant complain at all. Looks just as good as my old regular HD camcorder.
ive not tried it underwater yet as my holiday is a few weeks away, but Im confident it will do the job.

I bought a 32gig sd card for about 12 quid and that will hold about 3 hours footage at fullHD, so enough for a day out, and then transfer it to a laptop at the end of the day. Cant comment on battery life yet, but it charges direct off USB. It also charges from a standard samsung phone charger which is a bonus.

Comes with a bracket to clamp it to handlebars or similar,but I wont be needing that.

Excellent quality and value, go get one :)
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on 3 January 2014
Sure there are better cams on the market but for the vast majority of people wanting high quality film in HD his is perfect. I've just returned from a ski trip and the quality of the images are superb. Pair with a high quality class 10 micro sd card and if you want a helmet mount then buy this... B00B82MY94

The mono price helmet mount is expensive and difficult to acquire in the UK, this one works perfectly. If you side mount on your helmet you will have to rotate the film by 90 degrees when you edit. The camera self levelling device only seems to work if the images are 180 degrees out or upside down. All minor gripes for what is an excellent action cam. I would not have complained at £150 but unless you want to spend more than £150 then I wouldn't consider anything else.
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on 28 July 2014
I use it mainly on my bike using the (supplied) handlebar mount. Video is good, but can be very blurry from the vibrations. (This would probably be the case with any similar cam mounted the same way).

Like a few of the other reviewers, I'm not that impressed by the rather muffled sound quality, but on reflection this will be due to the waterproofing. (See final point). Another irritation is the fact that you can't play back the movies using Windows Media Player. Well, you can but there is no sound.

Now on to the positives. It's a compact, robust and inexpensive action camera. In good light it takes decent stills and very reasonable quality video. You wouldn't want to film the school play on this device but that's not what it's for. I recommend this cam for when you want to capture footage where it might get a bit wet and messy. It's great that the cam is waterproof. Unlike some other, very much more expensive, action cams this one can be submerged without any extra case. (Just make sure the end cap is properly attached). I tried it out in a pool at the weekend and it worked really well. The big switches made it really easy to take stills and video clips. The footage underwater is reallly good and I can't wait to use it again.
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on 20 August 2014
I bought this camera as a cheap alternative to the more expensive items on the market. It was bought for two reasons: 1) to record bike rides and 2) for work to record live and time lapse video of steel bridge builds.
For the bike rides I found it does what it says on the box, sound quality from behind is poor but perhaps that is a good thing. I've recorded a number of road bike rides and found the Monoprice to be more that adequate for my needs certainly enough to realise how close vehicles come when they overtake.
For work: I have recorded a number of live operations and the only down side I have found is that it does not have a view screen so they do occasionally seem to be tilted over to one site. The video quality and the sound is fine.
I have also recorded time lapse video, this has to be set by plugging into your computer and setting the timing. It works well and almost makes me wish that I hadn't invested in a Brinno since the quality appears to be better although the Brinno is simpler to setup not requiring a computer.
This was well worth the price and I may yet buy another.
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