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on 1 June 2014
Idea for lorry driving re routes you around low bridges and avoid narrow lanes. most be used with common knowledge
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on 9 August 2017
good product . thank you
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VINE VOICEon 8 January 2015
The unit itself is a reasonably good design, except that the screen mount also contains the connector for putting it into the computer. The whole unit plus mount has to be removed in order to be able to plug it in and update it which is a severe pain. The screen is clear and bright without being distracting. The truck routing, bridge heights, weight limits and general ability to plan and execute a route are good.

When you receive the unit, make sure that the pamphlet explaining how to subscribe to LIVE is read and understood. You need to subscribe to LIVE in order to have your free lifetime maps activated. The LIVE service that you get free for a year with this unit really is integral to its operation. Without it even the speed camera notification doesn't work as it defaults back to the locations loaded in its memory at the factory, or to the last ones it picked up through LIVE before the service expired. Those cameras through those roadworks on the A1? Bleeping forever on a clear road. After the free year has expired you will need to take out a LIVE subscription to avoid this. The Live Service subscription is currently charged at £47.50 per year. I'll update this shortly with the trucker's verdict on if the LIVE service is worth that money.

Yes you still need a separate email address for each TomTom you own. As this is now a 6 TomTom extended family that becomes a little wearing. Note that you'll need at least two accounts for each unit; one to update the unit and the other to log into support. The TomTom support does not recognise that you're plugged in and logged on updating the unit and requires you to register and log in again in order to get into the support system. Activating LIVE isn't simple either. It's a complex series of screens and information to enter that I thought I had navigated successfully only to discover (more than a year later) that in fact I had not. Now I'm pretty technically aware, and a gadget hound, if I can't manage successfully as the family's go-to geek, then there is an issue with the usability of the software.

The software update system is abysmal. Updates make the unit slower, and slower, and
s l o w e r, until the unit nearly ended up being thrown through the passenger window without bothering to open it first. From the trucker using it, "Every time I come to a roundabout on a planned route it tells me which road to take before the roundabout is reached. When I reach the roundabout the unit stops reporting my location. I take the correct road from memory and the unit then takes more than two minutes to find my location and report it correctly. Sometimes the unit fails to report my correct position at all. I have seen the unit tell me that I was running through fields more than once just this week." If you're getting this issue then TomTom say that their "soft reset" should fix it - and it does seem to have speeded it up a fair bit. If not, then you should contact support. Good luck with that. I managed to find the way to do the "soft reset" through pure dumb luck, before I managed to get hold of customer support. But the software should not be doing this. It's an issue that needs a simple permanent fix. Like, oh just for instance, forcing a software triggered soft reset on unit restart while still backed up and plugged into the computer after each update.

The problem is that the TomTom truck routing is still the best on the market. However for the individual trucker that doesn't have a unit like this supplied by their firm, or for the jobbing owner driver not being able to get the support needed from customer services for a £300 machine with a £50 a year subscription service, this is customer disservice writ large. Tomtom customer services are as in as much need of update as the software system. Customer services have ignored three emails from me, they replied to the last one which was sent on 15/12/2014. I got that reply almost a month later having already raised Cain to try and get a response. I had to write the original of this review (this is the edited version) and link to it on Twitter with an @ mention to TomTom's UK Twitter account before I finally had any contact at all after six months of trying. I'm still unhappy with the support I've received and there has been no true apology offered. I have to recommend the unit as things stand because I've not found better; that this means accepting this kind of hassle makes me do so grudgingly.
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on 7 December 2013
I do not recommend this product and am considering returning it. Here's why:

Very slow and unresponsive user interface (takes seconds for anything to happen after pressing anything on the screen, unlike my £100 Garmin)
Irritating safety warnings, which add to the time it takes to get going, because of the previous user interface issue
Lacks the real life signs that Garmin has, and often gives a destination that's not mentioned on the real signs, which may change several times over a 10-mile stretch of the same road
Speed limit warnings are wrong, especially where long-term temporary speed limits are in force. Worse, it will give you the right one just before the camera, even if it's an average speed camera (as they usually are in such places)
Stupid design faults, like having to put the USB connector into the dock rather than the actual unit
Has tried to direct me along a road with a 5-tonne weight limit when I was driving a 7.5-tonne truck.

All in all, poor quality. Place name pronunciation better than on Garmin but worse in every other aspect.
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on 11 October 2013
my husband needed a good sat nav and this tom tom covers everything that he needs. all he has to do it put it trucks details and he knows that he wont have a problem with bridges, height restrictions etc. well done to tom tom for producing this sat nav - you were also cheaper than buying from halfords!!!!
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on 1 May 2013
This is an excellent piece of kit.

I didn't get mine from any seller on amazon but thought it worthy to review it anyway.

Have been using mine now for several weeks in my job, have been driving trucks from 40ton artic's to 7.5ton wagons, even used it as a normal car satnav as well.

The biggest thing that will trip people up, and maybe the other reviewer is to make sure you fully input all the dimensions of your truck at the start of the planning stage.
Height, weight, width and maximum speed, including any hazmat stuff etc, when you do this correctly and tell it where you are going it automatically sorts out where you cannot go and warns you.

If like me you are nosey to see what happens if... i left it on 23ton truck, 8ft wide, 33ft long and put it in my car and went onto a weight restricted bridge road, it warned me instantly, even showed it as a no go road on the route.

Add to this the live traffic, and it is well good, has saved me time on a few occasions now when traffic has become crap on my journey, it warns you and offers an alternative route you can take of decline.

Not sure if it knows the London green routes, that rule of no lorries before 7am thing, as iv'e not been there with it yet.

The lifetime maps will save a few quid overall as well.

One tip i would suggest, make sure you get a screen protector and a good case to keep it safe and protected.

I would deffo buy another and totally recommend it.
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on 1 June 2013
I am a professional driver. I earn my living by driving and I drive a 40 ton articulated vehicle so I need to plan each and every journey very carefully. In the past I have used a car Sat-nav as an aid to my navigation and most of the time it was good enough to route me via sensible roads to my desired destination. Once or twice it didn't though so when my car device needed replacing and I saw this new device it seemed stupid not to give it a try! So I bought it.
As with all new devices which I entrust to direct me I initially used it with some degree of care/suspicion! The menus are slightly different to my old TomTom and it took a few days to become familiar with the differences. The routing seems to be very good and so far I have had no problems with the routes with which I have been presented. Last week my boss asked me to use a different vehicle (MAN 7.5 tonne) and collect a fridge unit from the beach-side cafe at Branscombe bay near Seaton in Devon. I thought this would be the journey which would give me confidence in this unit and I was right! The journey was from the centre of Exeter and despite the last couple of miles being on very narrow roads with tight bends the unit was very satisfactory. (Unlike the driving of the private cars I met along the way - but that is a different story!) My co-driver was shocked at the route we were given when we turned into the first of these narrow roads but it turned out perfectly OK, and there WERE a couple of other routes which might not have been so wonderful! So I am now confident that the truck-routing algorithms are satisfactory.
Now for the reservations.
When I bought this new device I went to Tomtom's website and registered the purchase. For some strange reason they seem to think that no-one will ever own more than one sat-nav so I had to use a different e-mail address to register this new one. The original 720t was registered previously. During this registration process I was informed that there was an updated map available.
Please note it is referred to as an 'updated' map. Now I am a simple soul and to me as a native English speaker the word 'updated' means it is just the original version with some improvements which were unavailable when it was first published. So I downloaded it and installed it onto my device. This process took around 30 minutes at the end of which I was asked which map I wanted to use. I selected the new one. The 'updated' one. (|First question - why is there a choice? If it is an update should it not be applied to 'update' the original?)
At this point although I found (as previously) the site to be a bit odd everything was going fine. I finished the entire process and was expecting to shut everything down and dis-connect when TomTom gave me a small warning - almost as an afterthought - that this new map had no truck information in it!!
What?!! No truck in....
Second and principal question - since I have bought a truck-specific device containing a map with truck-specific information to enable me to route a truck why in heaven's name would I want a map WITHOUT truck information?
My hope is in writing this review that those genius web developers working at TomTom will get a serious kick up the bum and sort this out. I find their website a strange place to go and the TomTom Home software I used previously was also odd. Their idea of 'logical and intuitive' is somewhat different to mine I fear!
Of course it might be me? Unless YOU know different...
In conclusion the device is brilliant, especially the mount, but the website needs significant improvement!
I hope this novella is helpful to all!! :)
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on 5 June 2017
should have a built in dash cam like the garmin for this price , also - my old tomtom could find esso stations along route no problem , but this thing seems to struggle ! and finds anything with esso in the name like - luigis expresso bar , bobs accessories etc . poor effort
review image
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on 14 July 2013
I purchased this dedicated Truck Navigation system, after I was using a chipped Tom Tom, The 5150 allows full vehicle size and weight specs, then routing to make allowance for the vehicle being driven. using this device as an aid and tool, it performs well, updating maps quickly while on route, only occasionally failing due to the route not being mapped for trucks, or 7.5 tonne restriction, overriding truck routing.
The advance traffic details can help avoid major delays but occasionally is late with the information, leaving you stuck in heavy traffic. Although all traffic information systems can be just as bad. (i.e overhead gantry, and local radio). Another downside is the dedicated screen mount/ computer connection, which means if you change vehicles frequently, be very careful to take the screen mount with you, as replacements are expensive, and the device is useless without it.
Why a standard USB connection could not be used is a mystery.
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on 11 February 2014
Awesome piece of kit, but make sure you input your vehicle statistics otherwise you could go astray.
Directs me correctly 99% of the time but maybe if I could get the Truck Live online to work then maybe it would be 100%. The PC software for manual updates is somewhat troublesome and could have been a whole lot better, not to mention it could have been less frustrating and far less annoying especially since it depends upon the latest Flash Player update on Internet Explorer and it keeps asking me to download the latest Flash Player, (which I have done several times!). Also, even though I have attached the TomTom unit several times and 'updated' it several times, my PC keeps informing me that there is a new update available! Grrrrr Other than the software glitches I would have awarded five stars. SO SORT OUT YOUR PC SOFTWARE TOMTOM!
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