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on 30 December 2013
My 17 yr old son wanted this as his Christmas present this year. He likes Asus monitors as they are way better than Dell ones in his opinion. He wanted a high resolution monitor not the standard pixel one. This monitor did not disappoint. It's an amazing monitor. Very easy to set up. All the leads and cables included that you need including the Ozzie two pin plug lead. Originally we stupidly used the leads from his current standard monitor to quickly test it was working then quickly realised we needed the leads sent with this monitor to get the high definition and pixel resolution. It's a stunning crystal clear picture. I know many people reviewing this monitor had broken/missing pixels but we didn't. Ours was perfect thankfully. Because of this when reading the previous reviews I decided to purchase this monitor from Amazon and pay a little bit more than the company in Germany selling them on here. So much easier, if needed, to return to Amazon in the UK with no quibble refund/exchange policies. My son is over the moon with the quality of this monitor. Very reasonable price for a 2560 x 1440 monitors. Others were around the £600 mark. His gaming experience has suddenly come alive :)
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on 30 December 2013
I purchased 2 of the Asus PB278Q after saving up for a significant upgrade on my HannsG 24" HD monitor.

My hobbies include playing games, art and design, video editting and I also do work as a software developer - these monitors deliver on all of these activities. I have one at a 90 degree tilt set to portrait mode and the other in standard landscape.

The monitor bezel is quite small for a 27" and is hardly noticable when using dual screen. The stand was easy to setup and although the monitor is a large 27" the weight is not as bad as I expected; assembly is managable and with the built in "easy screws" on the foot mount, securing the stand is simple with no extra tools needed.

The cable tidy on the back of the stand is a little fiddly but once installed helps considerably with the cable management; I route my mouse, keyboard and monitor cables through the cable tidy and it makes my desk feel neater for it.

The swivel is in-built to the foot mount making adjustments easy and preventing the monitor stand from scratching your desk. The pivot is fantastic, feels secure and has a great height adjustment range. It is easy to pivot the monitor around a full 90 degrees in both directions as well as providing landscape or portrait options.

For artwork and video editing the PB278Q feels second to none. At a reasonable-to-high price for a monitor of this size and resolution, the colour quality that the IPS based PLS panels deliver are vibrant, true to real life and the contrast ratio (although not the highest of the IPS style panels) is still fantastic. The resolution is a staggering 2560x1440 (aka 1440p) and provides almost too much screen estate to know what to do with.

Out of the box the settings are not as optimal as they can be but the interface is easy to navigate and the buttons feel decent and are easy to use - making adjustments easy and correcting the colours to my personal preference was not hard at all. The defaults that come with the monitor are great and switching between my custom settings and the default vibrant settings make switching between gaming and work a breeze.

For gaming the response times are great, not the fastest on the market but they give TFT monitors a run for their money at a 5ms response time. Playing Super Street Fighter 4:AE feels responsive and you feel little to no input lag which is essential for a fighting game. There is slight ghosting that occurs for faster animations but as this only appears on very high contrast edges and is not a very noticable ghosting image I do not see it as an issue. FPS games such as BattleField seem good with the response time feeling quick. Overall I did not feel like there was any lag to the screen updating.

For work and developing I could not be happier. The 2560 pixels on display in portrait mode are immensely useful for displaying full documents, webpages and other text based applications. IDE's fit perfectly with the 1440 width, making development more productive and enjoyable with the longer document viewing length.

With very little not to like and extra features such as 1:1 paper size guides built into the monitor UI and buttons, design work, programming and video editing on these monitors feels amazing. IPS based panels are not known for being the best with gaming but these monitors hold their own and, with the 2560x1440 resolution and fantastic colour fidelity, your games will look crisp,clear and vibrant.

If you are considering an upgrade to something greater than 1080p and are happy to go upwards of £400 to do so, consider these monitors as high on your list of options. They will not disappoint you.
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on 15 September 2016
Had the screen for more than 2 years. Great screen for games, work and multimedia applications.

+ 1440p great for gaming and video.
+ Pixel density and resolution provides enough screen real estate to have multiple windows open at the same time.
+ DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI in

Definitely worth the investment if you can afford it.
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on 17 February 2016
Such a top quality beautiful matt screen. The fact you can make it portrait or landscape. The size of it. The relatively low price of it. I'm a graphic designer and so quality is paramount. I would highly recommend it.
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on 21 October 2014
For the price this is a great monitor. We have three of them in the office and they provide high resolution 2560x1440 for 2 MacPro's and 1 Retina MacBook Pro. NB you'll need to also get a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adapter Cable, which doesn't come with the monitor.

However, Apple's OS is a big disappointment (10.9 and 10.10) when it comes to detecting the monitor and sometimes I have a 'lot' of trouble getting the monitor to be recognised. It's a major issue on the MacBook Pro.

NB From researching the problem it arrears to be a Apple OS and third party monitor issue, but I cannot confirm this.
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on 20 August 2013
Perfect Monitor - No backlight bleed at even 80% brightness, not a single dead/bright pixel. Picture is great out of the box with deep contrast and vibrant colours.

Just the right type of display - the semi-glossy PLS panel means it has the potential to deliver more 'pop' than a regular matte screen whilst retaining its anti-reflective capabilities. Even though it is pricier than say the Dell U2412HM, the extra cost is worth it in my opinion simply because of this point alone.

Watching films and playing games are ideal - no noticeable ghosting due to its fair 5ms response time. I would gladly use this monitor over a TN panel with a 120hz refresh rate and a 2ms response time for the Asus' vivid, pin-sharp display.

The GTX 760, being a mid-range GPU (at the point of writing), can handle the 2560x1440 resolution pretty well - even with the most demanding games such as Battlefield 3.

Buy it!
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on 12 May 2014
I wanted to write this review having had this monitor for around 3 months.

First off - I know that buying a monitor (any monitor) can be hit and miss regarding backlight bleed and dead pixels etc, and in this case I appear to have a perfect model. I'm no expert but I did a few tests and I cannot find any bleeding or dead pixels - luckily. I was really worried about getting an imperfect model because lets face it - these things are expensive. Amazon have amazing customer service so I bought confidently should it need to be returned.

I researched like mad on the various models of monitors and decided on this one finally after a few weeks umm-ing and ahh-ing. Specifically for gaming I was undecided between a 29" Ultra Wide model (21:9 aspect ratio) or a 1440p. The extra width would be great for gaming, but you do loose some hight on the vertical pixels. I even went into a PC shop to have a look at them in the flesh, but sadly neither were running games. In the end I decided that I wanted to put my GTX 780 ti to work and really get the full benefit from it so I went for the higher resolution. Absolutely no regrets!

I've been gaming solidly on this thing now for months, and it is quite simply amazing. Battlefield 4, at this res, with all the settings turned up is nothing short of jaw dropping. The visuals are just so incredibly alive, colours are rich and everything looks crisp. It has really transformed my gaming experience. One other thing I had concerns about was performance, but so far I have not had a game that cannot be played at max settings whist maintaining 60 FPS.

Out of the box the settings are rather bright. I used TFT Central's custom profile which is really easy to set up. It changes your gamma, then you have to manually adjust a few settings on the monitor itself. Initially the setting seemed really dark to me, but trust me play a few games to get used to it and the visuals really come alive!

I'd considered going for the cheaper Korean models that can be had on eBay for a few hundred quid. But when you factor in possible 20% customs tax and the fact that these models are much poorer in terms of quality - I wanted the peace of mind buying through Amazon and, in my opinion anyway, if you are pairing this up with £400 + GPU it's worth spending that little bit extra for a high quality product.

If you are in the market for one of these monitors, specifically for gaming, the ASUS is absolutely magnificent. After using this bad boy for a while, 1080p just becomes fuzzy :-) PC gaming is leading the future for the ultimate gaming experiences - for me this monitor has taken those experiences one step further!
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on 29 November 2013
I was looking for a monitor with resolution higher than my old 1080p monitor for quite some time. It is expensive, but if you were to compare it to some similar products which cost twice as much, it's performance is almost the same. I do a fair amount of video/photo editing (photoshop, illustrator, 3ds max, vegas pro), so extra working room is a HUGE plus. I also do loads of gaming. WARNING! if you are a competitive FPS gamer then I would recommend you something with a higher refresh rate. It is still a very good gaming monitor, my favorite game is Battlefield 4, and trust me running this game on this monitor on ULTRA is UNBELIEVABLE, like I will never go to 1080p HOWEVER, remember that if you want to run Crysis 3, Battlefield 4, Metro L L on ULTRA in this resolution then you'll need some SERIOUS, machine. I run TWO GTX 780s (£800) to keep my framerate high, but you could probably get away with a single one (£400) or a GTX 780 ti (£500). This monitor is worth every penny you pay.
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on 9 July 2013
Ordered this on the 27th of May. Within 4 weeks, the PSU had died in the unit. Contacted ASUS, completed an RMA and within a week I had a pickup/dropoff date for a replacement. Fanastic, right?


Replacement arrived. Clearly previously opened, box was retaped, insides were missing bags and what bags there were, were clearly opened already. Unit itself looked in good shape, but I noticed it was missing some packing tape the original unit had around the case edging.

Set it up, seemed fine. In broad daylight in the attic room, all seemed good. Then came night. Then came the dead pixel bang centre right and even worse, very bad backlight bleed all around the edges, especially top left. I can't begin to describe how much worse this one is, than the original.

So Ive again completed another RMA, about the backlight bleed as it seems that dead pixels are simply an accepted potential fault of LEDs nowadays. Can't return if you have less than 5 or something. I guess I'll see what comes of this latest RMA but irrespective, buyer DEFINITELY beware.

I spent half a grand on this and within 4 weeks, I not only had it breakdown but also then replaced with a refurbished unit that, whilst it could be switched on, had a much, much worse display (the original unit had no backlight bleed and no dead pixels).

As a consumer, I feel utterly betrayed and left holding second hand goods. If it had been 2 years into the 3 year warranty, I would have no problem with that, replacement unit issues aside but that I had it for barely just 4 weeks before it died is appalling.


The second RMA for excessive backlight bleed has been accepted without any requirement for me to provide evidence. Is that normal? Or are they inundated with RMAs of this nature that they dont even look into it?

EDIT #2:

Second RMA unit has arrived. Clearly also refurbished. Set it up, no backlight bleed and no dead pixels (that I can see yet). On the surface this would appear to be working more closely to the original new unit. However, this unit is a little tatty, marks around the housing, stickers restuck using different glue, leaving clear lines and general handling marks. It's just not what I expect after a few weeks of buying new. One star review stands. I wouldn't buy another Asus monitor again and would look very closely at the warranties for all other manufacturers.

EDIT #3:

Guess I spoke too soon. Monitor #3 has three stuck pixels when viewed on a white background. Two just above centre, close together and one in the lower left of the screen. This is an utter shambles. Do not buy an Asus monitor.
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on 21 July 2013
I thought I just share my comment on here about how fantastic this monitor is. It was a tough decision for me between this and the Dell 27inch Ultrasharp and after hearing and seeing so many horror stories with the backlight bleed on the Dell I went with the Asus. Almost no backlight bleed at all! The extra £70 or so it was for this monitor was fully worth it. Like others have found the screen is amazing, great clarity, contrast and once you calibrate the monitor properly it has great colours (out the box the colours were a bit of but no biggie, spend this much on a monitor then something like Spyder 4 is fully worth it). The stand is also fantastic, feel rock solid but allows easy and secure movement of the screen (swivel, tilt, rotate etc).

In short this monitor is fantastic and meets all of my needs (photography, gaming, films, general use)!
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