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on 8 June 2012
This cpu comes with a cooler, the same cooler that came with my E8400 cpu in 2009, which was a surprise when I opened the box. The cooler is fine unless you want to overclock.

The i5 3570k is overclockable, and you can tell this from the k in its model number.

I got this, and was playing Skyrim full screen with windows task manager, permformance tab, showing on my second screen. None of the 4 cores seemed stressed out and the game was silky smooth. I then played skyrim with a hd movie playing on my second screen and skyrim didn't skip a beat. My E8400 couldn't handle that and it was overclocked by quite a bit.

I looked at getting an AMD FX 8 core cpu, but that costs about the same, is slower most of the time and the deciding factor was the AMD FX chips use far more electricity than the intel cpu's.

This cpu comes with built in hd4000 graphics, a built in graphics "card", It is not really upto gaming, but if you have to remove your graphics card for some reason, it is there as a back up. I intend to remove my graphics card and make a low profile home theatre pc when I upgrade this cpu, as the graphics should handle movies.

The hd4000 graphics also means you can use Lucid's Virtua MVP. That is a way of using the graphics on the cpu to help out with games or save energy, but I have not had much luck with it so far, and I do not regarde this as much of a selling point. Time will tell as Lucid sorts the software out for it.

If you buy this cpu and decide to overclock it, Intel has a tuning replacement plan. This means you pay 20 dollars and if you fry the cpu, they will send you a new one. Just don't bin the retail box like I did, you need to send the cpu back in it................

Hyperthreading isn't used in games, so if you just want to go on the internet, use Mircosoft Office and play games, there is no reason to get an i7. Hyperthreading isn't a part of this cpu and is part of the i7 lineup of cpu's, but for my needs the i5 3570k is the daddy cpu out at the moment. Coupled with 16gb ram and a Solid State Hard drive, is brutally quick. Happy days!

Update: Both of my GTX470's died, leaving me graphics card less apart from the hd4000 built into this cpu. I tried to play Witcher 2 in 1080p with settings to low and had a mighty 12 fps. So much for that! On the brighter side, Skyrim in 1080p set to low graphics and it was playable at around 28 fps in one of the towns, and overclocking the cpu to 4.2 Ghz raised the fps by around 3 fps. I can't wait for my new card, a AMD/ATI 7970 ghz Edition...

I have not really felt the urge to run the cpu overclocked for a while which is a reflection of how good it is.

I will not be upgrading to Haswell i5 4670k as it is just not worth it, a marginal increase in speed. If you are getting a new motherboard and cpu, get the Haswell but for me, I'll stick with my 3570k.
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on 20 January 2013
According to online communities I purchased a 1/10,000 i5 3570K as I can overclock it from 3.4GHz to 4.5GHz without adding any extra voltage to the CPU in the BIOS. It's fast, cool and I haven't had any issues with it. Just make sure you buy an aftermarket CPU cooler as the one supplied is noisy and hot - I bought the Gelid Tranquillo Rev.2 and it runs silently! (I bought it as it was the cheapest mid range CPU Cooler.)
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on 10 December 2012
I am primarily using this cpu to play games of all types at the highest settings - I have not used it for any CAD use.

This plays everything very smoothly - from games like skyrim to fps games such as CoD or Battlefield. I have had no hiccups or lag issues in the slightest.

I am using it in conjunction with a 7850 graphics card and 16gb or crucial ram. I would highly recommend this cpu for gaming.

I purchased this cpu after looking at reviews comparing it with the i7. Whilst the i7s apparently provide better processing power for highly intensive CAD programmes it apparently makes very little/no difference in performance on a variety of games.
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on 1 August 2012
I can't really add anything to the highly technical reviews you can find on any of the big tech sites, so I'll cut to the chase.

This chip is incredible.

Even at stock frequencies it flies through tasks you throw at it. Video encoding, BOINC projects, recent game titles; The 3570K doesn't care.

If you were wondering whether to get this CPU or the 2500K, I'd advise you to check prices. When I bought mine, the difference was £8, so I opted for the 3570K's lower power consumption and 5-10% better performance. If you get the older chip for around £150 and this one still stays above £170, you might choose otherwise.

That's on stock frequency. I wouldn't run a K series CPU on stock, though. While I have no experience with overclocking Sandy Bridge, I'm very pleased with what this i5 Ivy Bridge brings to the table. I'm at 4.4 ghz at 1.215V with max temps under 75C in 4-thread Prime95, which is the most heat you can possibly generate. Even folding Einsten@home 7/24 brings it to 67-69C at most, which for these chips is well within safe territory.

For anyone who cares to compare their current setup, Hyper PI 4M calculated on 4-threads gives a result between 47.8 and 48.4 seconds.

Oh, and Amazon ships like they mean business. I ordered it using Prime, and it took them 16 hours to deliver it (London address).

I'm very well pleased and would recommend it to anyone thinking about building a PC that doesn't bat an eye at the most demanding games or video encoding.

The only thing I'm baffled by is the size of the stock cooler. The aluminium-copper heatsink is barely 2 centimetres high, if that. I have a hard time imagining it's capable of keeping the processor under 70C at stock voltage and frequencies. The one I use came with my Gigabyte Z77-D3h motherboard and is called Arctic Freezer 7 rev. 2. Hardly a monstrous high-end cooler, but does its job exceptionally well if you don't venture near 1.3V core voltage.

Packaging: 5 stars
Performance: 5 stars
Consumption: 5 stars (whole system with 22" LED monitor at full CPU load floats around 200w)
Shipping: 5 stars

This customer is very satisfied.
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on 14 December 2013
Purchased this as a much needed upgrade for my PC, used to play games on. Used with an ASRock Extreme4 z77 motherboard, it is very quick while at the same time using very little power (77W TDP). It also runs fairly cool, idling I get temperatures of about 40oC on all 4 cores, while under very heavy load (stress testing with Prime95) it reached maximum temperatures of about 70oC, which is well within safety limits, all on the stock cooling solution.

Installation was very quick and easier, far less troublesome than I expected, the notches in the side of the unit make it very obvious how it should be oriented within the socket. The cooler had thermal paste preapplied to the heatsink, which I used without a problem. The cooler is pretty quiet too, I would not say there is a noticable increase in the volume of my PC over my previous processor (very low-end dual core Amd Athlon thing).

I have yet to come across a game it has struggled to run coupled with a decent graphics card, I can run games such as Bioshock Infinite and Metro: Last Light on their highest settings without a hitch (both very recent, high end games). I actually now experience screen tear in games such as Dishonored my frame rate is so high as a result of this processor. Its performance on the desktop is also excellent, everything loads up quickly and smoothly and it's great for browsing the web and using photo editing programs and the like.

I have not attempted to overclock it (yet) so I cannot comment on how well it OCs but it is very stable at the stock frequencies so with a decent aftermarket cooler I should imagine it can be overclocked very nicely.

In my opinion you won't need anything more costly than this for gaming any time in the near future, i've had absolutely no problems with it and I cannot recommend it enough!

P.S When switching chipsets, Windows cannot recognize your new hardware and blue screens on startup, the only solution is to reinstall Windows unfortunately, HOWEVER this is NOT an issue with this CPU and so does not count as negative point to it. 100/100 stars easily.
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on 8 February 2013
Bought this as part of an upgrade, my old machine had one of the original quad core cpu`s which i thought was fast until i bought this. Well impressed with the overall performance, but the graphics capabilities are what stand out for me. I have thrown every game i have at it and get better frame rates with the onboard graphics than i ever did with my dedicated G-force card i had before, would not hesitate to recommend this CPU to anyone, hard to justify the price increase to an i7 when this packs such a large punch for a lot less. Early days yet but so far i cannot find a fault with it, although if i had to be picky i would say the stock cooler that comes with it is a bit sub standard therefore i would recommend you buy an upgraded one especially if you intend to over clock it.
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on 25 June 2012
I did a LOT of research for my new build and decided on getting this little beauty. I was undecided between the Ivy bridge or save a few quid and get the older sandy.
This chip is outstanding i have managed to over clock to 4.8ghz on air though i current run at 4.4 as i find this is more than enough for my needs :)
This cpu comes with integrated hd4000 graphics, which is ok but not really up to running games at a decent lvl although you can use Lucid's Virtua MVP. Lucid use's the graphics on the cpu to help out with games, this basically makes your pc use both the on-board gpx and your own discrete gpx card as a virtual SLI. it doesn't work with everything though when it does work it's outstanding. I currently have a GTX560ti and can run through BF3 at 1920x1080 with everything at max detail without any lag or slowdown.
Unlike it's big brother i7 Hyperthreading isn't a part of this cpu and tbh you really don't need it for a gaming rig.
Overall another excellent cpu from Intel just remember if you want to overclock make sure you get the "K" version as it's fully unlocked, it does run hot though Intel have claimed this is normal for this cpu i'd recommend an aftermarket cooler as the stock cooler is not going to cut it.
Buy this and you won't be disappointed, it will work fine in a Z68 board though in Z77 board you can fully utilise all it's features.
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on 25 August 2013
This is a very good workstation/gaming cpu of the Intel 3rd generation, socket 1150.
It is the K version, which is core unlocked so over-clockers can quite easily get much higher processing speeds out of it than Intel states. It comes with the usual pretty useless small annoyingly loud buzzing Intel down draft cooler, which most people will want to swap for a better third party cooler very quickly. It is so stupid that you have to buy the retail cpu with this pathetic cooler, rather than the cheaper basic OEM version without a cooler, in order to qualify for the much longer warranty given given by Intel on retail versions!
Anyway this is a very capable 4 core cpu which is sold much cheaper than the I7 cpu's because it does not have "Hyper Threading", which is an extra 4 channels of processing lanes. Being a gamer and light video editing user who has usually gone for the I7 in the past, the penny has finally dropped that in practice I never really need to make use of the extra 4 channels. During intensive workload the cpu automatically over clocks itself anyway, by closing down the unused cores in order to make the needed 1 or 2 cores work to their faster optimum level. In which case you might as well have 4 faster cores that you will actually USE, and will also speed up to give the best possible performance on your priority tasks, by closing cores as needed, rather than pay more for 4 extra channels on an I7, which are basically redundant during heavy workloads anyway?
Well this I5 3570K is a very good processor, which is reasonably priced, will give you as much speed and power during real world applications and especially gaming, as most people are likely to need in a home or small office p.c..
So buy one for a good upgrade and save the extra money from not buying an I7 towards either an SSD boot drive or a better graphics card, or more/faster RAM and you will see a much more marked performance boost than you would if you installed a more expensive I7 cpu.
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on 16 June 2013
This is a spectacular processor. It is a quad core clocked at 3.4GHz. It came in its box, with the factory sealed logo on it too. Inside the box was instruction manuals, a cooling fan (recommend getting an aftermarket one such as the hyper 212 Evo or a water cooler) and the processor itself in a nice little box with a shiny intel sticker.

Perfomance is superb. I use it for my home computer which is used for browsing the internet, games, and the occasional bit of work. There's not really much point talking about benchmarks concerning Microsoft word, or using YouTube so I'll use games as an example; the difference is fenominal from my previous processor, the x6 1055T. Everything I play has at least 15 FPS more and games are a lot more fluid and smooth to play. I currently have it sitting in an Asus p8z77-v motherboard which is quite nice. I chose to put the overclocking setting on and under minor load it seems to bump up to 4.2GHz. (This is not a manual overclock, just the motherboard's overclock).

Temperatures never have strayed over about 48 Celcius under my Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo aftermarket cooler which I consider to be excellent. In today's games it has the same performance as a 3770k, bar one or two games such as Crysis 3/Far Cry 3 where Hyperthreading is actually useful; so save yourself some money and buy this processor over an I7 and perhaps get a better graphics card with what's left over.

It's expensive I know, but it's worth it. 5 stars.

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on 13 July 2012
I've recently bought this CPU, upgraded from an e4500 @ 3GHz, and threw everything I could at it, installing programs + games (steam), running downloads, running furmark, playing a 1080p video and a full virus scan...*all at once* and it never even blinked! This is on stock cooling and with no overclocks (will apply some when I get a cooler, the stock cooler is VERY bare minimum). Gaming wise, my HD 6850 is nowhere near capable of bothering this CPU. Not used the VirtuMVP aspect yet, will update when I have.

That it actually remains cool with such a paltry stock cooler whilst doing all this is quite amazing...absolutely recommended if you want a CPU that will just do anything you want (within reason).

4 days edit:

Stock 'squashed donut' cooler has proven good for upto 4.2ghz overclock @ 1.168v on all 4 cores (using the turbo function), used intelburntest on it and it peaked at 94c, very hot but that's under extreme load, in normal use, videos/games, it hasn't passed 65 yet.

Virtu MVP however has proven utterly useless, perhaps you will get more mileage from it but I'm getting weird behaviour from games, lack of loading screens/skill icons in WoW, and actual lower FPS in some like mafia II when I was testing it out. It's been uninstalled.

7 month edit 31/01/2013):

Running a leisurely 4.3Ghz overclock with +0.020 dynamic voltage (for 1.2vcore under IBT load) and all power states enabled, PLL at 1.6v (-0.200 below stock) with a 212 Evo cooler. This update is about the Intel HD4000 graphics onboard which I'm using as I save up for a graphics card after selling my old one, afterall I want to *really* appreciate it! The onboard graphics are actually quite capable, games like Starcraft 2 and Team Fortress 2, and a whole host of older games, are actually playable, albeit at lower resolution and quality settings, but we're talking a fluid 30ish fps. It's nice to be spending some time with this aspect of the CPU.

Haswell is coming soon, it's certainly not going to render the 2500k/3570k obsolete, but might be worth waiting for considering the socket change, and there's always the competitively priced FX8350 if you really need 8 threads.

Oh, never did get Virtu MVP to work right.
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