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Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 2 May 2012
I bought this model to replace my Pure Siesta alarm clock/radio which had died. I bought Roberts because they have a good reputation for quality, and I already have a nice chunky Roberts DAB radio which is excellent. The Roberts has an option for weekday-only alarms, like the Pure Siesta, and this, with the red display, is largely what convinced me to purchase.
However, I'm a bit disappointed. Firstly, I'm not impressed with the sound quality. I like to use the sleep function, and it's nice to have good quality sound to drift off to, but this is rather too bright and bass-weak, like a cheap 'tranny' and hence not very relaxing, but maybe I'm expecting too much of a unit of this size. Perhaps I've been spoiled by the excellent sound of my other Roberts DAB radio and naively expected similar sound quality.
Secondly, the control buttons are a real challenge if you can't see them, either in the dark or due to the position of the unit, as they are all flush with the top of the unit and all packed together in a grid. This product is most likely to be used when you're half asleep or groping in the dark to switch the alarm off, set the 'sleep' function, retune, change the volume etc. You need to really concentrate to find the button you want, or suffer the frustration of having to correct matters when you press the wrong button. Not very sleepy-person-friendly! It would have been nice if the button labels were imprinted in relief so you could learn them by feel, or even if they were not actually flat. I would at least expect the on/off button to have a little pimple on it so that you can identify it quickly by touch, like is provided on phone keypads etc. One weird quirk with my radio is that when tuned to Classic FM, any attempt to use the Sleep button causes the unit to reboot itself! This doesn't happen with any other station! That's a bit unfortunate if I want to drift off to sleep to a bit of Schubert. [Update: the answer is to set the Sleep time on another station and then retune to Classic FM :-) ]
I do like the dimmable red display: on the dimmest setting it's easy on the eye and isn't lighting up the room when you wake up in the middle of the night. You can even switch the display off completely if you prefer. The alarm fades up nicely so doesn't jolt you rudely out of your sleep and make you all grumpy :-)
I'm sure I'll get used to this item's shortcomings and it'll serve me well, but had I known about them beforehand I would probably not have chosen this model.
Update January 2014: recently the increase-volume button has been causing my unit to switch off. Darned annoying! I hadn't really got used to the other shortcomings before this one appeared, so, sorry Messrs Roberts but I'm now in the market for another clock radio... :-(
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on 25 February 2012
Roberts Dreamtime2 DAB/FM Clock Radio
I had decided to replace my 25 year old Sony Clock Radio, which although working well required manual tuning, with a newer DAB Clock Radio with preset station selection. This was to allow me an easy choice of programs if I wished to listen to radio during the night.
I carefully researched what was available and narrowed my choice down to the latest Sony model or this Roberts Dreamtime Clock Radio, paying great attention to comments by purchasers in each case. In the event I decided I could not live with the lop-sided appearance of the Sony and purchased the latest model of the Roberts Dreamtime, expecting that most of the criticism of the earlier version would have been taken care of by the manufacturer.
And so it has proved to be. This is a nice looking and well made clock radio with reasonable sound quality and I have no doubt, with the Roberts name behind it, it will function perfectly for many years to come.
Using the small wire aerial supplied, I can receive tens of DAB stations with an acceptable signal strength. There is no detectable hum. The orange backliight can be dimmed to an acceptable level. I did not find it one of the easiest of devices to set up but not unduly difficult with the aid of the instruction manual.
In short, it behaves perfectly as an ordinary clock radio alarm and I would give it 5 stars for this.
However, if like me you are insomniac and sometimes wish to listen to suitable radio programs during a wakeful period at night, be prepared to get half out of bed and use a torch to identify the buttons you need to press in order to achieve this. Initially, you may also need the instruction manual.
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on 1 February 2012
Finally found a good clock/radio/alarm. It was easy to set up found all my DAB radio stations with easy with good reception and the alarm was fairly easy to use if you follow the instructions booklet. One of the best features is the fact you have four options for dimming the front display. I have it set to the lowest setting (there is another that turns it off completely if required), and my eysight isn't the best but I can see the time during the night without lighting up th whole bedroom. Must add excellent service from Amazon it arrived within two days.
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on 19 May 2012
Iwanted an alarm clocck which would give me the option of wakimg to music so purchased the Roberts Dreamtime 2 knowing
this makers quality from a previous purchase. I unpacked my Dreamtime looked at the wire attached to the back which the
instruction book said shold be left dangling at the back or could be mounted vertically. Oh no I thought this can,t work
for D.A.B and there is no provision to connect a D.A.B. aerial. I placed the Dreamtime on my bedside cabinet left the
wire dangling at the back connected to the mains and switced on. The radio was in D.B.mode and started to search
within seconds the number of stations found was well into the teens. This was also the case when I switched toF.M.
How wrong could I be in thinking the Dreamtime could not work on radio I should have Known better ITS ROBERTS and does every thing it says on the box. One feature I particularly like Is the fact that the alarm does not start with music blaring but starts inaudibly the volume gently increasing to just below mid level which is enough.So if you want a
radio alarm with lots of features buy this it,s excellent
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on 2 March 2015
The radio alarm has a poor design feature - you can not set the volume at which you want to wake up, ie when the radio alarm comes on the volume is very low & then increases in volume until it is too loud. The control buttons - although looking very smooth & flush on top of the device - make it very difficult to locate the volume controls in the dark & half asleep (I have stuck a raised button on the 'volume decrease' to aid location). I would much prefer being able to set the alarm volume myself (like my old Phillips radio alarm), thus for the radio to wake me at a constant set volume of my choosing. There is no battery backup, if there is a power cut in the night the device picks up the current time & retains all its setting once power is restored; so as long as power is restored before your alarm is due to go off, you will not oversleep.
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on 27 March 2014
I bought this expecting a well thought out product - Roberts after all have a reputation for quality - Oh Dear! As a radio it's fine - in fact it's is very good as a bedside alarm clock radio it is very poor. Great that it has two types of alarm setting - weekday and weekend - I get that - it's good - now try selecting it - the radio must be on, you need to go through the pathetically thought out menu to select that different alarm. Most people might say they don't need a weekend alarm - that's fine you don't have to set anything then and all is fine until you have a week day off

If you want to cancel the alarm the radio has to be on - once again you navigate through the very poor menu & button system (several button pushes of different buttons at different menu levels) then you're not absolutely sure it has accepted the instructions because it's not clear that it has.

Of course when you go back to work you have to do the same thing again

What on earth was wrong with a single button that arms or disarms the alarm - simple!

Then we come to the actual alarm function - you can set it to turn on radio, produce a noise or if your iPod or iPhone is plugged in (only with the larger base socket size so iPhone 5 and above not supported) - I chose the radio - on it comes at a very low level and gently builds up to a loud shout - there is no way to set the final shout volume of the alarm function - you will probably need to manually adjust the volume meaning you have to wake up pretty quickly

Then we come to the ergonomics of the buttons - as mentioned already be at least one reviewer - they are all flush with the clock top with no identifying ridges and the gaps between the button are insufficient for a competent awake person to blindly navigate (remember it's probably dark) so you end up turning it off or selecting a menu or changing stations - it is a real piece of cr*p as far as alarm radio functionality is concerned

I emailed Roberts making exactly these points but the deigned not to answer and I've just sold a used twice iDream 2 on ebay

Don't buy this it is real garbage design
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on 11 January 2015
Two years ago i decided to replace an old Sony clock radio and thought I would treat myself to something a bit better - digital etc. What a mistake! The design is fatally flawed. A clock radio should be simple and intuitive. As an earlier reviewer notes setting the alarm involves switching the radio on. It doesn't stop there. You then press another button to activate the alarm menu and another to select alarm 1 or 2. You then press another button to set the time and if you do not press it again to save your selection all is lost. To make matters worse mine seems to have a mind of its own. The sound quality is pretty poor so I don't really listen to the radio much. Hence I set the radio to BBC 2 and leave it there. However when the alarm goes off it is just as likely to be playing another station or frantically trying to tune in a station or, even worse, its defaulted to a buzzer that sounds like a reversing lorry. Quite awful.
Finally, bearing in mind this is a clock radio that may well be operated in the dark the many control button have no distinguishing marks to let you feel for the button you want. So when the alarm does go off and you feel for the off button you are as likely to hit the menu button or the mode button which plays havoc with the settings and leave you needing to find the manual to restore it to where you want it to be! The only reason I haven't chucked this away is that I resent having wasted £50 on such a poor piece of equipment. I don't know if the newer versions are any better but i am not buying a new clock radio unless I can read the manual first so i can judge how logical its controls are!
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on 7 November 2012
I have now owned this clock radio for a week and I must say I am disappointed with it. I already own another Roberts DAB/FM Clock radio which is far superior. The sound is fine and the overall functionality is OK, but there are some silly design elements to this clock/radio. Why on earth are there 20 presets for DAB and 20 presets for FM. Who on earth would need 40 presets on a clock radio, mad!! To make it even worse there are no dedicated preset buttons, you have to fanny around by pressing a button then searching for the station you want then enter on another button. On my other Roberts clock radio it has 5 preset buttons which is more than adequate, I can change stations in the dark without even thinking. On this it is impossible, all the buttons are the same. Overall a very poor design, it feels flimsy, as if they have used cheap plastics. This is not what I expect from Roberts. Both my other Roberts radios are superb with great sound, they have really boo-booed on this one.
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on 3 December 2015
I bought this as a replacement for its predecessor which stopped working after only 2 years. I really wanted another DAB alarm clock and there weren't many available to choose from in this price bracket. The buttons are a nightmare: in the dark you cannot work out which one you are pressing as they are flat against the surface and touching each other. The display is poor quaility, I find it difficult to read the digits as the light is orange and not clear. You appear to have to have the radio on to set the alarm, if this is incorrect then I haven't worked a way to do it out and it is the same as the old one. The tone doesn't appear to be as good as the old one.
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on 30 May 2014
A very complicated piece of equipment for something as simple as a clock radio. I always have the manual close to hand. The fact you have to turn the radio on to set the alarm is bad enough, but the fact you have to turn the radio on to unset the alarm is bonkers. I have had to lie in bed waiting for the alarm to sound so i can quickly switch it off as the alternative option of switching on the radio to unset it would wake her up. The clock light is also too bright even on the lowest setting and the buttons all feel the same so you really have to be careful when using it. Good radio though and does give you a clock with alarm, so it does as it says on the tin. Just a shame it was designed by tech geeks with little common sense.
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