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on 14 August 2014
Superb value product and I'm delighted with it.

I bought this to use with a Raspberry Pi. I wanted better analogue audio out than was possible with the built in RPi sound and this was the cheapest option. It just needed to work and sound OK and I would be happy.

I can report that it works seamlessly on the RPi and is about the only RPi accessory I have bought for which this is actually true (I hear it said a lot but it's rarely that simple). No faff, no reliability problems and no messing about with weird software configs (any more than any other audio in Linux of course).

I did initially have great problems but they were not related to this product, but in the process of diagnosing the problem I did comparative testing with other audio outputs and this scores surprisingly well. For reference I used common AAC sources (128k radio streams and 250k-ish VBR files) and an Arcam amp. I found as follows in increasing order of cost and quality:
1. Raspberry Pi audio out was poorest. I found it better than FM radio but without trying I could tell the difference between this and other DACs. This was much better than I expected based on the poor reputation of RPi audio. It's really not that bad.
2. This product. Far better than the RPi and more than adequate. I could happily sit and listen to it for hours and would have no complaints (in fact I do this a lot with Radio 3 on iPlayer and it's great). The radio streams do sound marginally better on the more expensive DACs but I only noticed this because I was switching back and forth testing and listening carefully for audio glitches.
3. A USB PCM2704 board I got from eBay (£13, loose PCB no case). This sounds *amazing* and my higher rate sources did sound better. Since my application was radio and Bluetooth streaming anyway I stick with item 2 with my RPi, however for my general music applications which I run from a laptop I go with the PCM2704.
4. A Cambridge Audio DACMagic. This sounds wonderful of course but with the source and other kit there was no discernible difference from the PCM2704. Naturally I await the sarcastic comments from self-appointed audio gurus outraged at my not using FLAC. But the use case is AAC.

So I conclude that if you want a USB stereo audio DAC in 90% of cases this product is the best possible answer. If you are really uptight about your music get a 2704 or similar, it is better but it is 10x the price and not 10x better. I put a bit of black electrical tape over the LEDs as they were literally the only thing I didn't like about this item.

Not "3D 7.1" in any way useful to me but I don't care about that. Best of all the seller actually sent me 3 so they are almost free.
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on 4 March 2014
OK, just received my 2/1 USB2 Sound cards -

Set up is easy - Plug it in and WIN8.1 recognizes it immediately... GREAT!

then I found it only made a buzzing noise and it didn't seem to work!!!
I then tried the 2nd one, so thats why 2-1, good idea, but then FOUND the 2nd one did the same...

Ummmm - something is wrong here...

Found the problem, !!!! It now works GREAT!!!!



i hope you have found this info useful, and please do not be afraid to buy this product...

it does take a couple of weeks to arrive, it may not be brilliantly packaged, but it is packed well enough to survive the journey from China...

So BUY IT, wait a couple of week and remember to PUSH THAT JACK IN REALLY HARD, otherwise it will not work!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 March 2014
I got this so I could use a headset with any of several macs which are a royal pain to hook up to microphones in particular as the older ones only work at line level and required some proprietory powered microphone to work.
This little marvel enabled me to use a standard hesdset in full duplex mode.
I tried it on the hifi too and was blown away. O.k. it's not right up there with the audiphile kit but if I didn't know I doubt I'd care.

I am VERY impressed with these soundcards --dongles? adapters?-- particularly at the insane price.
They're practically giving these things away so they probably have alien mind control devices embedded in them ready for the big invasion.......... so I always skype wearing an earthed tinfoil hat and never, ever tell anybody that I live in London. Marmalade stops the waves too

I don't see how anybody could be disappointed with these things. I've not unlocked the 5 to 1 surround capability yet and I'm sure there'll be driver issues with the Mac but for what I want the headset and occasional audio router from my older machines, they are astonishing.
Highly recommended.
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on 28 January 2016
I took advantage of the buy one get one free offer, and the ridiculously low price. Plug n play perfect on Windows 7, not sure why it is described as a 7.1 device as it only has a stereo 3.5mm jack output and appears as a 2 speaker device in windows.

I also bought this because another user mentioned that this device provides a high enough microphone supply voltage to drive a condenser microphone (BTSKY™BM-800 Condenser Sound Recording Microphone + Mic Shock Mount, Ideal for radio broadcasting studio, voice-over sound studio, recording and so on (Blue)). One of them did, providing around 4.4v of phantom voltage and the mic actually worked, as long as the 'agc' option is enabled in the microphone properties. Unfortunately the second device only provided 2.4 volts, the microphone did work but with low volume levels, noticeable distortion and noise.

Still for the price, a bargain.
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on 6 December 2015
Finally after waiting what seems like an eternity, the post man came with these yesterday and they are perfect for my PI 2.
You get a volume up and down on them, though that part does not work on the Pi, but does work in Windows and in Linux.
Also though have not fully tested it, it is a Bluetooth dongle too, I think. The sound I'm getting out of them though is spot on, so I highly recommend these, though postage is free it is a long wait as they come from Hong Kong way, but you cannot fault them. Don't drop them as they'll fall apart as the design is very loosely made and if you shake them, you can hear something rattling inside, so beware, what do you expect for a Quid Fifty? I like them a lot.
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on 13 February 2016
The functionality is alright, I use it with my raspberry Pi and whilst it seems to work fine, I have a problem in setting it up with Raspian OS. Works immediately on OpenElec, though. However, it might be my Pi or it might be the product, but sometimes (albiet rarely) it'll suddenly output static at the loudest it can, almost bursting eardrums.

It says "Buy One Get One Free" and I only got one instead of the two I'd expected, which while annoying, isn't too bad considering the low price in the first place.

The worst thing was the delivery though. It took around two months to arrive, which is absolutely ridiculous.
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on 27 January 2016
Very good product - delivery was a little slow, but I wasn't in a hurry to get it so no problem. Quality is surprisingly good for the price, and BOGOF is definitely worth it! Has a volume control on it which directly controls the computer's volume which is helpful if your computer doesn't have volume controls on the keyboard. Has speaker and microphone mute buttons, with a helpful red LED when the microphone is muted. The speaker mute button shows on the computer on the task bar. Also has a very useful green LED light which shows when the device has power, and flashes when there is an input. Overall, very good.
review image
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on 28 May 2014
I bought one of these a few years ago for my MacBook Pro, after the audio I/O port was brutalised by an AV company at an event. I was using it happily, until I accidently pulled my laptop of my desk. The usb unit fell apart on hitting the floor. BUT, after finding all the pieces, I put it back together with a bit of gaffer tape, and it still worked, unbelievable, even if it was little droopy hanging out my usb port.

So I decided to invest in a couple of new ones, as I am constantly taking my laptop from one room to another and pugging and unplugging my sound card from one audio device to another.

I have had no problem with the sound, it sounds great whether through headphones or through an amp. The only downside is that the mic input is Mono, so I cannot record my LP collection with it. But for the Price, I find them excellent.
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on 3 September 2013
These soundcards were great value and all the buttons work and they don't feel as flimsy to me as other reviewers have said. It is possible that if you hit them hard or leant on them that they would break just like any other usb device that isn't made of metal but generally they are good enough build quality and I've seen a lot worse.

The reason for the 3 stars is that occasionally the device needs resetting (by unplugging and plugging back in again) before it works. Not sure if this is a driver or even an OS issue but the logitech version of this device that I have doesn't have this problem and works every time. Still, I don't mind as it took me only one time to get into the routine of unplugging and plugging back in the usb as a first step when my sound isn't working and once it does work the sound quality is perfectly adequate for 95% of users (audiophiles of course should be looking elsewhere). I don't use the buttons on the device much but it is a nice convenient option to have if required.
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on 16 May 2015
This product is beyond great. It works exactly as it should, and I didn't need to install it; it just started working immediately. It took a little while to arrive but got here safely. It's a little stiff to plug in but I don't see why that's a reason to give it a bad review?? Just plug it in hard, it works great. You get two for £1.12, it's worth the struggle of pushing a little harder.

But here's why I think this product is really, really great.
The audio jack on my laptop stopped working completely, and I was a little distraught. I found this product and thought it looked pretty damn cheapy and naff, but it was soo cheap, I thought why not? As soon as it arrived I ripped it open and plugged it in; it worked straight away, and it worked well. I was delighted — a great cheap little gadget that solved my problem. While cleaning my room that day, I left my laptop on the floor with the adapter plugged in, sticking out. I tripped over the laptop, stepped directly on the adapter, and fell down pretty hard in the process. While I gathered the strength to get up off the floor, I checked the damage to my adapter. I was so upset. My lovely new gadget was destroyed. The casing was in 5 pieces and what remained was bent almost at a right angle, still attached to the laptop. However, it didn't snap. So, I thought... maybe...it might be okay? I unbent it, put it back together (everything just slotted into place), and low and behold, it still freaking worked. This little baby can be absolutely annihilated and still function as perfectly as before. And, if you did somehow manage to break it (I'd be impressed), you have a little backup one! For £1.12!!! Seriously, though, £1.12!

Maybe I just live a sheltered life, but I am thoroughly impressed with this little thing, and it's one of my favourite purchases ever.
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