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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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My kettle was getting pretty backed up with limescale and started to effect the taste of my tea so something had to be done, so I tried this Oust descaler which claims it gets rid of it within 10 minutes.

Pretty simple to use, fill your kettle up half way with water and make sure it's fully boiled, when it's boiled use scissors to cut a slit in the packaging as it's not easy tear and pour the descaler in slowly to avoid spilling it onto your skin as it's an irritant, then leave it for ten minutes (I would recommend opening a window to air out the room as it can spell rather chemically).

After 10 minutes the limescale should be completely gone (it was in my case), just make sure the contents are then poured out and give the kettle a really good rinse out with cold water, then refill the kettle and bring to the boil once more followed by another rinse and it should be rid of any chemicals.

I can't comment on how good it's with other appliances, but after seeing how well it removed the limescale from my kettle, I'm sure it will do just fine!
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on 12 April 2016
Despite the almost 3 weeks it took for this item arrive, I must say I am very happy with the product itself.
The first time I used this, it was...interesting.... I followed the instructions and filled the kettle half full, boiled it and then poured the contents of one sachet into the kettle, the contents of the kettle then proceeded to foam up and flow out of the top and down the sides of the kettle very rapidly. Luckily I managed to put the kettle down in the sink in time so I did not get burnt, but the foam was literally everywhere!
Lessons learned I started again, this time making sure that I left the kettle to cool for 2-3 minutes after boiling, rather than pouring the sachet in as soon as it had finished, I also poured the contents of the sachet in more slowly, rather than just turning it upside down and it all going in at once.
This time as expected the water started to fizz, and I could literally see the lime scale inside the kettle disappearing in front of me. Left it for 10 minutes and when I went back I would say 95% of the lime scale had completely disappeared, there was just a few stubborn spots left in the areas where the lime scale had built up more, this was easily solved by putting the kettle back on its stand, and switching it back on for around 10 seconds, as soon as the water warmed up slightly, it started to fizz again and the last few spots disappeared completely leaving the kettle looking brand new again!

I live in an area that has extremely hard water, which means I have to do this atleast every 10-12 days if I don't want a cup of tea filled with lumps of lime scale in it, and this is a cheap but effective way of keeping on top of it with minimal effort.

The one bonus that did come out of the mess I created the first time I used this product, was that my kitchen sink that had been filled with boiling foam is now absolutely gleaming, no amount of scrubbing has ever made it look so clean. As a result I may also use this to clean my sink in future, fill with boiling water from the kettle then pour in the sachet. Its not what the product was intended for but still very effective!
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on 26 December 2011
Used this Descaler on a kettle (In a HARD water area) with quit a bit of limescale in it, followed the instructions and after the kettle was like new. GREAT, really quick and effective it only takes 10 minutes for it to work and do its wonders of taking limescale of the kettle in my case. Don"t know why it got bad reviews??????
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on 7 July 2015
its good product cleaned my coffeemaker but the in instruction I followed but the safety message was on the back of packet and even thow I was carefully I had a reaction to it. in a small white box it tells you to place gloves ad face mask. I didnt see this and my hand had a rash and my neck swelled to. just be carefully if you have allergies using this product.
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on 4 August 2011
I have to agree wholeheartedly with other negative reviews here; this product is awful. The only thing it succeeded in doing was to strip the red metallic paint finish from the outside of my kettle. I contacted Oust (or rather their parent company Spotless Punch) and they could not have been less bothered. All I've been left with is a kettle that is less than 6 months old but with two run marks down the full length of the kettle that has stripped the paint back to bare metal. I had to telephone their customer care team three times before finally receiving any kind of response - which was, basically, 'we don't care'. I honestly wouldn't take this product even if it were free.
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on 9 November 2011
One of those hard to find products that seem to have been around for years but nolonger stocked in your local retail stores. I followed the instructions to the letter and waited for the result. I was amazed how clean the inside of my stainless steel kettle came up, bright as a button, just like new. I have made a note on the date and will repeat this treatment on a regular basis.
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on 8 December 2012
Oust - All Purpose Descaler 3x25ml
Great product and worked like a charm.
Here's what I did,

1. Take the filter out of the pouring spout,
2. Half fill the kettle and boil,
3. Place in sink and add 1 sachet,
4. Leave it for about an hour or so to do its work,
5. Empty kettle into sink,
6. Half fill and rinse kettle,
7. Fill kettle and boil,
8. Empty kettle again,
9. Rinse again,
10. Fill kettle and put the filter back in and you're good to go.

I watched it for a while as it was working its magic and it's quite weird to watch. So it works for me and getting three sachets at this price is better than the high-street I will certainly get some more.
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on 26 November 2009
Read my reviews, I am not usually this negative, but this product had me seething. I even emailed the company but got no response. In a nutshell, if you expect this product to remove caked on limescale, forget it. It doesn't even dent the surface. The best you can expect is that it will remove the lightest bloom of limescale, that you could just as easily have removed with a non-abrasive scourer. I followed the instructions to the letter. Even repeated the process. No change. In fairness, I have tried a similar product in the past and it too was completely useless. Twice bitten... I give it one star only because I can't close the review without a rating. Update: have found natural citric acid descaler really does the job. Apparently not suitable for all equipment, so check first
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on 14 December 2015
Package arrived damaged. But still usable. The sachets seem smaller than other brands I have used in the past and wasn't 'as new' after use. For the price it was fine though.

Maybe I just had a bad patch?
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on 5 August 2016
I bought this for my kettle. While it definitely descales as promised, it does produce an awful pungent smell that makes you worry the chemicals being used for the process. So Maybe for an iron and other equipment that is not food related. For your kettles, please use Lemon juice and water in equal proportions - let it sit for 2 hours and then boil the water away. Much better than using the chemical alternatives
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