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Edit 25/2/15: Amazon has merged two items onto one page (they used to be listed under two pages) - the female and male versions of these goggles. This review relates to the male version of these goggles.

I have another review on this page which was for the female version. I have tried to edit that review to state that, but Amazon gives me an error message every time I do so.


I bought these to replace a previous pair of Aqua Sphere goggles. I find them great.

* Reusable hinged case: They come in a reusable plastic box (front is clear and rear is opaque) with holes in the back to drain water & let air in (handy in case you forget to open the box to let them dry out, though I would always store them with the box open until they have dried). I keep mine in the box to stop the lenses getting scratched. Unlike my previous Aqua Sphere goggle box, this one is hinged rather than in 2 parts which I find better.

* Yellowing of clear or light silicone: My old Aqua Sphere goggles (with clear silicone) yellowed after less than a year (i.e. the silicone skirt & plastic strap yellowed - essentially everything other than the lenses). I thought that this was very poor and it also made them look old quickly. Therefore I deliberately bought this all-black pair so any yellowing would not show. ***Edit: 16/4/14 - I have since bought a clear silicone pair(the one in as in the video) and it has shown no sign of yellowing - maybe they have improved the silicone.***

* Size: The lenses are smaller than my former Aqua Sphere goggles. The goggles look quite small on the face. They are far smaller than a diving mark.

* Comparison with diving mask: You can't use these or any similar goggles for diving to any significant depth (not that I imagine you'd want to) as they don't cover the nose so you can't equalise the pressure. You can dive underwater safely though, e.g. swimming along and then diving down.

* Fitting: Someone else complained about these goggles not fitting. When learning to scuba dive, I was taught this: to see if a mask (or pair of goggles) fits, place the goggles over your face *without putting the strap over your head* and push with a very, very small amount of pressure. The goggles should stay stuck to your face without falling off (I wore these for about 2 minutes without them falling off - I then took them off. That's how good the seal is for me). If they fall off, they don't fit.

* Comparison with eyecup style goggles: This style goggle beats the eyecup style hands down in my opinion. They give far better vision and a wider field of view because you've got more flat plastic in front of your eyes, and you're less prone to 'goggle eyes' (the red mark around your eyes when you remove them). And they are a lot safer if you get accidentally knocked in the face (which happened to me once). If you have eyecup style goggles, I wouldn't hesitate to replace them with this style of goggle - any model and any brand, not just this one.

* Fogging: One thing that surprised me is that these don't fog up like my old goggles. That's no doubt just down to the age of my last pair but it's a pleasant surprise.

As the box is hinged and not sealed, you can test them easily for fit and then return them if they don't fit. To see how they arrive when new, see my video review of the kids' version of these goggles here: Aqua Sphere Seal Kids Goggles

(Incidentally, the goggles were six months old when I made the video, and had been used at least once a week).
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on 24 May 2013
At first thought they looked bulky but this soon changed once worn, adjustment is so simple and fit very comfortable, you forget you have them on. Excellent product.
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on 1 April 2014
This is my second pair and I would not swim without them. The first pair were stolen so the thief knew what he was doing. There is a wide clear field of view, essential if like me you swim lengths in a pool when it is often necessary to swim around "fun swimmers".
When properly adjusted the goggles do not leak and are comfortable to wear. Bear in mind they are designed for swimming on the surface only and are not suitable for snorkeling. After a couple of uses the surfaces lose some of their clarity but this is easily restored using the recommended anti-fog solution spray. I give a quick spray after each use before putting them away in the supplied plastic case and then they are always like new.
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on 9 July 2012
These goggles are for males and are slightly larger than the lady aqua sphere vista model.
Very very comfortable, leak proof,excellent wide angle vision with total UBA/UVB protection.
Quick and easy non slip strap adjustment,no drag doing the crawl with the very low profile.
Choice of 3 lens, clear,tinted and blue, I chose the tinted as I swim indoors and outdoors in UK
and abroad, ideal for all my situations.
Last but not least "NO GOGGLE EYES" after 2 hours of continuous use.
Rubio,in big and beautiful Yorkshire.
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on 25 July 2013
comfortable, with very good vision and a decent (though not always perfect) seal. Their swimming gloves, by the way, are excellent.
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on 16 August 2013
This product is brilliant. The quality is neat. u can even plug them on ur eyes without the strap around ur head and theyll still stick to ur head. Thats how good they are. They use this vacuum effect around ur eyes (best way to describe it :P)
and u can see very clear under the water. I have a feeling though that they are not good for very deep diving.
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on 29 July 2014
excellent. If you're not a speed merchant trying to streamline every square inch if your body, these are perfect. They are supremely comfortable and dont feel as if they are trying to suck your eyes out - it is much easier to get a stable water tight seal on these than on any other goggles i have tried.
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on 14 July 2014
These goggles are simply the best goggles I've ever had. Because I do quite long sessions in the pool, ordinary goggles leave painful dark circles around my eyes. These are incredibly comfortable - and unlike other similarly styled goggles, genuinely water tight. A fantastic product!
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on 3 February 2013
These goggles are fantastic and really keep the water out. They also don't leave you with the tell tale lines around your eyes that other goggles give you, as the skirt equals out the pressure. I really recommend these!
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on 25 January 2014
I spent more time trying to get this to seal to my face than I did using, talk about frustrating! To get a leak proof seal I had to have it strapped so tight to my face it gave me marks for hours and boggle eyes!
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