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on 29 June 2017
Excellent pen/stylus. Good weight and stylus tip slides really well. Quality product. You can buy cheaper ones ( which I have) to takes out and if you lose one no matter but this is so good I keep it at home. Excellent.
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on 9 March 2017
Bought 2 of these small stylus. The mesh tip works so much better than the cheaper rubber ones.
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on 1 December 2015
Oh yes, this little stylus is now part of the family. Classy to look at, the tip glides easily & is ergonomically ideal; just the right size. Couldn't be more perfect
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on 21 April 2017
great product, fast delivery, thanks.
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on 26 September 2015
The tip is too soft and the pen ran out of ink after only a few uses. Not really very useful don't bother.
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on 12 May 2017
Quite expensive and not the best for writing with but it feels nice as a stylus and clips on to my tablet cover quite easily.
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on 26 July 2012
Again great product from this supplier. Probably the best stylus I have used, very accurate for handwriting etc.
I have small hands so not a problem to use, good looking stylus.
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on 16 February 2014
Have tried most woven styli and this still comes out top. For handwriting input into an iPad this is one of the few that work at all. Also the pen works reasonably for occasional use.
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on 18 August 2012
I had a similar stylus to this one prior to getting one of these New Trent version. The last one I had did not have an integrated pen, so I've really appreciated the fact that I can clip this on my trouser pocket and will always have a pen *and* a stylus - exactly what I was looking for. I tended to find with the last (non-New Trent) one that I could kind of hold it in my (zip-close) iPad case, but it would slightly abrade the side of my last iPad (the original one) and would generally be a pain to bring around with me. Now I've switched to an Apple Smart Case there's nowhere to store my old stylus.

With the New Trent stylus/pen combo I'm finding there's ample justification for me to carry the stylus in my pocket all the time - I like to have a pen with me generally. I'm the guy who finds that he's on a plane at take-off, has the newspaper and the crossword, but no pen. With this neat little combo device I'll never be in that situation again.

Physically the stylus is pretty small - but a nice size small. Maybe two thirds the length of a typical biro. By turning the barrel one way you retract a simple ballpoint pen neatly from the handle end of the stylus. Perfectly good in my use so far for writing without excess smudging. The barrel itself is metal with a really strong, tight metal clip to keep it in your shirt pocket, trouser, etc. That's really appreciated as it would easily fall out otherwise.

The stylus itself works as well as my last one - no chance of scratching or any issues like that, it's a simple fabric-feeling ball tip about the size of the end of your finger. In my use so far on iPads and iPhones I've seen no issues at all and it actually takes less pressure to use than my last one.

All in all a big hit. And at £7 shipped, well, you can't go wrong really (unless you step into an Apple Store to try to buy something similar - expect to pay double for a lesser product).

Love it.
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on 30 December 2011
Being a heavy iUser, I am constantly on the lookout for new and better products. One area that I have been particularly disappointed in overall is that of the stylus. I have read on blogs that Apple doesn't really believe in the concept of a stylus as its built to work with your fingers and that's why they have never built or designed one. OK, I get that you don't need a stylus to work on an iPad or iPhone, but it can make keeping your product clean from both smudges and germs. I mainly owned two brands of styluses until this point and have investigated (though ultimately not purchased) the iPen and the Adonis. Without going into the shortcomings of any of these, I still am looking for the "right" one.

I'm pleased to note that I have taken a big step towards that goal with a recent purchase of a New Trent IMP62B stylus. I am convinced that if Apple were to design a stylus, this would have been it. Here's my feedback:

I believe a lot in first impressions, but was wrong with this product. Upon opening the package, I immediately chuckled at the fact this stylus is short! I normally buy the Kensington and Rocketfish styluses (styli?) with the pens built-in for the added length which seems to fit better in my hand. The description of the IMP62B assured me that this had a pen built-in as well, so my (wrong) assumption was that it would be of a length comparable to the other models, but not so as it is about 1" shorter. My first impression was not necessarily a positive one but I decided to forge away and put it to a test immediately.

I grabbed my wife's iPad off of the couch and started to play a game. What a difference! Now this stylus has my full attention - the end is made of something called micro-knit, which (if I recall correctly) is the same base material as paintbrushes and I sure can tell the similarities in the feel. I immediately ditched the game and opened up Notability to test handwriting. This stylus literally glides over the surface of the screen with no drag! I was able to sign my name as clearly as I could with a pen or pencil on real paper. Just to make certain that I was comparing apples-to-apples, I pulled out a rubber-ended stylus that I carry with me and tried the same thing. The result from the added drag from the rubber tip was a half-legible signature at best. I began to smile as this is the first stylus that I have actually enjoyed using for any purpose other than keeping my screen clean -- it even beats using your finger! My only caveat is that this stylus is short and doesn't fit as comfortably in my grip as longer styluses. New Trent, if you make this about an inch longer, I would have nothing to complain about at all! The length, however, won't stop me from using it and being a bit shorter also does make it a tad easier to carry with you, so I could see a use for both longer and shorter ones.

- the micro-knit end is fantastic as it doesn't produce a noticeable drag when moving across the screen and provides a "true-to-life" writing feel -- it also feels more responsive when touching the screen, similar to your finger
- built-in pen writes well
- pen is exposed through a twist, not a cap (a bonus as other cap-based models always leave me wondering what to do with the cap)
- clip is solidly built and looks nice
- stylus overall is very attractive
- feels well built and sturdy

- stylus is too short both for use as a stylus and a pen for people with larger hands
- grip material feels like plastic with some grooves - doesn't really provide grip if you fingers are sweaty - also doesn't provide a grip for the pen side (very minor con as no other stylus that I've used even has a grip built-in)

Suggestions for Improvement:
- consider making another model of the same stylus that is about an inch longer - still should be compact enough to easily carry but a better fit in most people's grips
- replace the current material on the grip with rubber
- consider making grips at both ends (out of rubber) to provide support for both stylus and pen

I highly recommend this stylus to everyone! I'm not sure about the durability of the micro-knit and also the pen itself as I've only had this stylus for about 10 days, but everyone in my family fights to get to use this stylus, so it has been used a lot during that time and isn't showing any wear right now. I'm going to have to make an investment and buy more of these, but I am really hoping that a longer model will be coming shortly so that I can put my money towards that one.

Overall, I am pleasantly impressed with the IMP62B - well done! That other stylus that I carry with me now sits idly by on my desk as the New Trent stylus goes with me everywhere (at least when my family doesn't take it from me!)
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