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on 9 July 2015
Fantastic router - I can't recommend enough.

I have replaced my Sky Fibre router with this one, and am amazed by the difference in service, but more so the functions it offers.
I run ASUS Merlin software on it, and it runs flawlessly - the wireless throughout the house is at least twice as good - if not more!

The only bad points I have had with it are;
1) On a recent power cut the router "forgot" the MAC address spoof from the old router, so the internet wouldnt connect. Easily Sorted.
2) Apparently these routers have a microSD slot on them (under the housing, not accessible to the outside) so to get at them, you have to take it apart and risk losing the warranty. This makes little sense to me, surely this is a selling feature! Come on Asus!
3) My wife thinks its ugly. Meh, what to women know! :P
4) Requires a bit of Linux knowledge to get the very best out of it - but most things can be sorted via the GUI.

Overall, love it. Recommended it to friends and family.

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on 29 July 2016
Brilliant, I use Virgin Media as my broadband supplier and although I was paying for 150mb speeds, I was getting nowhere near that. Having researched the issue it transpired that the hardware supplied by Virgin is frankly rubbish ... so I invested in this little baby, flipped the Virgin box in to modem mode, plugged this in and boom, almost immediately got close to 150mb all around the house. It's really easy to set up, looks the part and has a load of security features i have yet to explore. Definitely recommend to anyone who is not getting the speeds they are paying for!
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on 29 March 2017
Very awkward exterior layout. The three aerials are on the same side as all the ports so they get in the way. The stand points the port and aerial side straight up so wires are sprouting from the top. If you have this out on display its very untidy looking and takes up more space than it really needs to due to this as well.

The reason it still gets 4 stars from me though is the fact that it is one of the best functioning routers I have ever had in my home. Excellent reception, fast and easy to use UI with plenty of advanced routing options that cheaper or ISP routers just don't have. Using this with Virgin Media's home hub 3.0 in modem mode is a massive improvement. Better wi-fi range and stability, better wired stability and even more stable ping as the hub 3.0 is pretty garbage with multiple devices and for gaming.
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on 10 January 2015
After following all the great advice from other reviewers (thank you) I would like to add my own. I bought this router to use with my Virgin Superhub (v1). So I switched the Superhub to modem only, connected the router, upgraded the firmware and waited...the Internet connection established then dropped...connected then dropped. This carried on, the connection was brief and intermittent. So I unplugged the router and set the Superhub back as modem/router ( if you need the modem only address). After trawling the forums I came across DHCP query frequency settings. So I swapped the Superhub over again connected the router ( and found the DHCP setting (advanced settings WAN) which by default was set to 'aggressive mode' changed this to 'normal mode' and bingo! a stable connection. Since then no problems and the router has increased wireless speeds to iPads iPhones etc with no more AirPlay drop outs.
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on 31 October 2015
After suffering with terrible wifi performance through my Virgin Media Super Hub 2 (and even getting are placement from Virgin Media), I decided it was time to try something else, so purchased the Asus RT-N66U. I put the Super Hub into 'modem' mode and connected the Asus up. I did need to factory reset the Asus as for some reason it didn't immediately recognise the broadband signal, but after that it was easy to set-up. The results are amazing! I have 150mb broadband, but was struggling to get more than 25mb with the Super Hub most of the time. With the Asus I am getting 50mb on 2.4ghz and on 5ghz up 150mb (my daughter got 110mb on her iPhone!). We have a three story house and I am getting a good signal all the way to the top. I just wish I had purchased this early and avoided all the messing around with the Virgin Media router.
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on 13 September 2015
I bought this as I have a large home that the current ISP supplied router would not cover, if I have to be honest after reading the reviews I thought I was buying a piece of kit that is that intense and programmable that it would be standard issue to all MI5 operatives, on that front I was a little disappointed once I got to the bones of the kit but I am running stock firmware and have not upgraded to the allegedly better Merlin firmware, the router does have some nice touches but half the included package is never going to be used such as the power slide adjuster, this is used so that you are not broadcasting over your neighbours catchment area.....well I bought it because I wanted extra power to reach where I needed it so I am not going to turn the power down just to please my neighbours.............mmmmmmmmm I wonder if they are getting a better signal than me.

This has improved my connection around the house although not to the standard that I was hoping, I think this is a lot to do where I position my router in all honesty rather than the fault of the router, saying that the ISP provided router may have been adequate if I had moved that to a better position so yes there is an improvement but not what I was hoping, I have definitely seen an improvement in the internet speed by around a 1.5mb and the connection never drops out as it continually did before so I am giving this 5 stars based on that plus the small gain in coverage.

If you are a little geeky and like to mess and tweak this is the gadget for you, the price is now down to where it should be for this piece of kit but obviously this does not have the newer AC coverage that the newer routers have included.....I do not yet own any AC kit or have any immediate plans to buy any so it is not a problem to me, plus AC is backward compatible so I will get a lot of life out of this before I need to get it changed.
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on 10 January 2017
I bought this to replace a BT Home Hub 3 which we had with BT Infinity broadband. It was the 2nd HH3 that BT sent us and the wi fi was poor on the first one, unusable on the 2nd one. It just kept cutting out all the time meaning I had to keep turning it off then on again on all my devices - phone, laptop and tablet.
The signal of the HH3 also struggled to reach my office which is at the other end of the house to the HH3.

No more problems with the Asus RT-N66U! signal strength is much stronger - we get max strength most of the time even in the furthest reaches of the house and wi fi is fast and stable all the time. We can watch Netflix and both use the internet at the same time, no problem!
Easy to set up on my Macbook, just restart wi fi, find the router and navigate to the IP address they give you in the instructions then run the set up adding the setting manually as mentioned in another review here.
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on 1 June 2015
An excellent router. I had suffered unreliable internet connections with my expensive plusnet fibre to the home connection for a long time. The router supplied by plusnet (the technicolor) clearly wasn't giving a stable signal, as the internet light kept blinking on it. Plusnet weren't much help - they could only check that the line to my house and the BT modem were working OK, which they were. I guess they couldn't admit the 'free' router they supplied is likely defective, but that clearly was the problem, as this Asus router has proved.

Its signal is both stronger than that of the free plusnet one and--crucially--more steady. I no longer suffer endless buffering and inability to load simple pages as I did before. These happened even when I had three out of five bars of reception with my previous router. The problem wasn't so much signal strength as reliability. So far this Asus hasn't dropped once. Video all loads without a hitch in every room of the house, even when multiple devices are connected.

The set-up wasn't totally straightforward plug and play, and I did need to obtain my account details from plusnet first (available easily enough once I'd logged in to my online account over 3G on my phone). But I was up and running within 20-30 minutes of only minor hassle.

Highly recommended.
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on 3 December 2014
I use this router to deliver HD video and high quality audio from a MyCloud server to various players around my two story house, plus internet access - and it works like a dream. The build quality is excellent (the aerials are a a bit flimsy, but once installed you don't need to touch them again), and the performance and reliability is fantastic. Set is easy, the menus are extremely well designed and easy to navigate with excellent English and help screens. The downloaded handbook is excellent too, again in very good English and very clear.

My house (which is in Spain) is quite large (7 bedrooms) and is of a concrete and steel constructive This router delivers powerful signals throughout the entire house - the first router I have used which does this. I can stream HD video to several TVs simultaneously with no drop outs and no stuttering. It is permanently powered via a UPS and survives our high summer temperatures with no problem. This is a superb product with amazing features which I have recommended to a friend who has a much larger house of the same construction.
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on 13 May 2016
I bought this a few days ago to replace my ageing Netgear router, which still works fine after about five years but on wireless, doesn't give me the speed Virgin provide. I'm on Virgin's basic cable 50 mps but on wireless in the house was getting about 15-20 mps. This Asus router has provided a very good improvement in wifi download speeds: I'm getting over 40 mps and what's important is that it's not just a theoretical improvement-things actually load faster.
When I set it up I used the supplied CD on a Windows 10 laptop. I shouldn't have done that and should have realised that it wasn't produced for Windows 10. It sort of partly worked and then hung . I started again, using the router's local IP : Fine-then the router asked me to set a password, which I duly did. Then it asked me to upgrade the firmware. Well I'm a sort of "if it works leave well alone" sort of person, so I didn't upgrade the firmware. Then the router asked me to put in the password I'd just set-and which it told me had been accepted- so I did. It didn't work. I tried several times: the password didn't work. To cut a long story short, I found online in forums about this router, that certain versions of the firmware do have this password problem ie you put in a password, it's accepted , but then it doesn't work.
I reset the router to the factory settings and let it upgrade the firmware. Then after that the password problem disappeared, and everything went fine.However, I can see that a less patient person would be inclined to give up and send it back.So, I've taken off one star for the set up problems. Yes, you could blame me for not upgrading the firmware. Ok, maybe you'd be right.Or maybe not...
The router works very well and has been reliable-so far in the few days I've been using it. I noticed that some reviewers who have given it one star complain that it gets hot-well mine gets no hotter than the Virgin Media "superhub" I'm using in modem only mode. I have it standing on its end - which is perhaps less aesthetically pleasing, but it's better for plugging in ethernet cables.
One good point about it is that you get free DDNS , which I find works very well, so that saves a bit of money if you're using a paid service such as DYN DNS. It's really easy to set up . There is no requirement to log in every so often as there is with some free DDNS services. There's also a free cloud 5gb storage service that comes with the router.
The router has some very nice features that I didn't have on the trusty old Netgear. You can see your network traffic on it, for example, and if you want to , you can prioritise services. It's got the facility to plug in a usb drive, and you can also plug in a 3/4g dongle to get internet access that way-although I can't imagine doing that myself. So far, I've had zero dropped connections.
Of course, I can't comment on the long term reliability - but will return to this review after year or so, provided that there are no problems before then. Some lower star reviewers have complained about the Asus guarantee service. I know nothing about this, but I did register my guarantee online with Asus-so we shall see.
My conclusion: a great router with no minus points apart from the difficult set up I experienced. The problems would have been avoided it I hadn't used the CD and had upgraded the firmware.
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