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on 28 January 2012
I have returned these as when they arrived it turned out they were not actual Genie Bras. Real Genie Bras are branded on the inside and come in a box, these came in a clear plastic bag without any branding inside.

I am very disappointed that Amazon are selling counterfeit items and still at the price of the real thing!

I am going to buy them from BHS where they sell the genuine article.
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on 1 November 2011
I've yet to find a perfect bra for me, but this comes close. Comfortable, padded (or not - you get a choice for heaven's sake!) and a reasonable amount of support for my not-too-droopy size 38Ds. The only seam is on the shoulder and that can leave a mark, but they don't cut in at all. Ok, so there's some underarm fat bulge, but I blame the biscuits for that. I've worn them now for over a week with minimal need to fiddle and adjust. They've been on 5 mile walks, helped with the housework and gardening, and (best of all) slouched around on sofas. I will be wearing these all the time - the frillies are set aside for special occasions.
The sizing is dispiriting. I checked the official Genie site - UK dress size 16 is XXL :(
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on 24 April 2015
Very pleased with these. I would recommend them but with one caution - they come up very small! The guidance, including on the box, is to buy in your dress size. I am a size 14 - sometimes 12 (as per - depending what type of clothing it is, what fit/style and which outlet you're buying at!). I sent for the size 14 / XL size and it was clearly too small and too tight (and certainly no margin for potential shrinkage - doesn't always happen but I find clothes which fit to the mm only have to shink a few mm's and you've had it). I exchanged for size 16 / XX size and this is perfect.
I needed to replace worn out Aire bras (the brand of a different outlet) - couldn't get same thing at that outlet and every other version I looked at/tried on was hopeless. These Genie bras are good quality (as good if not better than the Aire's) - the fabric is right thickness, the band underneath and the straps are both broad enough to do their job and there is a cup area (some versions are like bandages!)... as a plus, this set has slim slip-in/out support pads which, if you want it, offer a bit more support and/or density (a help with the white bra although doesn't seem too see-through to me). These obviously aren't support bras and I wouldn't choose them for sportswear but as an everyday / comfort / nighttime / casual bra for B and maybe C cups I find them comfortable and adequately supportive. I bought them on offer at a quarter of the RRP, a real bargain.
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on 12 February 2018
SO comfortable, with enough support to go about your day. So happy with this purchase. I've had genie bras that have lasted for years - real value for money. They don't fade or go grey.
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on 23 October 2017
Great- I have lived in these since buying - very comfy, easy to wear and no straps digging in
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on 31 December 2017
love it
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on 15 October 2017
Great product as describe, thank you very much.
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on 18 December 2014
I love these bra's. I have thought about ordering the for a while buy after reading the reviews I had mixed feelings, im so glad I finally did it. They are the most comfortable bra's ive ever worn, and supprisingly supportive. They absolutely are genuine genie bra's, just because they dont come boxed, genie is on the inside and they have the US size and Uk. I wear a uk 14 so ordered the xl and they are perfect, it does roll very slightly underneath but nothing to complain about, and as I carry a little extra weight thats probably the reason why.
Some reviews have stated they offer no support!!! I must disagree, I am a larger busted lady 34DD, and find I am very supported, please dont misunderstand , they will never offer the same as underwired, thick material bra's, but they come very very close. I would happily wear these all the time, day and night, only going back to different lingerie when I want to be sexy. Lets face it genie bra's are pure comfort but dont offer grear sex appeal. I love these bra's, if you want comfort and support, with no more pulling straps or back of bra's get these, you wont be disappointed. The only downfall I found and the only reason it didnt get 5 stars is the delivery time, they took 2 weeks to arrive, but hey its December so thats probably why. AMAZING BRA....
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on 6 July 2013
I first heard about the Genie bras on an advertisement on a shopping channel, and considered for ages about buying them as I have struggled for years to find a bra which provides comfort and reasonable support! I despise underwire with a passion, and being only 21, I really didn't want to be seen sporting granny-esque frumpy lingerie for the rest of my young years! I was also sceptical about the amount of support it gives for larger boobs, and after reading the reviews on here, I was very much in two minds whether to purchase them or not.

They arrived today (I ordered a Medium, as I am normally a size 8-10 in dresses, but needed to allow some room for my slightly-larger-than-average boobs) and I think they are well worth the money. The support isn't absolutely paramount, I won't lie to you, and they won't push your boobs up to high heaven, but this is admittedly to be expected with a non-wired bra accommodating bigger boobs. It IS incredibly comfortable and suitable to wear as an every day bra round the house, casual days out or to do some shopping, gardening or housework. I'm not sure how it would work for ladies with much larger breasts - I am an D/E cup and can just about get away with it - as there is a little bit of overhang and the underband does crease a little, but I believe this is because I ordered the Medium, and it's always better to downsize to allow for support, especially if you're like me and are slim but well-endowed (an unfortunate combination for some!) Aesthetically, they're not the prettiest of lingerie, but if you want to substitute beautiful underwear for extreme comfort, then these are for you.

The downside is that if you're on the larger side like me you might have problems with boob sweat, especially in the hot weather or if you're doing strenuous activity. In that respect, I wouldn't use these for exercise and wear a proper sports bra instead. Also, you are limited as to what you can wear with them - thin spaghetti strapped tops and strapless dresses are out of the question! This especially becomes a problem in the hot weather - so you will have to mix and match and take into consideration what you wear with these bras.

I'm not sure why women have rated this product so negatively, but I can only imagine it is because a) they have ordered an incorrect size or b) they have much larger, heavier boobs. So in all honesty, you may not receive sufficient support with this product if you are much larger than a E or F cup.

Overall, I am satisfied, as I now have a set of comfort bras for round the house, which is so much better than being squashed into those ghastly underwires every day. I give the Genie bras 4 stars for their practicality, moderate support and extreme comfort. I'm a bit concerned how things will pan out once they are washed as I'm concerned they will stretch, so I may handwash mine in lukewarm water. In conclusion, give them a try - although reserve your best underwired pretty lingerie for nights out and special occasions! :)
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on 18 March 2017
Thes come up very small so I would suggest you buy a bigger size. not comfortable because they are too small
They have ended up in my under wear drawer, never know, I might be able to get in them one day
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