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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 7 December 2012
... or not until they have the TI-Nspire CAS! Check that messy "function of function of function" derivative; can't recall that "not-quite-standard" integral; need a quick Taylor series expansion of that untidy function; phase plot that non-linear ODE; or just check your algebra on that three-line expression simplification. Now you don't need to resort to a heavyweight computer algebra package - the Nspire CAS can do it all. It seems to be presented as an advanced classroom aid, but has many features that can make life easier for a professional applied mathematician - don't be put of by the "student" bias. The programming facilities are awesome - and made much more usable by the powerful PC-based development software. It may look expensive for a graphics calculator, but it is much more than that - I'm not aware of anything else that comes near it for symbolic maths.
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on 14 May 2017
The calculator is amazing, doing almost everything.
One thing tho, I think that when i pluget the calc to my pc (to update libraries and such), it infected my pc with trojan.
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on 10 December 2014
I regret buying this calculator, it is awful. (I purchased it hoping it'd help me check answers when I was self-learning A2 further mathematics, I went on to do every MEI maths module, that's 3 A-levels and am now doing a maths degree and physics/engineering studies as a hobby, THIS CALCULATOR HELPS WITH NOTHING)

You would think "700mhz chip! More than 64kb of ram! Colour screen!" this should be the best calculator ever right? WRONG

It is unbearably slow, always and it has poorly written software (I speak as a programmer) I shall back this up with an example:

You're plotting a 3d graph and it already lags when you rotate (by 0.3-0.5 of a second easy, without upping the resolution of the graph grid, and with only one plot) that lag persists when you bring up a range dialog (the range you want it plotting on), that's right, it redraws every frame, so changing the scale of the plot is difficult and slow, it's awful.

You would think it'd render the plot and let you move the cursor over it and change stuff, redrawing as required but no, so it is not usable.

It is marketed t schools and JUST sticks to the adverts. One of the examples it touts so strongly is the ability to translate graphs by clicking and dragging, the example in the manual is y=x^2, it can ONLY translate this graph, it wont do y=x, it wont do y=x^3, it will only do that "you can move graphs!" thing the marketing touts with the example used in the adverts.

The CAS is .... hit and miss, you can't specify that something is an integer so it'll leave it in the form you input it, suppose you want to specify a>1 and a<2 say you have to write that using the not-qwerty tiny-buttoned keyboard coupled with the great lag of the screen.

You can't edit expressions and recalculate like you can with every other graphic calculator I've ever used, you have to go up, copy it, paste it into the next input and make your changes.

When it graphs it will try to write the "y1=[expression]" if you use a long expression and want to hide this you have to find it and alt-click it, this sounds easy but it redraws EVERY frame remember, so the lag makes it so difficult to do this, this pain is also present if you want to add a second expression to be graphed, you type a character, it lags redrawing everything, then you type again, and this wouldn't be so bad if the keypad wasn't so awful, but the tiny buttons and hard-to-memorise shortcuts (you have to try, because the catalog lags badly) make his such a nasty task.

It is awful at stats because of difficulty entering data (lag between selecting cells in a list) it doesn't buffer input, so you have to wait for it to catch up.

I paid a lot for this calculator and I try to use it but 3 years on despite my efforts, I hate it, it is useless at algebra and it's difficult to get it to fallback to numeric methods. It's so laggy that exploring menus is horrible. The programming feature is the worst I have ever seen, no calculator has great programming facilities but this has the worst, it has useless error reports and a really weird style. The tutorials (found anywhere online) are short and not complete because even the author gave up.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS CALCULATOR - also it's not allowed in A-level exams because it cannot be easily cleared, even though letting you use it in exams would be a punishmen.
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on 5 February 2013
I have a TI 89 Titanium and was looking to upgrade my calculator. Right off the bat the TI NSpire CAS looked impressive. With the built in templates, it is easy to visualize the inputs (as opposed to the text input of the TI 89). However, it was quite slow to input. For example, when inputting matrices, the ";" was located under the punctuation keys. In addition, long gone are the "f1", "f2" buttons. TI instead opted for a computer-like menu input. I think it's slower input wise than the TI 89.
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on 1 February 2013
A truly remarkable and fantastic powerful calculator that is tragically let down by the fact that it starts to get ridiculously slow when you load more and more data, i.e. apps and exercises such as the handy and useful ones that are available to download from the TI learning website.

This is a crime and shame because the TI CX CAS calculator really is the one to end all calculators, but the degree to which the slowdown takes effect as to much to bear sometimes. Admittedly I have almost half-filled the available free memory within the unit with data and various exercises, but with only half of the available free system memory used the effect it has on loading data and returning to the main or various menus can be too much to bear.

So much so is the excruciating slowdown suffered from what apparently must be the effect from having used cheap NAND memory chips; that I had purchased the Casio Prism graphing calculator (even though the Casio doesn't have CAS).

As a result I haven't been inspired (forgive the pun) to use the TI Inspire CX CAS unit for some time now which is a shame... Texas Instrument, if you know of a fix or solution for me then please help as I don't seem to be able to get through on there telephone system (I always get cut of in the last phase of their automated telephone system when calling within the UK)
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on 4 July 2013
If you are at the level of maths where this may be handy you shouldn't really need one of these, but just to check if you got the right answer in the test it is a brilliant tool. Trouthly an amazing machine battery life is surprisingly good - astonishing !!!!! The display is not as good as advertised (in the pictures and the videos), however it is still very useful when graphing more than one function. Only had one little problem with it, when I tried to graph a fairly complex fourier series it froze on me, but it was only once and the function was rather hard therefore I still gave the product 5 stars, unfortunately it is NOT SUITABLE FOR SQA EXAMINATIONS :(
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on 28 August 2017
Great. Fast service
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on 18 April 2013
It is the best calculator I have used. I have an HP 50, a Cassio ClassPad 330 Plus and a TI Nspire CX CAS. Even Casio has Laplace and Fourier Transform, TI Nspire is much better...an elegant design, an intuitive menu, a good color display, a smart keyboard and everthing you need about math
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on 17 December 2012
This calculator arrived before expected.

Besides, it is the best calculator I have ever touched, the interface is very easy to use even for me that had never touched a TI calculator before.
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on 9 January 2013
This's currently the best calculator, but TI should have increased the memory to at least 1GB or have micro-SD slot, though 100MB is not bad.
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