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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 8 August 2010
I've owned a number of foil shavers in the past and never got on too well with them. The more expensive ones are okay if you have very short stubble, but if you miss a day's shave then two days length can be tricky to deal with. As such until today I have mainly stuck to wet shaving with a Gillette Fusion or (when time allows) a straight razor.

After receiving some gift vouchers I decided to give an electric shaver another go. After remembering my father having a very early model Philishave which worked flawlessly for many, many years I decided to give a rotary shaver a tried and ended up splashing out on the RQ1250. It's about twice as much as I'd planned on spending, but I was feeling reckless (and I'm very glad I was!). The shaving mechanism is identical to the top of the range RQ1290, but doesn't come with the automatic cleaning gadget. Frankly, as the razor is so quick and easy to clean anyway, I believe the additional cleaner is utterly pointless.

The quality and comfort of the shave is by far the best I've had with an electric shaver. Whilst not quite as close as I can achieve with my Fusion or straight razor there is so little in it that it hardly matters. It's certainly closer than I've achieved with a lot of cheaper razors. It also coped remarkably well with 3 days worth of stubble - no foil razor I've tried has ever managed this without having to resort to using he trimmer first to trim things back a bit!

The build quality is exceptional. Whilst this might be a high price to pay for something you'll only use for a few minutes per day I fully expect to still be using this shaver in ten years' time. If I'm correct then in reality this shaver will probably end up costing my far less than I would have spent on Fusion blades (which are obscenely expensive) in the same period of time.

I really only have one gripe about this product. As several others have mentioned it would have been better to have the option of charging without the cradle. The cradle is fine at home, but not something I'd particularly want to carry around on trips & holidays. This isn't a major issue - it's definitely still a 5 star product - but is something worth mentioning nevertheless.

All in all a first class shaver. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone.
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on 7 July 2012
When you've spent over 120 quid on a shaver, you really want it to be good. You persevere, try different ways of using it, blame yourself for your failure and suffer poor results in order to justify your state of denial. Then one day you wake up and realise that this shaver just isn't doing the job anything like as well as any of the last six shavers you owned.

So it is with this Philips. It takes twice as long and gets half as good results as my old Philishave - and that wasn't the best shaver I've owned. The blades are so far from the outer perimeter of the shaving head that it impossible to reach hairs growing close to the nose. Long hairs (more than 1.5mm) don't get cut and each area of the face requires attacking from every possible angle to do the job.

No, after 4 months of desperate effort there is only one conclusion - it's an expensive lemon. So, I guess it's off to counselling for me.
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on 29 June 2011
This is my fourth electric water proof shaver, 1 Panasonic and 3 Philips, which I use for shaving in the shower.

I have used my Philips RQ1250 SensoTouch GyroFlex 3D for 6 month now, and here you have my conclussion so far:

- Nice build quality
- Very flexible head, follows the face very well
- BEST Pro: No matter how hard i press against the skin, I don't get skin rash at all

- Poor shaving performance: It takes forever to get a close shave compared to all my previous shavers ...but then of course you can shave forever without gettng skin rash. Also this is the first shaver where i actually have to lift up my nose to get close enough. The shaver has a distance of more than 8 mm from the edge to the cutter blade!!
- Bigger than expected. Bigger and heavier than my two previous Philips shavers
- The "precision trimmer" is getting really heavy to push out, it does not cut very well(but as good as any build in trimmer i have tried) and the space where the trimmer extracts from fills hold water, cannot be cleaned and might be a good place for bacteria
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on 24 January 2012
Okay, so I read a lot of the reviews on here before before I splashed out. (I went and bought it half price at a well known high street chemist though...).

I have owned the Phillishave 8882 Sensotec for 8 years now and never really got on with it. I've got very sensitive skin under my chin and neck and was always suffering from skin rash and a burning sensation after using it even on hyper-sensitive setting.

I generally don't shave Friday - Sunday so would have a wet shave on Sunday nights with Gillette very expensive and then used the electric for the rest of the week. Sometimes I'd have to revert to Wet mid-week when my face just couldn't take it any more and the Shaver got shelved for a year or so at one point when It was misery to have to do my collar up and wear a tie.

So this new year I decided to treat myself. I was hoping that shaver tech had moved on somewhat in recent years and I was torn between this and the Braun Series 5 foil shaver as a new alternative. However, my beard is thick, grows fast and in several different directions, so the rotary is more suited to me and I was a little bit scared of the foil! With a bold claim for the best shave I'll ever have and a money back guarantee I went for it.

So how is it?

Brilliant. from day one I had no soreness, no rash, no problems at all. I used my regular post shave balm still but never even thought twice about my face all day. All week even.

It's a nice close shave, not as close as a wet shave with a new Fusion, but not a million miles off. It's so much better than my old Phillishave too... no stray hairs left anywhere, the heads really do pick up all the hard to get ones round the neck and jaw area.

Feeling pretty confident at this point, I wanted to test the claims of the 3-day beard out... pretty risky for me by Sunday night as I didn't have a shave on Friday either and I went at a 4 day growth.

It wasn't quick as such, a wet shave would probably have taken the same time with a cleaner result, BUT, it was painless, and stress free. My neck did tingle a little for a short time after I went to bed but by the morning there was no rash. I think I'll probably stick to my Sunday wet shaves in the future but it was good to test sand handy to know that this shaver can be a one-stop-shop for holidays without having to take all the wet stuff too.

I had a quick wet shave in the morning to tidy up round the nostrils and under the sideburns. these areas are where this shaver lets itself down a little and I always have found this with the previous Phillishave, you need to get in close with a blade to sharpen the edges. The trimmer is good for the stray hairs and the nose and ears but not for clean lines.

Battery life is fine for 2-3 weeks so unless you're going away for longer than that the charger thing isn't an issue.

So... get one.
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on 17 August 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I wouldn't normally consider paying what the Philips RQ1250 costs, but when you think how many times you shave, the cost of the razor blades you'll buy and how variable the results can be, I'd have to say that it's worth it.
It's the best electric shaver I've used, and moves well over your skin, hugging the contours and giving a very close shave that feels very, very smooth. You can dry shave or wet shave with it, and you'll be pleased to hear that it's very easy to clean - open the head and rinse under the tap.
The build quality is what you'd expect from Philips, but the shaver is light and easy to hold as you shave. It comes with a stand (charging stand - plugs into a shaver socket), travel pouch and cleaning brush.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've always used a manual shaver and have never used any types of these shavers before, so when I had the chance to try a product like this I was very excited.

Please note that this product will require a shaver socket in your home, if you do not have one, you can get one here: Shaver adaptor.

The product itself is very light, looks great and has a very nice grip to it. The blade head is very flexible so when you are shaving around your face it seems to "mould" in perfectly to your face while shaving every hair as close as you can get giving you that really nice smooth feel.

I tested this product on a dry and wet shave and both results were fantastic; with the dry shave it felt very comfortable and has a smooth end result, and as for the dry shave it pretty much had the same result expect that it has a more "refreshing" feel to it, so whether your in a rush or have time you can expect great results all the time.

The hidden trimmer was a real bonus, you just slide the button on the side and out it pops, it's neatly placed so it's not awkward to trim.

To clean the shaver it couldn't be any more simple, you pop the blades up and give it a rinse! It's waterproof so you don't have to worry about it effecting the electrics inside the shaver.

This product comes with a neat little travel pouch, where the shaver fits in nicely and the shaver itself has a lock mode so you don't accidentally set it off while on the move, you do this by holding the power button for 3-5 seconds until the shaver stops (a padlock icon will also be displayed), and when you want to unlock it you hold the power button for the same amount of time until the shaver turns on.

Overall this product is fantastic and although the price is rather off-putting, I would definitely recommend this shaver! Top stars from me.
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on 8 October 2011
I recently bought this razor and it is easy to use and is a good electric razor. But I am amazed at the claims that it gives a shave that is close to that you get from a real wet shave. I have the misfortune to have very heavy beard growth and the RQ1250 is the twelfth electric razor I have owned over the past 40 or so years. The shave I get from this razor is no closer to matching a real shave than any of the other 11 razors I have tried.

It appears that even in 2011 still nobody can produce an electric razor that gives a really close shave. The nearest I ever got was a Boots own brand razor many years ago: unfortunately by the time I needed to replace it Boots had stopped selling their own razors.

So, regarding the RQ1250: in summary, decent razor YES, smilar to a real shave NO.
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on 10 November 2010
Is the best! I have problems usually when i shave because i have a delicate skin. But with this machine i can shave without problems, is so soft that you feel nothing! I use gel now with this and is incredible really. Very recomended!
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on 17 February 2011
The closest and most gentle shave I have had. I initially bought the sensotouch 3d because I prefer having a shower then using gel/foam like a classic shave. It performs well in this instance but I feel where this products shines is a standard dry shave. It takes around 2/3 minutes (without the mess of foam etc) and is as close as any wet shave I had from my previous Wilkinson Sword Quattro blades. The trimmer is also superb, the best I have seen on a shaver. It will cut any loose hairs, trim sideburns, shape goatees perfectly.

I bought the both RQ1250 and Braun Series 3 after Christmas as they both had moneyback offers and I did not know whether foil or rotary suited me best. The Philips wins hands down for comfort, closeness of shave, design (it feels like a top clas gadget). I have since sent the Braun back as it aggrivated my skin and failed to give a close shave.

I have only ever used a beard trimmer before (a Remington) as shaving would always make me red and prone to blushing all day long but this shaver has finally enabled me to have a clean shave without any side effects. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a top class all round shaver.
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on 13 January 2015
Preferred my previous shaver, also a Phillips, which after many years of service has finally fallen apart. Alas that model is no longer available.
This one seems to want almost constant 'cleaning'. The 'tap' icon lights up every other day. My previous Phillips only did this every week or so.
The battery doesn't seem to hold a lot of charge. I probably have to put this back on charge every 7-10 days or so and the battery indicator is just too vague - my previous phillips had an estimated number of minutes of use left display. This was quite useful and is missed. Perhaps they were too embarrassed by the relatively low 'maximum' it would have had to show.
The sideburn trimmer can't be used without completely removing the shaving head - this just seems unnecessary.
The on-off switch isn't in the best place as it's right under my thumb when shaving which means I occasionally turn it off mid shave.
The head is slightly larger than my previous phillips shaver.
However the cutting circles are the same size. This means they are slightly further apart and there is more 'head' round the outside of the cutting area. This means it's not so easy to shave under the nose or ears.
It gives an average shave for an electric shaver, but nothing special. I wish I could have just replaced the whole head on my previous shaver as that was better than this one.
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