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on 13 January 2015
Preferred my previous shaver, also a Phillips, which after many years of service has finally fallen apart. Alas that model is no longer available.
This one seems to want almost constant 'cleaning'. The 'tap' icon lights up every other day. My previous Phillips only did this every week or so.
The battery doesn't seem to hold a lot of charge. I probably have to put this back on charge every 7-10 days or so and the battery indicator is just too vague - my previous phillips had an estimated number of minutes of use left display. This was quite useful and is missed. Perhaps they were too embarrassed by the relatively low 'maximum' it would have had to show.
The sideburn trimmer can't be used without completely removing the shaving head - this just seems unnecessary.
The on-off switch isn't in the best place as it's right under my thumb when shaving which means I occasionally turn it off mid shave.
The head is slightly larger than my previous phillips shaver.
However the cutting circles are the same size. This means they are slightly further apart and there is more 'head' round the outside of the cutting area. This means it's not so easy to shave under the nose or ears.
It gives an average shave for an electric shaver, but nothing special. I wish I could have just replaced the whole head on my previous shaver as that was better than this one.
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on 4 December 2014
I liked the unit when it arrived, clean shave, pretty close no plucks or rash etc even on a dry shave - if it was this alone and replacements could be purchased it would be 4 stars.

After 4 months it needs replacing at £50-£60 per head which I found expensive but then I tried to purchase one, the heads are no longer available - replaced with the new ones linked below which give the worst shave I have had with an electric razor, they are cheaper alternatives.


I contacted philips and they offered 30% off only on full priced items from their store which was still 50% more expensive than amazon. After a lengthy discussion the philips customer care representative recommended I apply for not fit for sale from the place I ordered the full shaver from.

Here is the american amazon reviews of the new head now in the UK and the only replacement you can get.

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on 14 February 2014
I've had Philips shavers for longer than I can remember and most of them have been pretty good and lasted well with one exception which essentially forced me into buying this model shaver as a replacement..
My ageing Philips RQ1280 was beginning to lose its cutting edge and I decided to splash out on a replacement RQ12 head. I was supposed to change the head every 12 months but I've been using the thing for 4 years on the original head. The difference was stunning... back to a nice smooth face.
Alas, and incredibly irritating, the shaver broke; simply went dead; no power no display, nada; dead as a Do Do.
So I was left with a brand new shaver head and nothing to put it on. It thus made sense to buy another Philips shaver that accepted the same RQ12 head.
This new one, the RQ1250, I can definitely recommend. Gives a lovely smooth shave and does so quickly.
The charging stand is a big improvement on the older type as it's foldable and can be tucked away safely in a suitcase. Some people find the need for a separate charging stand an irritation and `i can see this is the case, but I'm so used to this type of shaver and charger stand that it doesn't particularly bother me. That's the only reason I've given the shaver 4 stars instead of 5.
AS said it has my recommendation and I have a brand new replacement head for it. :-)
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on 14 January 2016
It's not that often that I will leave a negative comment but Philips claim that the Senso Touch is the ultimate shaving experience. I'm not convinced.
It just doesn't compare to the closeness of a wet shave with my trusty Gillette. However, if you prefer the convenience of reaching out, switching on and using the Senso for a quick, rough and ready job, this may be what you are looking for. Charge time is short and battery life is good. The heads are easy to clean. Sounds great, but at the end of the day - the shave I get is poor. After about 4 hours, I need another shave. I'll just keep it for holidays.
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on 26 May 2014
I used it for 2.5 years now, and I can say - in last 1.5 years I used it no more than 10-12 times. The reasons are:
- I have quite soft stubble, and this shaver can't pick it up easily - it takes good 20-30 circles on the same place to pick up all of the hairs
- If I don't shave for more than 3-4 days - it just can't pick up stubble under the chin - no matter how hard you circle. It always leaves few hairs behind - and you have to use trimmer to trim them first - and then shave again.
- After all those many circles, my under-chin area is all red and inflamed.

The only thing I use it for is to trim stubble occasionally when I have no time for proper shave. It helps to just make it looking better, as if you were intending to grow beard...

Overall, I was buying this expecting that it will give me less skin rash and will make it easier to shave - but I found that it actually the opposite. I'm getting more irritation on skin comparing to usual Gilette razor (which I now use regularly as I have no other option...), and that razor also leaves my face much cleaner. Now I wonder if I can sell it at all or no one will ever use the shaver that was previously used for hygienic reasons?..

P.S. And yes, I believe it's problem with my skin/hair thickness, on hard stubble it must work much better.
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on 9 November 2013
I used a Braun syncro pro 7765 for almost 8 years, and I was quite happy with it. So, when the Braun shaver finally broke down I didn't know what to do: stay with braun and foil shaver? Or try a totally different thing and go for Philips and rotary?
Well, I went for the 2nd option, and I don't regret at all.
This article is something between a review of the Sensotouch 3D, and a comparison against my previous foil shaver. Here goes the comparison part:

Noise: this shaver is a LOT more silent than the Braun! This is quite helpful if you're trying to shave without waking up your baby son!

Cleanliness: the Sensotouch seems to be better at catching the hair when you're shaving. With my foil shaver I always had hair falling out of the shaver and on the sink (or wherever I was shaving).

Washing: I used Clean & Renew with my Braun which did a really great job. With the Sensotouch, since you can wash it under the tap I honestly don't find it necessary. For that reason I don't have the cleaning station, and it uses a lot less space on the bathroom, where I keep it.

Time: Shaving is quite faster wit this rotary shaver than with my previous foil one. I guess the geometry of the Philips allows it to cover the whole face surface a lot quicker. However...

Shave quality: although I do get a nice, clean, rash free shave with the Sensotouch, I have the feeling the shave was slightly closer with the Braun.

Now for some more comments on the Sensotouch 3D:
The charging station is a little unstable and you have to take it with you while traveling if you think you'll need to charge.
The shaver fits quite well on my hand and has a really nice grip.
The display is quite stylish, has all the required info and is really easy to read.
As for wet shaving...it works! I've tried it a couple of times and was really impressed! You can get a closer shave when compared to dry shaving, and you get that fresh feeling like when you're using a razor. It's not as practical as dry shaving so I guess I'll only use this feature once in a while, for a change.

Conclusion: I'm really happy with this shaver, I would not go back to foil shavers and I honestly recommend it.
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on 10 September 2016
I have always owned philips shavers ever since i started shaving when i was 15 years old.this is the most expensive shaver i have ever purchased.it is true when its said you get what you pay for,this requires no effort shaving.let the blades do the work no good pushing on your skin as the blades have there own springs.I would recommend this type of shaver to people with very sensitive skin as you need no pressure on your skin to shave.the bad thing is they don`t make these any longer.
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on 12 March 2012
I have a medium beard growth. I've never had much success with electric razors; they've always left me with 'razor burn' on my neck and have never given me a proper shave. However, after paying 16 euros for a pack of razor heads for my Mach 3 last week, I decided to look at the issue again. After much research I came up with this product being sold by Amazon and priced at £99 (in France it was being offered for sale at 249 euros!). So I ordered one.

As soon as the razor arrived, I placed it on charge and it was ready to use after an hour. I hadn't shaved for over three days and decided to go for broke, take a risk, and try and shave using it dry. The results were amazing! It caught 99% of the long flat-lying hairs and didn't leave me with any soreness at all.

I've since used it dry every day and am 100% delighted with the results (100% because, obviously, shaving every day doesn't give chance for long flat-lying hairs to develop). It's not quite as smooth as a Mach 3 wet-shave against the 'grain', but it's as close a shave as it needs to be and better than any other wet razor I've used. It's absolutely streets ahead of any other electric razor I've owned.

Oh, and after the first overnight charge on the day of delivery, I have yet to recharge the battery (so that's four days use so far and counting) - and it's super-quiet too.
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on 11 July 2012
I've only been using this shaver for a couple of weeks but this is what I have noticed. I don't know why but it does take the skin a period of adjustment when moving from blade to shaver or vice versa I found learning the right weight of pressure to apply takes a bit of getting used to as well. At first I was pushing down quite hard which led to skin irritation. Now I apply the lightest pressure with the same results and no irritation. I've also discovered that I get the best shave when my face is bone dry ... any humidity in the air or on my face and I struggle. I haven't tried a wet shave with cream or gel and probably won't. Don't build your hopes about the trimmer. It trims ... kind of.

I'm not sure how helpful it is to compare blade shaving and electric shavers. They are two completely different beasts with different results in my view. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. I think there are men with very coarse facial hair and an electric shave might struggle with this type of hair. There are men who need to shave twice a day and an electric shaver tucked away in an office drawer before that important meeting at 17:00 will be the perfect answer for a quick freshen up. Then there are the rest of us ordinary blokes with ordinary facial hair and this shaver might just be the best thing since sliced bread.
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on 3 December 2012
Waited a couple of months to give a fair review and been very pleased with product all round.
Previously owned a couple of Nivea models due to sensitive skin (especially the neck) which were fine but both eventually 'died' so read up extensively on models and customer reviews before deciding on this one with a good discount through Amazon !
I have to say I can't fault it !
I tried it dry for a full week without any skin rash, soreness or irritation - no way could I have done this with the Nivea model ! The head glides smoothly and contours well for a neat close shave (not as close as a blade but no shaver will do that) I often got nicks and cuts from the Nivea model as the heads had very little framing but not from this.
Satisfied that I could have a quick and convenient dry shave then tried shaving gel and the results were even better ! The smooth glide is aided by the gel and seems to shave a little closer though a little more time consuming.
The unit cleans very easily and fully charges in around 45 mins as stated though can be used for a quick charge without loss of blade speed.
I didn't see the need to buy the model with the cleaning hub as this was another £100 or so for a container that takes up worktop space and filled with fluid that needs replacing every 2 weeks - also not a cheap option - and if you're old enough to shave you should be capable of cleaning a shaver !
Overall - on paper Yes a little expensive, but look for discounts and you won't be disappointed - You really do get what you pay for :0)
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