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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 23 January 2015
I decided to go for the Jabra Freeway after reading the reviews and I'm pleased with my decision.

There are a couple of things about the Freeway that I don't think work that well, notably the FM transmitter so that I can stream my music from my mobile phone to my car stereo but it's quite possible that this is an issue with my car stereo?

The voice commands don't work as I would expect, I'd like to think that I speak clearly and without any strong accent, however I often find that I'm repeating myself when asking the phone to "answer" or "end call".

These gripes shouldn't however take away from the fact that the handsfree is a massive improvement on any previous kit I've owned. The audio quality is excellent, I've previously had to practically shout for people to hear me but no longer as the mic in the Jabra is excellent, as is the speaker quality.

It also holds a very long charge and will tell you that the battery is getting low. The wire of the cigarette charger is long enough for me to still use the handsfree on my sun visor and charge it while driving (the wire is not in a dangerous place in my car thanks to the location of the cigarette charger, probably too dangerous for a lot of cars though!!).

The volume +/- controls are in the bottom corners of the unit and the answer/end call button at the top, these are all very easy to access, while the power button and charging point are on the right of the unit.

I was slightly concerned about the thin nature of the clip that holds the unit to the visor, but it seems fine after me taking it off and putting it back numerous times over the past month or so.

Another excellent feature of the Jabra Freeway is that when you leave the car if will switch to a low power mode and then when you come back (the next day or even week) the unit wakes up and will connect to your phone as if by magic! It's scared the life out of my wife who wasn't expecting it to say "connected" in a loud female American voice.

It's very close to being 5 stars and perhaps in time I may be able to speak with an accent that the unit accepts but the purpose of a handsfree kit is to be handsfree, something this just falls short on.
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on 31 October 2011
This bluetooth is exellent I am a hgv driver so there is a lot more noise than in a car, I've tried about 4 different handfree speakers and there's never enough volume but this one is great and not even on full volume. Also very clear and easy to use.
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on 30 March 2011
I'm so pleased with this product for numerous different reasons. Over the years I've had lot's of different headsets/speakerphones over the years with varying degrees of success. The headsets have never quite fitted right and always leave you feeling a little cut off and the speakerphones have invariably not been loud enough or responsive enough to make yourself heard.
But even out of a bad bunch I've always considered Jabra the best of the bunch and have been genuinely swept away with how good this product is.
It's got a great design and has been the easiest device to pair by far. None of this holding down various buttons until light flash.....just switch it on and let the phone do the work.
From there on in it's plain's been so handy for it to announce who the call is from prior to you answering and being able to use the phones voice command functions makes this truly hands free.

I've been on the motorway at speed, driving through heavy London traffic and with the windows down and it's never failed to be clear and loud for both parties.

An excellent product.
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on 9 February 2014
This worked really poorly, couldn't recognize commands unless you speak in an american accent. Connection kept dropping out to and forced you to re-pair the bluetooth connection. Simple things like pressing the button to end a call or initiate voice commands have unacceptable lag. Sound quality for voice and music streaming is ok, and battery life was pretty good, but for the core feature of being able to easily place and answer calls hands-free this is just not good enough
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on 18 April 2011
I've only had this unit for a week so this is initial impressions.
1. Seems a solid / well made unit
2. Sync'd with both my Work Blackberry and iPod touch.
3. Calls seem very clear with great volume for such a small unit.
4. FM Transmitter works well with iPod.
5. I haven't worked out what happens if listening to Ipod and get a call on Blackberry
- thats going to be interesting.

Only 4 stars because the voice recognition is sometimes a bit awkward recognising commands.
Seems a very good unit - tried lots of Bluetooth headsets - none have really worked.

Two times a week I'm driving to alternate office and on each journey have conference calls lasting upto 1 hr.
So far its worked perfectly, with no complaints, I'm usually driving on motorway with a fair amount of traffic noise.

Will need to read up on the web about advanced features - the supplied manual is minute
and is really on 8 pages (repeated another 7 times in different languages).
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on 13 January 2015
This is the best hands free kit I have ever used. The sound and mic are extreamly clear. the battery life is very long and we have used this for 2 weeks and it started with 14 hours and still has 10 hours left. Some of the voice commands dont work very well and people say this is because it's listerning for an American accent. But with your phone windscreen mounded this is not a problem. You leave the Jabra switched on all the time and when you leave your car it swithches itself off..... when you get back in the car the motion sensor switches it back on and if you have your bluetooth swithced on it connects automaticlly. Not used the FM transmitter yet. I have updated the firmware to UK but still the voice commands are hit and miss but dont let that put you off. I bought this for my wifes car and i am now getting one for myself and I drive a HGV. Its visor mounted so no need for anything in your ear which becomes uncomfortable after 30 mins. i would of given this 5 stars if the voice commands worked a little better but I would still recommend this product very highly. Expensive compaired to others.....but you get what you pay extreamly excellent piece of kit. Updated 20/12/15 Now been using this for a few months and for a HGV no good too noisy in the truck.the one the wife has is still good but sometimes it's as if she is under water. If we speak to each other with theses devices together its awful think this may be down too bluetooth too bluetooth talking . Wife still loves it and says it's great when she's having conference calls while traveling.I now have put mine in my car and it works fine. Good bit of kit none the less.
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on 16 November 2013
Superb bluetooth product for the money. The sound is brilliant with good volume that is quick and easy to adjust. The design is simple, the clip-on is frustration free.

Once you memorise where all the buttons are, its a doddle to operate when your on the move.

The only downside is the voice recognition. Even with my best attempts at an american accent, they device does what it wants to do. I knew this could be an issue prior to purchase and other members reviews. However, on my smartphone, I simply activate the voice commands and do everything via speech.

Great product. The only one that betters this is the THB Bury from a voice command perspective, as that has an amazing voice recognition system. No matter what your accent, how fast/slow you speak or, the tone of ones voice, I can't even catch it out. But it cost me £120, which is pricey for a blutooth handsfree portable car kit.
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on 26 January 2016
Fantastic sound quality, good enough for using as an ad-hoc portable speaker
Battery I guess is still in the "seasoning" stage of charging and discharging a few times as it's not lasting as long as my previous Jabra Cruiser2
Simpe to setup and I love the automatic switch-on and pairing getting in to the car.
The FM Transmitter is a major factor for me and was really disappointed when the power output seemed to be poor, the Cruiser2 was a beast and pumped pure quality into the car stereo - I still needed to re-tune now and again as London airwaves are quite full.
As this was a deal-breaker for me that it was going back otherwise (with regret) I tried and failed to see any fixes using professor google... then I hit on the fix of my own, use the micro-usb cable as an antenna (maybe others have found the same) and this has boosted the FCC muted power to substantial proportions. Testing side-by-side, it's as good as the Cruiser and so I'm keeping it.
The call quality for who I'm speaking with and to me would be another deal-breaker is perfect, as good as the Cruiser2 so all-in-all, brilliant
another reason for a star loss is that the unit itself I think has be pre-owned, not reported to Amazon yet, but a couple of scratches by the charging point shows either 2nd hand or some odd Jabra factory prep?
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on 30 March 2016
Really decent sound quality for calls, and sounds good playing music from phone thru my car stereo, using Bluetooth and FM.
Battery life is excellent, sits under the sun visor without getting in the way of vision, actually works well as a handsfree kit with good quality audio at both ends of the conversation. I mostly route the call audio thru FM so I can adjust the volume of caller & hear them clearly. Never have echo issues either.

My only gripe is the voice recognition, it's so frustrating I've totally given up with it. My phone's VR is pretty good, but getting this this to simply dial "dave jones" Mum or any one quickly turns into a screaming, laughable mess.
Even trying to get a battery level check from this unit has me doing a dodgy American accent to get any where.
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on 15 July 2015
Like other reviewers have said, a great concept that's been poorly executed. If I had paid the full price I would probably not have persevered. The first unit would not reliably turn on, taking two or three attempts to get it to do so. Also it's behaviour was completely random, with a unknown and curiously amusing response to voice commands (accent obviously dependent). The final straw being it's ability to independently disconnect and enter pairing mode! Amazon, fantastic as usual, organised a return and refund.

Working on the principle that lightning usually doesn't strike in the same place twice, I ordered another unit. This time more luck on the on / off function, but clearly not being an American with a dubious accent of unknown origin, I cannot get the voice commands to reliably work. That being said the sound quality and volume is excellent, the FM function very good, the motion activated on / off when you leave and enter the vehicle very useful, along with the fact Siri will work in conjunction with the Freeway actually makes the device worth the discounted price and surprisingly very usable.

If Jabra were to invest some development dollars in to the voice commands function this would actually be an awesome device, but as it stands it's just good, but nethertheless with the £57.00 I spent!
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