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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 9 January 2012
As an FTM I found this product to be a very useful binder. I used to order these binders from the USA but I am really happy I can now get them a lot quicker on amazon!
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on 27 January 2012
I'm a relatively chunky chap and have had self confidence issues for the majority of my life. The main cause of this is my chest, I've suffered with 'man boobs' for years and regardless of diets and exercise, my 'moobs' seem to be the last place that slims down as I lose weight.

I had no idea these products existed and after buying this particular one, I'm almost angry that I hadn't discovered it earlier! I'm a 46" chest and I tried the XL in this product and the same size in the 'Underworks Mens Extreme Gynecomastia Chest Binder Girdle T-shirt' for a comparison. Both fit very well and the t-shirt offered a lot of compression. This product (the tank top) however was FAR better. It flattens my chest and smooths my figure, giving me the confidence to wear t-shirts a size smaller.

The tank top is thinner and more breathable and holds everything in perfectly. It is an odd material when you first put on but you get used to it. If you are struggling to decide which product to go with and if it's chest flattening you're after, this is the one for you. It has instantly improved my posture as I am no longer hunching my shoulders to hide my 'man boobs'.

I cannot begin to describe how much this product has changed the way I feel. It has given me the drive and incentive to work hard and lose the weight for real so I can look and feel like this all the time without it.

A solid 5 stars!
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on 11 May 2013
I couldn't believe that all the positive reviews were for real, so I decided to take a chance, a risky one considering the price. Having had confidence issues over my chest area pretty much since puberty, I think this could be described as a life changer. Even at my fittest, where people said they thought i'd lost too much weight facially, I remember seeing the only photo I ever allowed my wife to take of me on holiday without my top on (I NEVER do this where people know me) and despite the weight loss, the chest area still upset me and I cut up the photo and negatives. I wasn't sure about the size to order either. I am 44ish chest and wasn't sure to go for the 40-44 or the larger 45-48 as i'd read how tight the vest is, and I was at the upper end of the size bracket. I also read that the compression might relax slightly over time, so I went to the underworks website. They recommend taking a measurement just below your chest/breast area, then measuring the fullest part of your chest/breast area and taking an average of the two, this lead me to choose the 40-44 size, which I also thought might last longer if it stretches a bit.
Another review says how to put the vest on. I thought i'd try over the head first, but as the reviewer said, this was a non starter. You turn the vest inside out and upside down - but facing the front and step into it. You then pull it up to your waist area then roll it up so it is no longer inside out, then try and get your arms through the arm holes. It isn't easy, but it isn't too difficult either.
So there I was, in my new vest. And I was very pleased with the results! Obviously the skin has to go somewhere and with me it seemed to be pushed into the underarm area where the vest does not cover, but other than that I looked how I want to look. I tried an XL top on, fine, followed by a L jumper - fine too! I showed my wife who saw the difference not only in my physique, but also in the way I presented myself. The V of the vest was visable through the fabric on one of the tops, but this is a small price to pay consider the benefits and it just looks like a normal vest.
I can imagine that having the extra layer will cause extra warmth, but this might be compensated by wearing less baggy masking layers on top. There was no problem with comfort and my breathing wasn't restricted in any way. I haven't worn it for any length of time yet, but I can't imagine it causing any discomfort. I really wish i'd had this sooner. I am getting fit, and now with this vest I know I will be feeling confident this summer (if we have one). I can assure you that I don't work for underworks or amazon, but I recommend this vest 100% if you have had the same problems. I'm going to order another now, which is the best endorsement I can give.

****Update**** I have worn the vest for a continuous 6 hour period, whilst giving it large on the dancefloor, and the vest caused no problems or discomfort. Still love it to bits!
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on 26 July 2012
I don't usually succumb to hyperbole, but this is a wonderful product, definitely a miracle worker. I've had the dreaded "moobs" for most of my life, and it's plagued me with self-confidence issues. I finally discovered the Underworks range, checked the reviews online, and found this was likely the best model for me.

This top not only compresses your bumpy chest, but also pulls in your love handles, giving your body a more streamlined look. I now feel confident enough to wear shirts, tees and polos, instead of covering up with big fleeces or jackets. You'll certainly feel the top pulling you in all over when you first wear it, but after a couple of wears it feels part of your body and you'll notice it less and less. I don't feel I'm ever having to tug and yank at it to adjust it -- it just stays in place snugly. It hasn't made me feel hotter while wearing it, either. The tank top style lets your underarms breathe.

Here are some tips:

#1 - Get your size. Ignore advice to go one bigger or one smaller, your size is all you need. Make sure to follow the measuring guide on the Underworks website. If you're between sizes, always go for the bigger one. I was on the cusp between large and extra large, but I went for the extra. It fits perfectly. Think of it this way: if you're a 44-45" chest and you're not sure whether to go for the Large 40-44 or the X-large 45-48, consider that the 40-44 is made to compress people who are 40" too. Do you think that sounds comfy for a 45" chest? Nope.

#2 - There is a very slight difference between the white and the black. I think the white is a bit better at compressing, and fits a little better. The material seems to be identical, but I would recommend the white. Added bonus: it's less likely to be seen through a light tee or shirt. I've read that it may go a bit yellow-y over time, so check the Underworks site for washing instructions.

#3 - DO NOT try and pull it over your head like a normal tee. You'll likely dislocate a shoulder, get stuck, and need to be cut out of it. Here's how I do it: turn it inside out and upside down (make sure the front is facing the front), then step into it like a dress. Pull it up to your waist, then pull the shoulder straps up so you're pulling the binder over itself (the material slides smoothly) until the binder is almost in the correct place. Then you just pull the shoulder straps out wide and bend your arm through the holes with the minimum of fuss, before adjusting the bottom of the binder accordingly.

#4 - Remember that a binder is a temporary solution. You can't wear it 24/7 or you may cause yourself internal damage in the long run. Try to limit it to when you desperately need it, and use your added confidence to try and lose the weight naturally (hit the gym, go for more walks, etc).

Are there any CONS? Well...

-- You can just about see the outline of the binder through tees, but you can easily pass it off as a normal vest if you're worried. The thinner the shirt, the more likely it'll be seen, so adjust your wardrobe accordingly. Layering another tee can help solve that issue, if it's not too hot.
-- It is a hassle getting it on and off, but the positives outweigh that negative.
-- No doubt it's pretty expensive, but I view it as an essential product rather than an item of clothing. It'll improve your life, so that's money well spent.

Overall, it's an excellent product and does exactly as advertised. I'd tried using a regular compression shirt (the type athletes use) before, but they stretch and lose their compression effect quickly, plus they really don't change your body shape at all. The Underworks top is far far superior for this use.
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on 11 November 2011
Underworks binders usually take a long time to arrive and are expensive. On Amazon its a bit cheaper and I got the top within less than 24hrs which was great as I really needed it.
I am Trans (lets just say FTM) with 32/24 C/D cups usually and this top completely flattened my chest - having bought from underworks before my advice would be; if youre on a size margin always go for the smaller size; the top is impossible to put on over your head, pull it up like a skirt and then put your arms through its much much easier!!!!

Great product!
Also if you ever pack or have issues with this vest rolling up try the body suit on Underworks website, its a little dearer but its comfy and is an all in one solution for packing, hips, chest etc etc. I wear those too and love 'em.
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on 1 October 2012
I'm an FTM transgender size C/D cup and this is really great. The first few days it's very restricted but you get used to it and barely notice you're wearing it! I have a problem with it though, it keeps slipping down and showing my cleavage so i have to keep pulling it up. But after you wash it, it goes right back to normal so you should wash it every day/every other day or it will become very loose
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on 15 March 2016
On behalf of my daughter. Fully aware this is for guys but she is a teenager who feels very uncomfortable with the size of her breasts. They are too big she feels and also when running and doing PE it stops her from giving her best due to the moving around.

She went and done quite a bit of research and thought the best way forward was a binder. Never heard of those before. I actually suggested sports bra's but right now nothing but a binder would increase her confidence.

It came much faster than expected and whilst it looked packaged very simply, the material seems to be a good quality.
She measured her chest and we ordered the relevant size which was a perfect fit.

One thing I was worried about was that it may roll up when sitting down. I personally experienced this with shapewear for women but that didnt happen at all.

She has worn it for 2 days, and today, for the first time, she took of her jacket in a waiting area in public. Hasnt done that for years. She is very pleased, Like very very pleased.

hope this helps!
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on 24 March 2014
Underworks binders seem to get the best reviews, and I can now see why. While it may be slightly more expensive than some others on the market, it is worth it.

Using the Underworks size measurement, I measured at a size small, and chose the extra small to ensure efficient binding. Despite this, it isn't uncomfortable, and I have peace of mind that I have as flat a chest as possible, so I would recommend ordering a size smaller than suggested.

The first time you put it on it's really tight, and you need to step into it from the top and wiggle it up your body, as the instructions say. Don't worry if it's difficult, it's meant to be! They do stretch slightly, especially if you wear it every day, but not enough to really compromise the binding, and when you give it a wash it shrinks again so it does last a pretty long time.

I bought the white one so it doesn't show through clothing, the material does discolour slightly over time but that happens to all white clothing. I suggest getting perhaps one of each colour so you can pick and choose depending on what you're wearing.

Overall it's a bit of a lifesaver, and most certainly worth the money!
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on 5 June 2013
I'd say that these are very good products indeed, more so if you have man-boob issues like myself!

I don't think my issues are as bad as a lot of peoples out there but still; the moobs do effect my self confidence at times!

However I'm a very active gym-go'er, weightlifter and also compete! At just over 6ft 4 and close to 21stone I'm a big lad but not with a huge gut at all. Unfortunately though the blokes in our family seem to suffer from moobs and I'm no exception but for me it's worse as I've a big chest on top through lifting!

I bought both the 2XL and 3XL tops to see what their fitment would be like. 2XL was a no-go straight away but the 3XL fitted fine and did a great job. The main issue though was that it was far too tight underneath the arms and cut in almost immediately! I have a very wide, tapered back and wide shoulders too so I'd say that if you're a big, broad bloke. These tops may or may not help/suit you due to your physique!

I'm already dieting so lets just hope that nature helps me along the way and the moobs will eventually reduce!
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on 13 January 2013
I ordered this binder from Underworks according to their size guide, but it was way too tight over my stomach area and I didn't even manage to roll it down to cover my hips. They are clearly made for cis men, not FAAB people.
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