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on 28 September 2011
I love this camera. It's small easy to use and totally water proof.

I didn't give it 5 stars because:

1) Menus are a bit slow and the navigation button is a bit hard to use
2) Video quality could be a little be better. It's not bad but for 1080p I was expecting a bit more. To my opinion the 720p60fps is the best to use. Makes video look like the videos they use in the showrooms for very high def tv's
3) My battery runs low very fast. Last week we visited the zoo and I think the battery died after 30 mins of video shooting. I did have it on however during the whole trip even if I wasn't recording video.

But in general you can't go wrong with this camera at this price. It's one of the best purchases I've ever made!
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on 13 April 2011
I'm not a techy or photographer - I just wanted a camera to take video and stills when I'm sailing.

This was easy and intuitive to use. Doesn't come with a SDHC memory card and so this is definetly required otherwise you are restricted to 5 stills or 5 seconds of video !

There's no 'flash'. Extra's I'd consider buying are a bag, minitripod and a remote control. Maybe a spare SDHC card but a a 16gb card holds 4 hours of video. The battery goes for about 2 hours before needing a recharge.
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on 6 June 2012
I bought this for a holiday and cruise as I really wanted a video recorder....Arrived quickly and is tiny... Mobile phone size so really neat. very easy to use and tested it in the bath with no problems. Only for daylight use really but quality of video is good, sound not so much so but image quality was what I wanted, especially underwater, absolutely fine for me....

First point to note... If you are using it in salt water rinse it well in fresh water after use as after a coupe of days the openers got stuck...assume it was salt water.... When I soaked it in fresh water it helped a bit and one side freed up but the other side still needs something like a knife to open it... Probably my own fault so take heed!

I used this the whole time, took it on the beach, on theme bark rides, and alternated between photos and video. Really pleased with most of the video but photo quality definately not as good as a nice SLR so glad my hubby was also clicking off shots with his, but this still delivered some good shots.

So long as you don't expect too much you will be impressed, as said close up video quality is very good and no problem with leakage and worked well underwater and above....
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on 1 July 2011
I bought the Kodak Playsport because I wanted a compact and cheap camcorder for motorcycle track days and so on. In good lighting, and held still it produces reasonable video, but I experienced a few SW glitches. It will not record in HD unless you have an SDHC card of higher than class 4. In XVGA (iPAD) mode, moving images are horribly distorted - rather like the wavy-fade of 1980s Top of the Pops video effects. In 720p 15 frame/second mode, it's very jerky with any fast action. In 720p 30Hz mode, it crashed after 6 minutes and 23 seconds, the display was on, but it wasn't recording and all the buttons were locked up - couldn't even switch it off. It sulked until the batter was completely dead, and all worked again after recharging. None of the 6m23s of action were on the SD card. Returned and received a prompt refund from Amazon, which was excellent.
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on 16 October 2012
I just wanted to out a few lines down about how my ZX5 has performed on my recent trip to Australia - I will leave others to get technical so here are my views and observations in layman's terms.

1. Overall build quality - very good, feels robust and secure.
2. Picture quality is very good until you use the digital zoom function and then becomes grainier the more you zoom in.
3. Worked exceptionally well underwater (snorkelling depth) and captured some beautiful photos and videos.
4. Remained waterproof after numerous underwater expeditions.
5. The side catches do not like salt-water or sand granules - now very had to open the memory side catch - running under a tap seems to free the mechanism. Important to follow recommended cleaning after use in the sea.
6. Mine froze on me on one of my underwater trips and this was extremely frustrating, initially I removed memory card but screen still frozen with last picture/image taken. The very small reset button did indeed reset the device but then after a few button presses it locked up again. I contacted Kodak but they have yet to get back to me but I have now resolved the problem myself - it was the memory card. I had chosen a 32GB 4 SDHC memory card and after several days of filming and leaving data on the card it just didn't have the ability to search the card as it was writing live data to it as I recorded - so it just froze. I have now replaced this with a smaller 8GB 10 SDHC card and I now have no problems. I will be interested if this card starts to get full with data if I will see a repeat. My advice, download and clear your card data if you are using larger cards. The 32GB had worked fine for 5 days.
7. Finlly the hand strap - it is a single fixed loop but I did find underwater that when I was holding the camera to film the strap would work its way off my wrist, which could have allowed me to drop it to the ocean floor. I tied a knot in it so I had to force it onto my hand to prevent this but an adjustable strap would be a good purchase in my opinion.

Ok hope this helps if others have similar issues but overall for £71 it has achieved everything I wanted - I have captured countless memories of the Great Barrier Reef and can't wait to share them with my family when I get home.

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on 16 November 2011
This has everything you would want for recording holiday and family events. On top of this, it is extremely easy to use - I have used all the features it offers and haven't once read the instruction manual! It really is a plug and play item, with excellent quality for its size. Its small size makes you want to take it on holiday with you and use it. I have had an HD Camcorder for sometime now and it must have been used about twice because no one wanted to be the one to have to carry it. It is very well designed and thought out and comes with all the cables you would possibly want. I purchased a 32GB disk and this gave me over 5 hours of recording in the best HD quality level. There are probably better and more expensive types of these on the market - all filled to the brim with features that most people will never ever use. But I would not hesitate to buy this again any time.
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on 10 October 2011
lovely little waterproof camera for the price.
Really worth it with 720 and 1080 res.
You might want to turn down the mic a bit but the videos are great.
Dark shading in the light can be a little patchy but apart from that take it everywhere me to video my son when I can while he is a baby.
Should not be your main camera if you expect completely professional results, but saying that I have had amazing videos that look like they were done for TV quality.

don't forget to add to the price a memory card, internal memory can hold one one minute video.
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on 29 December 2011
I have just bought this for my Dad for Christmas; he is 65 and loves gadgets but never quite knows how to use them so they always get left in the box in the draw, not on this occasion. It took him 20 mins to figure it all out, use it and down load his first shot. He is so impressed with it he said it was the best Christmas present ever. He has not used it in water yet so I can't comment. The quality of this video camera is fantastic; I have even bought one myself I was that impressed with it.

Please Note

The documentation states Class 4 or higher, as Class 10 is higher than Class 4 I assumed that it would be OK evidently not. Buy a Class 4 16GB this works brilliant. Great little Video Camera but just be aware of the SDHC Card issues mentioned.
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on 5 August 2011
After much shopping around, and looking at cameras between £100 and £500 I decided to settle on this, the shockproof and wider lens seemed to make it slightly better than the Zx3. Upon receiving the camera, I tried it out, but had to rder a bigger memory card, as it doesn't come with one supplied.

The first thing I must comment on, is that in my experience, this camera does not work well with 16GB cards, I would go for an 8GB if I were to buy this again. My 16GB caused the camera to repeatedly crash. The reset button does fix this, though it is very small, and little more than a pin or the back of an earring can access it. I also found that the camera is prone to crashing at various other times. Occasionally when using the HDMI cable for example.

Despite this lets look at the good points:
Performance in low light is what you might expect from a £400-£500 camera, the auto focus is snappy and responsive, leaving very little to disappoint. The colours are quite decent, though not as bright as other cameras. The main deal with the camera is its excellent response to wet weather, and more importantly in a pool. I didn't go below 3m so I wasn't able to test it to the extreme, but I did use it for 2-3 hours in a pool with absolute success.
The battery is decent, you can expect about 2-3 hours footage on one charge.
I chose to use the 720p 60fps most of the time. This makes it very easy to video edit with that extra framerate.
It does manage 1080i (not quite full HD) but the difference isn't great, as at that resolution, you will notice significant blur (though no more than your average £400 cam).

Altogether, this camera is a good piece of kit. For £400 this camera would be quite good. But it's not £400, its closer to £100. Bargin!
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on 1 September 2011
Firstly let me say this *is* a good camera if you want something small, relatively cheap and robust enough to take into the water and on other activites where you wouldn't want to risk damaging a "normal" camera. However, I would recommend using it as a supplemement to a decent quality compact camera rather than as a replacement. The picture quality isn't brilliant and the digital zoom is horrible. Unfortunately it looks OK on the small built in screen so you don't realise how blobby the zoomed images are until you view them on your computer - by which time it's too late to do anything about it. However, let's not forget this is a relatively cheap camera and I suspect it's probably comparable with others in its price range.

For an "insanely robust" camera it's quite easy to inflict cosmetic damage. I bought it for a two week family beach holiday - carrying it with me all the time - and by the end it was looking a bit sorry for itself. The case seems to have a matt lacquer coating (to make it easier to grip when wet?) and this had become grimy and rubbed/flaked off altogether in places like the corners. This was only a cosmetic problem though.

A bigger problem was the hinged water proof covers on the sides that provide access to the SD card slot, USB port etc. These became increasingly difficult to unlock and after about 10 days the SD card cover had seized up completely. I suspect salt water in the catch mechanism is to blame but as the manufacturers talk about its capabilities "under the waves" in the product description, this isn't acceptable. I'm returning the camera because of this fault, however I think a tiny spot of WD40 in the (metal) catch mechanism when new might have avoided this problem.

Incidentally, someone reported a problem using class 10 SDHC cards. I bought a 16GB class 10 SDHC card to use with this (now trapped inside the camera!) and it worked fine, so that probelm seems to have been sorted.

Still giving it 4 stars though because it's great fun to use in the water and it did allow me to get shots in situations I wouldn't dream of taking a conventional camera into.
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