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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 24 January 2013
I read the other reviews on here about them receiving a counterfeit version of this battery, but Amazon supply these batteries from several sellers, so I though a couple of fakes had got into the system. Anyway it would appear the battery I have received is also a fake.

Although the Nikon website does not have any counterfeit info specifically about this battery, they mention lots of others and how the hologram on the fake items are missing the 4 notches - the hologram on the battery supplied to me does not have those notches. Also the word 'Nikon' is wrote many times over the hologram and on the genuine ones at certain angles you can only read every other line of these words and the others have to be view from a different angle, but on the fake item they are all viewed from the same angle. Also I took pictures of the holograms using a flash from several different angles, on the picture of the genuine one you can see loads of different colours but on the fake one every shot just comes out plain gold. Just showing that the counterfeit hologram is not as sophisticated.

There is a few other minor differences such as no warning label on the cap, but the other big thing is the weight - the other two genuine Nikon batteries I own both weight exactly the same, whereas the counterfeit item is 15 grams lighter. This battery is going nowhere near my camera.

Although several companies are selling this battery I will not touch any of them. Amazon also sell this battery at a slightly higher price, but I'm not going to risk it and buy from a reputable source, as for all I know they might all come out the same draw.
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on 21 June 2013
I've never had a Nikon battery deplete so quickly as this one. I've used this in the (Nikon) battery grip of my D7000. It tends to be nearly drained after a day's shooting out in the Lake District (where I live.) I noticed that after say 10 outings, it tended to drain noticeably quicker, than when new. I initially put this down to shooting out in low winter temperatures.

By chance I checked the in-camera battery usage facilty, and it showed that this battery had gone from battery age of 0 to 3, where 4 is the number you bin your battery. This was done in approx. 12 outings.

By my rough calculation this makes this 'el cheepo' battery way more expensive that the real deal OEM Nikon.

I cannot recommended this as good value or good quality therefore.
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on 14 June 2013
When i opened the packaging which was very good.. my first impression was this looks and feels and weighs like the real EN-EL15, Every detail is identical except the sticker on the back which is clearly mark as Sony.. Ok so Sony make batteries!! Charging seemed to be the same as Nikon's EN-EL15 so all was looking good.. When i put it in my camera all was good.. the battery meter in my D7000 showed the battery was at new stage.. Now.. when the battery was just under half things started to go "wrong" with my pocket wizard tt5/tt1 units. I replaced the Sony with my Nikon battery and all was ok.. after re-charging the Sony and inserting back into the camera i checked the battery meter and now its at level 3.. "Near its end of life"

Wake up Amazon.. you reputation is highly at stake as this is the second product i have bought which is defective.. i may start going elsewhere from now on!

Can't help but think i have been sold a dud! Want to send it back for a full refund.. Will i get my money back?? Will i recommend to a friend??? " Probably not ".. not at this price and performance!
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on 18 May 2013
I was initially a little concerned that this may not have been the genuine Nikon article, so requested confirmation from the seller prior to placing my order. They complied in the affirmative immediately, so I ordered one. Upon arrival, everything seemed to check out as it should, according to Nikon's spec. & the info they provide regarding counterfeit products. Apparently, those clever Chinese produce quite a few fakes from the Nikon range, including these batteries and power grips. Anyway, order with confidence from this seller & don't be deterred by the reasonable price.
***Further to this initial review, I had a problem................
After having only re-charged the battery twice, it started to show that it had already advanced past 0 to stage 1 of its 'age' on the camera's Battery Info screen! I didn't think that this was as it should be as the original Nikon battery in my D2x was still on '0' after several years! Anyway, I contacted Amazon and they immediately offered to replace or refund me, as per the usual helpful & reliable response from their Customer Support. Anyway, I was puzzled as to exactly why this was happening, so after a call to Nikon support, I returned it to them for examination. 1 week later, a brand new replacement arrived from Nikon, so I had no need to call on Amazon's assistance.
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on 19 November 2012
This looked the same as the original battery that came with my D7000. When I took it out the bag it felt slightly different. It weighs around 10grams lighter than my other 2 EN-EL15's that I have and on closer inspection has a slightly different finish and feels different when sliding it in. I thought this was too good to be true at around £35.

BEWARE!! Basically it charged fine the first time and I tested it taking one still image. When I tried it out the next morning it was totally dead. I put it on charge again and it said it was charged after 2 minutes! Obviously it didn't work and I hadn't got the bargain I had hoped for. Its a fake or a duff batch. DO NOT BUY!! Now I have to try and return it. Not a happy guy. Spend the extra £20 and get a proper one!
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on 14 November 2012
"Warning!!! counterfeit item. Shape and color of the holographic seal differs, listed counterfeit and discuss how to spot the differences between the counterfeit products and the genuine Nikon products. And this product is 100% counterfeit."
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on 23 December 2015
I bought this from Amazon despite there being other cheaper options on offer. My reasoning is that in the event of being sold a pup, I think I would have a better chance of recovering my money. I won't use cheap Lithium ion batteries due to the danger of fire during charging.

The battery arrived in original Nikon packaging stating "cell made on Japan, pack assembled in China". So far, so good. Both the box and battery have authentic hologram stickers, bearing the Nikon name and logo. The battery also has Nikon embossed on it, unlike that belonging to another reviewer on here which had Sony, so I conclude that this is a genuine Nikon battery.

It charged correctly, and the fit of the battery into the charger and camera was perfect. As I've only just purchased, I can't comment on battery life or longevity yet, but the battery is dated July 2015, so recently manufactured.

Pleased with purchase so far....
review image review image review image
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on 26 October 2013
Battery was despatched very quickly, no complaints ther. But.. this would not charge properly, (Rapid flashing light on official Nikon charger supplied with D800) and more importantly it had to pushed very hard into the battery compartment to get the latch to close, & then it would not come out.. Genuine? It is becoming harder & harder to know if you are buying a genuine battery these days. Amazon refunded my money with no problem, so good for them. I avoid Ebay for batteries, & I guess it's Caveat Emptore wherever you try & buy a genuine battery now.
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on 6 November 2013
I ordered three for an upcoming wedding I have. All three came in original boxes so I thought nothing of it. Until I had to eject the battery and replace wouldn't come out!! None of them do. I have to fiddle with blue tack and sellotape trying to coax it out. At a busy wedding, this is hardly going to work. I've compared with my original Nikon batteries and you can see the subtle differences on the back in the font and text. Do not buy.
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on 21 May 2013
Reading all the comments on here about fake batteries I thought I would go for the most expensive, assuming it must be the real thing but no, fake junk. Thanks Amazon, I ordered what was described as direct from Amazon UK to be safe but somehow they changed the supplier post order to some third party company. Bad service and bad product.
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