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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Price:£80.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 18 February 2013
This is the second Evoluent mouse I`ve purchased. Used one for a couple months at work and then bought the second one for home. After a few years of pain in my right wrist finally this mouse does the job. It is pretty good for everyday use and keeps the arm in a relaxed position - much less stress and strain than other mice I`ve tried - Intellimouse 3.0, Logitech MX-1100.

After the first day of using it carefully I noticed improvements - pain had minimized and wrist was still OK in the afternoon.

After one week I noticed that pain still can reoccur if I get tired and start moving the mouse using wrist instead of whole hand it was designed. Wrist has to remain still and fixed.

After one month I noticed that the joint between thumb and palm is hurting a little after I`ve spent hours leaning that place on top of mouse - the second problem when you get tired and start using the mouse in an easier but incorrect and non-ergonomic way.

The good:
*) It keeps palm in a vertical position thus relieving and almost eliminating pain in wrist
*) It works via USB cable so is pretty lightweight and does not put too much stress on the wrist
*) The residual on the outside of it can be easily cleaned and I find coating to be very good for everyday use.
*) The driver utility is good for assigning custom actions to buttons - like "Ctrl+W", "Ctrl+Tab" and others. Drivers are very stable on Windows.
*) nobody messes with my workstation at work - people get very confused when sitting in front of such fancy mouse and Microsoft Ergo 4000 keyboard with almost blank keys :)

The bad:
*) The driver often goes crazy on my Mac ( Macbook Air ~2010 year ), causing 100% CPU usage by "EvoluentAgent" and I can watch the temperature my Mac going all the way up till the boiling point (100*C, ~212*F) where it reboots and remains terribly hot. Otherwise the driver works good - except this overheating thing. It happens even when mouse is not plugged in. It should be fixed in order to use this mouse on Mac with customized buttons. Once "EvoluentAgent" is killed, everything goes good right away, the temperature drops. Uninstalled the Mac driver instantly after the second overheating to avoid any permanent damage.

*) The button on top, right next to thumb gets pressed once in a while when grabbing the mouse. It should be more like "Logitech MX-1100"-style - a little smaller and harder to press. The same with the lowest button next to pinky - a little annoying while learning the correct way to grab a mouse.

The neutral:
*) Initially I was surprised to find out that the part next to pinky is actually the 3rd button. Didn`t expect that. It can be assigned a keystroke like "Ctrl+Tab" but it took a while to accept that this part is a button instead of a hard surface.

Summing up the points I give this mouse 4 stars out of 5 - it is very good and almost eliminates pain in wrist when used correctly.
This is the best ergonomic mouse I`ve tried. If you can cope with buggy Mac drivers and easy-to-click buttons then try a vertical mouse - for me it is very good.
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on 13 December 2014
Really love this mouse. I tried several others because the price was putting me off. Among the others were the
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse, Anker Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse, LuguLake Vertical Ergonomic Mouse and the ZeleSouris Wired Ergonomic Vertical Mouse.
I have rsi pain in the hand and wrist after 15 years of daily heavy mouse use with a microcoft intellimouse. For me there is no doubt the Evoluent has the best feel, build quality, best size and best design for rsi. I was feeling at home with his after just a few hours and without getting the normal pains. People have commented that the dpi lights and rear branding lights are disturbing. Personally i think it makes the mouse look great and when you have a switchable dpi mouse like this having it light up so you can easily see what its currently set to is a nice feature. Of all the above name mice i tried this has the best thought out placment for back and forward buttons. Not too near so you hit them accidentally and not too far that you have to over reach with your thumb to hit them.
It is annoying that the back button doesnt work out of the box while the forward one does. You have to install the drivers and management software from the Evoluent website to get it working. The software needs to be left running to keep that feature working. The software offers a comprehensive array of options to remap the buttons, you can even set buttons to have different operations depending on the software you are using it with.
The mouse has three click bars on the wheel side. One above the wheel and two below. As someone who is very used to the two bars on a normal mouse I have disabled the lowest bar to avoid clicking the wrong one when I want a left click. However having it there an option to configure as any function I want is great.
Overall expensive but if you have serious RSI problems its money well spent.
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on 4 July 2011
Evoluent Right Handed Vertical Mouse 4 Ergonomic Mouse
This mouse does look nice and the position it puts you wrist/hand in is very comfortable, but due to the size of my hands it is not for me, I do have large hands, 220mm from tip of index finger to first crease in wrist and 110mm across the palm at the knuckle joints.
This causes my pinky(little) finger to rest/drag on the mouse mat rather than rest on the ledge of the mouse. My fingers extend 25mm beyound the ends of the mouse buttons, which would cause me to curl my fingers back into a claw, not good.
Most probably due to my hand not fitting the mouse properly I kept triggering the 3rd mouse button (default assigned to right click), the sensitivity of this one mouse button seemed very light.

There is no mention of the size of this product, not that I could see other than a mention of there being a smaller version. The approx size is as follows:- On the base 110mm long, 85mm wide and is 80mm tall.

I am sure people who have a more normal size hand will find this mouse very good, but for me and for the reasons stated above I can only give it 3 stars.
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on 8 June 2017
It does what it say it should but the quality of mouse is the best.
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on 26 January 2012
My vertical mouse 3 was becoming a bit worn after years of use, so thought I would upgrade to V4, but sadly it's a downgrade.

- You are now forced to use the Evoluent drivers, otherwise the actions of buttons 2 to 6 are mixed up. The buttons could have easily been wired to work 'out the box' like V3, so apart from laziness I am puzzled as to why did this. This is even more of a pain if you don't use Windows.

- The blue L.E.D. light on the back of the mouse is bright and annoying. In a dim lit or dark room it flashes in your eye when removing your hand.

- On my fabric gaming mouse mat, V3 works great, but V4 fails to track movement on certain parts. Used directly on the desk it has no issues.

Those are the major problems, other thoughts on the mouse are:

- The mouse wheel is slightly louder, but the rotation feels more solid and predictable.

- The extended lip helps prevent your little finger rubbing, but instead found it squashed my fingers together.

- The extra side button is a welcome feature, but the buttons are now a bit more recessed and slightly harder to press.

So I have gone back to my V3 which I would recommend over the V4.
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on 25 December 2011
Having suffered with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) for over 12 years in both hands, I finally resorted to having open release surgery following the recommendation of my consultant. Following surgery, I was advised by my occupational therapist that I needed to review my ergonomics when using a mouse and keyboard. As a heavy user of a PC at work (I am not an IT professional, but use a PC a great deal in my job), it was recommended that I consider a new input device instead of the traditional horizontal mouse. Initially, it was suggested that I consider using a vertical mouse, such as the Evoluent. However, I decided to investigate alternatives before making a final decision. As part of this process I tried a Bamboo touch tablet by Wacom and the Logitech M570 trackball mouse, which were both very good. Not being a heavy graphics software user, and also being so used to using a mouse, I found the transition to a pen and tablet a little awkward. I also found the trackball caused me to develop a sore thumb. I then decided to investigate the Evoluent mouse and read the many reviews online. I also watched several YouTube review videos. Initially, I was put off by the high cost when compared to other 'traditional' mice. Finally, I took the plunge and ordered the Evoluent mouse from Amazon. I am so pleased I did. The mouse does exactly what it is meant to do - place your hand in the neutral vertical position. As I still have a fresh scar from surgery and am still very sore and tender, I have found the Evoluent mouse to be excellent and helpful when relieving the pressure on my carpal tunnel and the median nerve. The mouse is constructed of materials similar to a good quality mouse - but doubt it will last forever (nothing does!). I have also found the mouse simple to configure with the driver downloaded from the manufacturer's website. It installed very easily on my Windows 7 x64 PC. My only slight issue is the bright Evoluent light and the green tracking sensitivity lights - but let's face it, you don't look at your mouse when using your PC. If you have TCS or RSI, don't hesitate - buy one! I wish I had done so well before my surgery. Another tip, visit the Evoluent website before ordering to ensure you buy the correct size. The website includes a downloadable hand template that you can print out for the large mouse. This will enable you to confirm the correst size of mouse to buy. My wife finds the large Evoluent mouse too big for her hand, but it is just perfect for me. If you have multiple accounts on your PC, you may need to consider using two input devices to suit the hand sizes of all users. Finally, like all specialist equipment, it needs to be reduced in price.
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on 12 January 2011
I thought nothing could beat the old Evoluent Mouse 3, but now I have the 4 - and it's awesome. Everything from the slightly tweaked design to the purely visual back lit logo all scream quality. If you've ever suffered from hand, wrist or arm pain after mouse use, try this baby out.

Even if you own one of the other upright mice (mouses??) out there - including other Evoluent models - This one delivers on all those little things you knew could improve the others: Better pinky support so now no part of the hand touches the mouse-mat, extra thumb button (as a gamer this was the clincher!), improved contact points between mouse and surface, and better, on the fly access to the mouse DPI settings is a god-send for Photoshopping. Even the driver software is just packed with tons of options. I seriously can't for the life of me understand why people use normal horizontal mice anymore with stuff like this out there.

Good size for people with large hands (they offer a small size too, oh and left handers).
6 buttons make this a competitive gaming mouse.
Comfortable from the word go.
On the fly DPI settings.
Nice Rubberized feel on the palm.

Not the cheapest mouse out there.
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on 21 January 2016
I have had this mouse for just less than 3 months and it has been sent back as the buttons have stopped working. What is interesting is that when my mouse was starting to become intermittently faulty, that my laptop would fail to boot in a timely manner and that the mouse driver would spin and require restarting. That was very strange and I have only just figured that out by uninstalling the mouse driver. Clearly this is an issue and I will contact the manufacturer as they need a timeout built into the code. Without that, other people may consider there to be a problem with a docking station or even consider a full rebuild of windows, which is where my thoughts were going.
I am a full-time PC user and I am sad to say that this isn't going to last as long as its predecessor. As you can see in the picture, the dark "vinyl" cover has worn through in three places in less than 3 months and I don't have rough hands and nor do I use alcohol based hand gels. I don’t see any way of preventing this from happening.
Apart from that, the mouse does take a few weeks to get used to, but it makes a huge physiological difference that really does reduce stresses and pains in the forearm and hands. The speed control doesn’t really need to be changed once it is set and so I am not sure why you would need that on the mouse as opposed to within the standard windows drivers or even within its own driver. It is just a wasted button as far as I am concerned. Another problem for dual screen users is that the mouse pointer stalls as you move it between the two screens - a standard mouse moves smoothly between the two. This is quite annoying as you have to move the mouse a lot further than you would do normally.
I don't play games. I find that the best configuration for the mouse (most comfortable) is the have the middle and right keys both set to perform a right click function. These are quickly updateable within the Evoluent software.
Overall, conceptually this mouse is excellent but let down by poor software and plastics. I would still probably buy one, but better to know about the problems that it may cause.
review image
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I, in general, love the Evoluent mice and won't use anything else but the extended little finger guard means I'm forever pressing the bottom button (which in my configuration is browse forward) and the glowing Evoluent logo was so distracting that I eventually used a black marker to blank it out.

The pointer speed control, which I was concerned about hitting by mistake is entirely unobtrusive until required and the addition of a second, individual thumb button is a real boon.

Sadly the extended little finger lip makes using it an exercise in frustration for me so I've relegated it to emergency duty and gone back to using my series 3.
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on 5 October 2011
I've had an Evoluent mouse at home and at work for quite a few years and I love it - I started getting twinges in my wrist but never since I switched to one of these mice (obviously YMMV, I'm no doctor). If anyone in my office starts having problems we get them one of these.

With the the "v3" mouse, there were drawbacks like sometimes the chrome could peel off (although not on either of the ones I use), and your little finger got dragged over the mousemat all the time. I've used a v4 for a couple of months and it's a lot more comfortable with the little ledge but it's too soon to say whether the chrome is more robust.
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