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on 27 February 2011
As a cycle commuter, I have my bike lit up like the proverbial christmas tree. This light has been a useful addition mounted on my helmet for a high-level rear light.
There is something rather odd going on with the description though - a big selling point seems to be the flexibility, yet the light ships with a sticker on it saying "do not bend". Hmm... So I ignored the sticker and bent mine into almost a "u" shape when I fitted it, and it still works fine. Don't expect to be able to twist it around as you fancy though, I'd guess a "u" shape would be about as extreme as it'll go (plus there's a wire along the length of the light which pops out of its housing unless you bend in the right direction (and I'm guessing may even snap if you attempted to put it on the outside of a bend)).
The switch is a bit fiddly, and lacks a positive feel, so if you're switching it on or off by touch it's near-impossible to tell whether you've managed to do so without a visual check.
Not sure I'd rely on it as my only back light, it's nowhere as bright as a 1W LED, or even the regular cateye lights. The wider angle of visibility that a bit of cunning placement gives is its top feature, and it's that wide angle which gets it 4 stars.
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on 27 August 2013
great piece of kit. flexy, bright and fits on bike or rucksack. i saw other reviews who where worried the rubber fixing would degrade when constantly taking off and re fitting to bike. i have a road bike and a mountain bike so i just attached the light to the back of my helmet so i don't have to keep changing it over. i use it in flash/strobe mode. a mate of mine commented on how he could see me from a long way off as he passed me in his car. too early yet to comment on battery life. will update in a month or two when i have put it through some winter weather. if this one lasts well i my buy another so i light up like a Christmas tree, cant be too lit up in my opinion.
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on 27 January 2014
Excellent ...I've been using mine for nearly 2 years...in fact I can't remember if I bought the originals from amazon or not...but just on ordering a spare so thought I'd review...very happy with these..I've also come up behind someone using one while in the car and been impressed, the best visibility I've seen in a rear light and importantly they offer all round visibility...great when crossing junctions when you're potentially most vulnerable.
One word of caution...if you use them in the wet some damp can work its way inside the rubbers at the ends, not a problem if you pull the rubber back and leave somewhere to air a bit after use. Not had one fail while out...but I live in a country area with very few street lights..so like to have two on the bike just in case.
For anyone interested on the front I use a 'Fusion Speed Led' (Mine is the previous version but very similar) from Full-Beam, Scottish company ....expensive but an incredible front light...I'd been through a few standard front lights and they weren't giving out enough light for riding at speed on dark (and of course pott holed) roads and lanes..the fusion is comparable to a motorcycle headlight, and the second level (5 hours burn time) is always good enough, as I said..a bit painful paying for it initially, but been using it two years and would buy again..changes night riding completely.
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on 23 October 2014
These have been around for a while, indeed I wonder if they're even still being made. Hopefully so because they're good.

It has a solid, quality feel so far, and is easy to attach to the bike. Mine is on the seat post behind the saddle. My colleague prefers not to use these on their own, and she may be right. Either way, in the dark the Fibre Flare is very very visible as a secondary safety light.

As the marketing for the product indicates, it is visible from the sides as well as the back, which I suppose is a plus. The attraction for me though is that it is so distinctive. Obviously there is no way of knowing for sure, but one almost gets the feeling that drivers do a bit of a double take - thus their mind is focused on you, and then hopefully on avoiding you. Certainly in the short time I've had this I've been getting wide passes.

With this flashing away on your seat post, there can be none of this 'he should have proper lights, I'm going to pass close to him to teach him a lesson' business, which I suspect is how some drivers think. Paranoid? Maybe, but whatever the thought process, there can be little doubt about visibility with a red pole of light flashing away for all to see.

Only had it for a few weeks so will update if any changes.
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on 11 August 2015
Regarding others comments on lastability, useability, waterproofing etc etc...

I have bought many of these from a variety of places and have, over the space of some time, used these in heavy rain, caked them in mud and treated them quite roughly. Lost a few which turned up nearly a year later and still worked with the batteries they'd been hiding with. They've been on road bikes, mountain bikes and backpacks, been flicked off my packs when caught on doors, trodden on etc etc etc.

Only two have let me down for different reasons; one had the plastic clips snapped off the back by a family member who didn't have the same consideration for my prize possessions in the garage. Don't even know how as I've never managed to break one this way?! The second was where the fibre optic came away from one of the end pieces after being caught on something and now repeatedly falls out... Remedied with some glue!

I have various different ones; long, short, front, back, battery, USB. None have let me down at all. I particularly like four long ones on my rucksack, hanging down and flashing so cars give me a wide berth (very easy to fit on military (Molle) back packs).

The reason I have such a variety is that I was stumped trying to figure out where to put lights on my bikepacking set up when there were bags strapped everywhere! These lights can go anywhere! Furthermore, USB and battery gives me multiple choices for powering these lights whilst abroad (from a bike mounted external USB power bank, locally obtained batteries or even directly charged via USB from my Dynamo (When it's dry obviously)

Also I'm fed up with @rse hole car drivers clipping me, ignorant as to how much damage or injury they can cause (I was nearly killed a few years back) and these things really do open up a higher level of visibility and safety (no more attempts to overtake as I pass width restriction bollards thank goodness)

Not to say yours won't be duds (and mine will prob break now I've left this "glowing" review) but I'm very happy with them and mostly use them as my main rear lights now! On the attached pic you can probably make out the one on the rear seat stay and one hanging underneath my large (but much more expandable) saddle bag. I also run them on the fork legs and on the handlebars. Not used all the time but there if other lights fail!

Good luck with yours!
review image
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on 19 July 2012
Its big so its easy to see, especialy from far away on dark roads and its easy to see from from side on angles. This is pretty important to me as I cycle at night on rural roads. The attaching it on to the bike is not brilliant but I usually hang it on my bag so that is not a problem for me.

I am really happy with it but perhaps others would only need a small LED on the back.
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on 13 April 2014
This is not your average dazzling bright LED light -i.e blinding when on axis and only just about visible at any other angle. It provides a bright and extended illumination area, with excellent visibility at almost any angle. The result is a light that is much more noticeable, enables better distance judgement (by car drivers approaching you) and is not blinding to your buddies if you are riding in a bunch. From a distance this light proves to be much more conspicuous than all my cycling buddies lights - even though it does not look as bright !

Its simple to attach to the bike or your bag and about the only down side is that it is considerably larger than the average rear LED light (but that is also what makes it so effective!)
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on 20 February 2013
This is one bright and, for car drivers, attention grabbing light. I genuinely believe I get an extra yard of space form car drivers when using this. Very bright, very visible and unobtrusive even on the sleekest bike. Has been utterly reliable - every bike now has one. Pretty quick and easy to remove, very slightly fiddly to re-fit if you're taking it on and off every day. Otherwise perfect.

Highly recommended.
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on 18 September 2014
If you own a bike and ride from dusk onwards then you SHOULD own one of these. Great little light that will make sure your seen from all angles not just directly behind you. It's not the greatest of quality but more than fit for purpose and fits to bike easily without damage. I certainly wouldn't hesitate when buying another.
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on 10 January 2015
Have this 6 months or so tried to turn it on nothing happened. Tried changing batteries nothing working, and its been on my road bike so no knocks and i havent taking it out in rain so no water damage. But to be honest before it broke was amazing just one star safty is a concern so did i get a faulty one who knows
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