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on 25 January 2011
The main reason I bought this was to use the IR receiver with my Logitech Harmony One. Once I found the correct codes it works great. The codes needed are:

Device: Media Center PC
Manufacturer: ORTek
Model: VRC-1100
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on 7 May 2011
Just a quick review to say that I purchased this remote to use it with XBMC running on OpenELEC (RC5 0.99.5 at time of writing) on an Acer Revo 3700, and I'm pleased to say it worked straight out of the box! No messing about with Linux drivers (somthing that I wasn't looking forward to) or anything, just worked! The only issue I had was that the power button did just that, turned off the power rather than suspending the Revo, but a quick keymap.xml sorted that out.
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on 11 November 2010
The main purpose of me purchasing this was to use the Media Center, but this is much more than I expected and remarkably affordable than the official remote. All of the buttons are very responsive and the main advantage I found was you can use this as a cursor (with left and right mouse click buttons) as I found this effective when I hook my laptop to my HDTV and navigating my desktop with ease (ideal for multimedia use such as watching movies and PowerPoint slideshows). It has all the buttons you need such as volume control, mute, the typical PLAY PAUSE FORWARD REWIND buttons etc.

This is probably the only PC remote that functions as a mouse as I have never seen any other PC remote that has this feature. I'm surprised that the Official Windows PC Remote failed to have a mouse functionality. No software or setup required as it is a plug and play USB, so all of the buttons are pre-configured which is nice. This product works on Windows XP, VISTA and the latest Windows 7.

If your looking for a Windows PC remote that functions/responds well, playing all your multimedia needs and with a mouse navigation to control your desktop PC/Laptop with the comfort of your sofa, then look no further.

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on 5 December 2010
Be warned that this device simulates a keyboard rather being a true Microsoft MCE remote clone. If you are thinking of buying this for the receiver to use with a Logitech Harmony One and/or with MythTV then this is probably not the best choice. I was initially puzzled when it worked straight away when plugged it in to my Linux box without the lirc modules!

It does work reasonably well with Windows Media Center and I will make do as far as MythTV/Harmony One is concerned until I can find a reasonably priced true MCE remote such as the Anyware HA-IR01SV.
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on 4 March 2011
Remote works out of the box on Windows 7 for sure. Mouse control is fine and using it out of the box for Windows Media Center only is fine and maybe other very basic tasks. It does work with other programs like XBMC and MediaPortal straight away but is missing some features. I have a Harmony One remote and it connects to that but only as a replica of this remote using (Media Center PC-->Ortek--> VRC 1100) Be warned: You cant use the harmony to program new codes in - ex: TAB Key on keyboard as a button on Harmony because of the receiver's restrictions.

I found that if you search for 'LM Gestion' and download their free app you can completely reprogram the remote to any key or function you like! So the Start button opens XBMC straight away and not MCE and I can configure all my missing buttons!

You don't even have to point the remote in the IR receiver line of sight!

Fantastic Remote!
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on 16 February 2013
Works well for me with Windows 8. I haven't tried the various media facilities, but the mouse tracker works fine (it accelerates if you keep the track button pressed so it should become very convenient with practice), and if you keep the left mouse button pressed (I mean the button simulating it on the remote of coure) and use the tracker, you can control sliders, zoom in and out, drag windows about or scroll window contents, stuff you can't do too easily with apps like Splashtop you run from your tablet. Likewise the right mouse button brings up the context menu and you can scroll through the options with the up and down buttons on the remote. As far as I know you can't press the space, Escape, Ctrl, Alt, functions keys from the remote, so check that the apps you will want to control can be controlled from context menus or mouse clicks before committing yourself to purchase. In applications like VLC media, which has an autohide control bar, moving the mouse with the tracker will bring it up. Likewise if you have a screensaver kicking in, a touch of the mouse tracker will activate your computer.

I didn't see any announcement in Windows 8 about installing drivers when I plugged it in. Perhaps there was one and I just missed it. It didn't actually work first time round. I think perhaps I didn't seat the batteries correctly in the remote or perhaps the computer need rebooting. At any rate after I checked the batteries were seated properly and rebooted, it worked fine.

Also works with my Vista Home desktop of several years vintage and it's convenient enough to switch between the two computers.

HIghly recommended.
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on 25 June 2011
The packages was delivered (here in Greece) with 2 days delay (if I was to trust the estimated delivered date upon ordering). This is not terrible, though. The remote unit itself looked pretty good. Nice feeling when pressing the keys, nice feeling when holding it. Because I only wanted the IR receiver, I did not use it much. The receiver, is small (good!) and red (I would proffered it black). It lights up red (quite bright) when it receives a command.

I added it (as an Ortek VRC-1100) on my Harmony 600 and I've operating with this since.

I'm solely using it with my XBMC. I cannot tell if the mouse operation is any good, not of any use inside XBMC. As far as XBMC is concerned it takes a little tweaking in keyboard.xml, but then everything works. Beware that in order to have all functions you will have to use keys in awkward places (Like Record TV). I used harmony to reconfigured them elsewhere, but if you have to stick with the original remote, be warned.

The "Internet Explorer" key and INFO can't be trapped.

<t mod="ctrl,shift">Notification(Key, Yellow, 3)</t> <!-- Yellow button -->
<m mod="ctrl">Notification(Key, Blue, 3)</m> <!-- Blue button -->
Notification(Key, Green, 3) <!-- Green button -->
<e mod="ctrl">Notification(Key, Red, 3)</e> <!-- Red button -->
<o mod="ctrl">Notification(Key, u/Yellow, 3)</o> <!-- Button under Yellow -->
<g mod="ctrl">Notification(Key, u/Blue, 3)</g> <!-- Button under Blue -->
<t mod="ctrl">Notification(Key, u/Green, 3)</t> <!-- Button under Green -->
<m mod="ctrl,shift">Notification(Key, u/Red, 3)</m> <!-- Button under Red -->
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on 19 December 2014
May be a bit weird as a main selling point for the Amazon Fire TV is the voice navigation and the 'no line of site' remote but I wanted to try and have only 1 remote control in the living room to control all my stuff. Using this IR receiver plugged into the back of the Fire TV (power off then plug in then power on), this remote worked 'out of the box'. I then used the remote to program my old Harmony 515 universal remote and can now use it for Watching TV via a TIVO, The Fire TV or a DVD or switch to game mode. No use for the actual remote but delighted with the receiver.
The actual remote unit itself looks to be decent quality and very usable (similar to Tivo one) but it is in the drawer with the others for now.
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on 31 July 2012
Works perfectly, no drivers needed, just plug it in (if running XBMC remember to go into your settings to enable Remote Control mode - default is mouse mode).

I have one connected to my home media server (Windows Home Server 2011 running XBMC media center) and it works perfectly. It also works fine as a mouse on the Windows desktop.

I was so impressed I bought another for my Raspberry Pi running RaspBMC. Just plug it in, no messing around.
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on 28 December 2010
Does everything you need to run MCE on Windows 7. IRC receiver lead is about a foot which should just about reach from your media centre to the bottom of the tv or front of TV cabinet. Batteries last well on this.

Keys are rubber yet feels more solid than those cheap Hauppage remotes.

The rubber thumb grip works as a 360 mouse including left and right mouse buttons just above it. The only difficult bit is using two hands to click and drag at the same time - which if you're getting to that stage (and using onscreen keyboards to enter letters) then you really need a remote keyboard as this will hurt your thumb after a while and slow you down.

But if you stay out of windows and Internet explorer and use it just for MCE then it works great and is much better value than the official remote with the big green logo button. After a while you'll be entering, returning, fast fowarding, pausing and jumping like you've owned it for ages. I like intuitive remotes.
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