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on 11 October 2014
The Philips Sonicare range are fine toothbrushes and very effective cleaners. I'd never buy anything else. Manual brushing is useless by comparison.

That's the review. Now let me share some useful lore with you...

I've just replaced my HX6902/02 after 40 months. The gasket through which the drive shaft emerges had perished and a little water had been seeping inside. Limescale had deposited onto the electromagnets' polepieces and onto the permanent magnet facing them at the end of the transmission assembly. This had forced the assembly out of alignment. The result was a very noisy machine and a much-reduced cleaning action. The battery was still full of beans, incidentally.

The warranty runs for two years, during which time Philips will replace the unit. After that they'll give you a discount voucher for their online shop. It's far cheaper to buy a new Sonicare from Amazon.

Installing a new AA-size Li-Ion battery is tricky but feasible. That's about all you can do, since the design is not capable of being fully dismantled for mechanical repairs. Incidentally, the transmission shaft in my HX6902/02 was a tough metal stamping with a vee cross-section, and it looked impervious to fatigue fracture.

Finally, a word on Flexcare. This feature provides a repertoire of alternative brushing and massage programmes. You pay a lot more for such features, and I don't think they are useful. I have bought a HX6511/50 this time. It has the same brilliant cleaning action, takes the same ProResults heads (among several other types), omits Flexcare, and costs less than half the price.

So once the machine is out of warranty, if trouble strikes, don't waste your time trying to mend it. Bin it and buy a new one right away.

Great toothbrushes. I recommend them highly.
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on 21 October 2016
This is undeniably a great toothbrush, but at the price it ought to last longer than 2 years. My latest sonicare toothbrush has just stopped working and having checked my order records I see that this, alongside 4 previous purchases, lasted less than 2 years. I don't think that's acceptable for what is supposedly a top of the range product and definitely a top end price.
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on 18 July 2017
Best toothbrush- your teeth feel really clean after
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on 9 August 2014
Arrived promptly as described - This was my second one - never again. These are excellent toothbrushes when they work. But. Firstly, the toothbrush is designed to be discarded when the rechargeable battery is knackered - I kid you not look at the instructions. - in my experience it will last just over a year. To replace the battery you have to import a battery from USA via Ebay and then attempt to replace it - there are videos on Youtube which describe the process (involves soldering) and all I can say is Good Luck!! If the battery does last a little longer you will find the toothbrush develops faults on the circuit board. It is a shame - when it works it is brilliant but let down by built in obsolescence and third rate electronics.
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on 19 January 2012
Like others who have reviewed the HX6902, I have no complaints regarding the effectiveness of the brush. It does a great job cleaning teeth and gums, and the entire product is beautifully designed. However.... as several (including myself) have discovered, the Sonicare brush is more than likely to pack up within a couple of years (or less in some instances) meaning you need to fork out for another expensive replacement. In my case it looks like the battery has failed meaning it no longer charges. I also noticed like others that the strength of the motor does deteriorate over time. Ultimately the pitiful product life effectively works out as the equivalent of spending >£50 a year on toothbrushes - or the equivalent of buying a new "manual" toothbrush one a week. Some (myself included) might regard as excessive. I do find it staggering that a global consumer electronics giant such as Philips have not bothered to sort out these issue, even after several years of production. It isn't exactly like solving nuclear fusion. But then again, the cynic in me suspects this is actually "planned" obsolescence - and Philips is quite happy for it to fail soon after it is out of warranty. Regardless- hard to recommend anyone buy this product, as effective as it maybe. Very disappointing.
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on 27 February 2013
This is my fourth Sonicare toothbrush. So yes, I think they are very good but at the price (which fluctuates a good deal) it should last longer than a couple of years and I suspect, from past experience, that it won't.

There is not much to choose between these Sonicare brushes and there are plenty of models to choose from. The more you pay, the more gadgets and brushing modes you get. Will you use them? Well on this one, the answer is yes! Unfortunately, that is because there is a mode button and an on/off switch situated close together on the handle and you will find you change brushing modes (normal, sensitive, massage) without intending to touch anything at all.

The other problem is that after a year or two, the switch function begins to fail and the brush can switch itself on and off randomly overnight leaving you with a discharged brush in the morning. This may be because the handle seal fails and water enters the circuitry. You might try leaving the handle to dry out on a warm radiator when this happens but this will provide only a temporary solution while you order a replacement.

So, keep your receipt as Phillips guarantee the unit for two years from date of purchase (you can register online).

This may sound rather negative but I wouldn't be on my fourth Sonicare if it didn't do a really good cleaning job. This model takes at least 24 hours to charge fully when it arrives but the battery does hold its charge very well and this isn't really a drawback in general use. Obviously, over time, the battery will begin to discharge more rapidly if nothing else fails first.

You will need to change the brush head every three months to maintain effective brushing.

Here's an update. This one lasted just over 10 months and has now failed completely. The charging light stopped illuminating (i.e. after use and while on the charger) and this was the first sign of electrical issues. After a further three days, the brush would switch off of it's own accord whilst in use and then it just buzzed quietly but without moving the brush head. The Phillips helpline was OK and they have agreed to send a replacement in about 5 days upon the receipt of the old brush handle to be returned freepost.

The fact remains that these brushes typically cost between £70 and £125 depending on the exact model and the price at the time of purchase and they are very prone to premature failure. The two year guarantee entitles you to a repair or replacement when the unit fails. If they are susceptible to failure in moist conditions, it could be argued they are not really fit for purpose.
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on 9 September 2010
The Philips Sonicares are great toothbrushes. If you haven't used one before then you'll be amazed at how clean and polished your teeth feel and how much more healthy your gums are. You do need to get used to using them though, so that you don't accidentally change the setting while you are brushing. You also need to get used to using very light pressure to get the best advantage of the sonic technology and also avoid wearing out the replaceable heads too quickly. The biggest drawback though is reliability. I had one of the original and now unfortunately obsolete Sonicare toothbrushes with the moving parts in the replaceable head and that lasted for years without a problem. The new range has the major moving parts in the handle and there seems to be the flaw. In the two year warranty period the first brush failed after a few weeks, the replacement failed after a year or so and the second replacement failed a few weeks before the warranty expired. On the second replacement Philips made comments to the effect that they don't usually replace more than once on warranty but would do so in my case as a special concession. Quite unreasonable I thought - a warranty is a warranty and you'd expect the thing to last at least two years for the price. These failures weren't the on/off button problem that has been reported, the handle just stopped working altogether. Except for an automated acknowledgement, I haven't heard back from Philips about the third claim and I doubt that I will now but life's too short to keep chasing toothbrush warranty claims. The brush is so good that I've bought another and will follow the warranty up as necessary. My experience suggests that you can't expect the thing to last much longer than two years and even with a light touch I think that you'll be lucky to get 3 months out of the rather expensive replacement heads, so you need to be prepared to pay something like £4 per week just for a toothbrush - that works out at about double what I pay my dental hygienist for two visits per year. That seems a lot even for a very good brush. My son's fiancée has one and she has just given up on it after the second failure on the basis that she hasn't got time to keep queuing up in the post office to send it back for warranty replacements.
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on 30 December 2014
Philips Sonicare HX6902/02
Pros: Simple to use, Excellent results with this tooth brush, can be used the family, Good for travel.
Cons: The heads can be pricey (if purchased on the high-street rather than via Amazon), No travel mode.

I purchased this toothbrush last year after my dentist recommended that I upgrade my old electric brush. In short, it’s amazing how clean your teeth feel after brushing with it. I sometimes have to travel with work and find the battery life lasts for a week+ and the travel bag (cloth) is perfect. The only niggle is I can’t find a travel mode, to disable it from accidently turning on when in my bag. It does the job well of helping to clean my teeth and giving the just visited feel without sitting in his chair everyday, I will never go back to a normal brush! A tad pricy but worth it. Worth looking out for online/in-store promotions on the replacements heads.
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on 19 December 2014
I come from a dentistry family I love this tooth brush I'm told off every time I go for over brushing so to use this one properly use a non abrasive tooth paste NO whitening, let the tooth brush move over the teeth slowly Don't Scrub and reduce the setting for your gums oh and twice a day unless your drinking or eating things that stain teeth in that case a quick once over with a manual is the way forward don't be embarrassed to be caught doing it you only have one set !! p.s I'm sometimes called Colgate 😁
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on 12 February 2013
The Sonicare toothbrush is a revelation.

I can only put it this way: However hard you might brush your teeth with a conventional brush (or even alternative electric brush), nothing will make your teeth feel as clean as a 2 minute brush cycle with a Sonicare. Yes, they are pricey (although discounts are plentiful), but this will not be money wasted, as your oral health will be in the safest hands. This version allows for some variation in brushing intensity, and also includes a 'massage' setting that helps with gum health. It also provides a useful 4 x 30-second brushing sequence that prompts you to clean each part of your teeth (front back top bottom) equally effectively. I have to keep my teeth clean and healthy, as I have a 4-tooth bridge (National Health provided!) that is fitted across a gap on two of my existing teeth (that have been ground & shaped to take the bridge). If for any reason, one of the two existing teeth should start to decay, I would then be facing the prospect of a removable plate with false teeth. So for me, keeping my teeth and gums healthy is a must.

To a newcomer, the amount of energy that the vibrating head kicks out can be a bit of a shock, and I believe that, out of the box, a new brush will cleverly 'build up' in intensity over the first few days use, so you can grow accustomed to the cleaning experience. When I visited the dentist, she was almost in disbelief that the backs of my teeth were all so free from tartar.

If I'm ever travelling without the Sonicare, I really do miss it. Would I change to another electronic toothbrush brand? No.
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