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on 6 November 2016
I bought this so that I could hoover our stairs etc more easily than with our Argos Hoover, and hoped it would make it much quicker and require less effort.

I'm a bit disappointed with it, having used it just once so far:

- it's heavier than it looks and hurts your hand after a while
- power cord could do with being longer - got half way down stairs and had to change sockets (would be even better if cordless!)
- the attachments are so tricky to get in and out. It was only through a q&a above that I managed to get the tool adapter out - thank you to the person who said to push down as you pull!
- after doing only half the stairs the red indicator came on to say it needed emptying. It wasn't full up and the filters weren't particularly blocked but I emptied it anyway - indicator was still on when I started to use it again
- the floor head is a bit useless given that the suction hole is tiny and doesn't go the full width of the head
-instructions could be more detailed!

On the plus side
- it does have good suction and will be handy for getting into tighter spaces.
- the blower tool will be useful

I think I would have been better off paying more for something lighter and cordless but the reviews made this sound like it was really good!
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on 4 April 2017
I got this for hoovering out the car since my dog shed like crazy. It's powerful and picks up the hair great for about a minute them it's filter is clogged and the power drops off. There is and handy gunge that tells you how hard it's working which equates to how clogged the filter is. I gave it and right good clean out in getting covered in dust banging it against the side of the bin, like cleaning a black board duster. I later used it to hoover the stairs but I could only get two to three treads done before it had to clean the filter. The unit it's self feels well made and easy to manouver if a little on the large side and you almost always have to use an attachment but there are many and all have a good seal to there is a minimum loss of suction. The extension tubes do a good job of making it fairly comfortable for hoovering the kitchen floor even with me being over 6 foot tall. However the supplied bag is only big enough for the vacuum and the crevice too amd you are left trying to house the other 15 attchments. But the mutt struk again and pinchwd the bag and destroyed it in a matter of seconds so not very high quality. I got a small hold all from cheap tat shop and it does the job fine. I haven't tried it in inflation mode but given how strong it socks with a clean filter it should be good however it is the exhaust of the vacuum so it blows out pretty hot hair just something to be aware of if inflating an air bed as you might loose some pressure when the air cools and will need a slight top up. Given the price I still think it's good value as it really works well but if only it came with 2 or 3 filters you could swap out for doing even medium size jobs.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 30 March 2016
Just bought this to take in our motorhome. We are not houseproud cleaning fanatics at home or on holiday, but when you're sharing your motorhome with a dog who sheds a lot of hair, it isn't long before the mh looks like it's got a pretty luxurious carpet in it. I didn't want a battery powered vac because it's just more cost and hassle (I'll just vac that up, oh no it's not charged) and the infrequent use probably isn't much good for lasting battery life either. This will be just fine for when we're on mains hookup, which is 97% of the time. It is surprisingly powerful for its size, giving very good suction. My only gripe is the plethora of pipes and odd shaped nozzles and adapters which take a lot of peering at diagrams and head scratching to fit together in the right order.
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This vacuum is EXELENTE!

Does the job perfect in my small apartment (like really really small).
Takes up little space.
Easy to empty
GOOD power (Avoid wireless ones)
The microdust-filter needs to be cleaned out after every time using it but that takes 2 minutes.
PLENTY of accessories for different vacuuming situation.

Can't fault it for use in a small apartment/car cleaning.
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on 12 June 2017
I have one of those 'Henry' vacuums but it's just too big and unwieldy to hoover with on a regular basis. I always end up banging the furniture etc. However, this thing here is very good. I previously had a similar thing from AEG but the hose was incredibly short and eventually it split. So far I've had no problems with this one. It's not brilliantly made, but for the price I'd say it was good value. I vacuum most of the house with it. The only negatives are that the little gauge which is supposed to tell you when it needs emptying is useless. However, I empty it after every time I've used it so I don't need the gauge.
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on 6 March 2017
Ok it's not ideal especially for Black & Decker but from the other reviews of similar products, I decided to choose this and am not disappointed. Powerful enough for my usage but there are too many niggly bits for my liking, they could have been better designed but looks like it was designed on an acid trip, perhaps?
Anyway, I decided not to fight the bits that kept falling off and bought this Electruepart Universal 32mm Tool Kit - 32mm accessory tool kit universal, and it fits without extra bits to contend with.
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on 13 May 2017
This is a great little hoover. I live in a one bed flat with mostly wooden floors and it is perfect for what I need. It has amazing suction power and a very long chord. As other reviews say you do need to clean the filter often especially if you are hoovering a large amount of dust, this can be a little annoying and I know some people buy a second filter to switch between because of this. However this aside it works so well on hard surfaces. It can struggle on carpet but I prefer to use my proper vacuum for my carpet anyway.
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on 8 May 2016
Not a bad piece of kit upon first look. But some of the combinations of the accessories seem really weird. Only certain ones fit with each other, they don't all fit with each other. Also, some are difficult to take apart.

Usage? Well, it was great. But after 1 minute of use, my electrics had tripped at it was spewing sparks out of the back.

Probably got a dud, but it's a pretty serious problem to have, hence the 1 stars. I won't be getting another just in case.
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on 29 May 2017
I really like this product. It is robust, yet compact. I use it twice or thrice a week to vacuum up our small studio flat. It is just plainly useful and fantastic. At first, I was having a not-so-happy time cleaning the filter inside the compartment after each use. However, I learned a nice trick to avoid the time-consuming cleaning of the filter (which would defeat the purpose of saving you cleaning time). Just insert a single flap of toilet paper between the white filter and the blue filter holder. Once the white filter is pushed in, the flap of toilet paper sits securely between the white and blue filters. After each use, I just throw away the flap of toilet paper with lots of dirt trapped on it. The white filter stays clean and is ready to be stored without the fuss of cleaning it.
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on 26 March 2012
i live in student accommodation and the carpet is very old and full with hair and white particles like cotton and thread and the regular vacuum is doing nothing and so big to use it every day so i was searching for something small and handy

i tried it immediately when it arrived , it was magical , all the hair was gone , less white patches in no time
the cable is soo long so you feel like its cordless and u don't need to change the place of the plug several time to clean the whole apartment. it gets full fast but its easy to clean and i can clean under the sofa and the tables very easily without the need to push the furniture or bend to reach underneath . the sound is as the usual sound of any vacuum cleaner. and if it became full a red colour will appear like an alarm to clean it and they wrote if it became very hot the machine will be off by it self till it cools down and then u can use it again but it never happened to me
it comes with a lot of attachments and pieces and i only used 2 of them but no big deal
the packaging was so secure like the placed it in 3 other cartons other than its own box and it arrived before the estimated time for delivery which was fantastic

so in general its an excellent vacuum with perfect price
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