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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 January 2014
I take this supplement along with Lysine, Proline and Glycine. I took them originally to help lubricate and strengthen my joints, especially my painful knees and elbows.

I had NO IDEA that this classic combination of all the specific aminos to help you make good connective tissue would do so much amazing stuff for my skin and general appearance.

Basically I must have been totally starved of the raw ingredients to make good collagen because, boy, am I making it now.

I take 2 capsules of proline, twice a day, and one glycine, twice a day. All the rest once a day.

First you don't notice anything, then after about 4 days you notice the pain in your joints easing up. Then gradually you start to notice that when you get up in the morning, its no longer a creaky slow motion affair. Then you notice your knees don't creak as much. Then you notice the joints in your fingers start to get stronger and you do things like open jars without using a special appliance. Then and only then, do you notice your face filling out. Then my tummy muscles pulled in and last of all the skin over my knees pulled in, I kid you not!

While all of this was going on, I noticed my spine becoming stronger. I didn't think my spine was that weak, but when I look back, I can see, that too needed a lot of collagen support, because it is surprisingly supple now. I think the base of the spine is where I now notice the improvement most, because for instance, its a lot easier to do things like bending down from standing, and bending to pick something up whilst sitting.

I know some people will most likely laugh at this, but because I'm a person that has dieted hard in the past, the change I've noticed in the overall appearance of my skin is like my entire body has had a face-lift? I thought I was imagining things at first, then I realised my skin was becoming very smooth. To think I've paid all that money on expensive skin conditioners in the past, when all along I should have tackled the problem of making proper collagen from WITHIN.

The science is that: cysteine enables newly formed collagen to have elasticity. And that's the amazing thing that's happening, the skin, especially, gets plumped out and pulled in, because its finally got more elastic inside it again.

Can't really define how much younger you might look look, but the effect on my complexion is to make me look significantly less tired and less wrinkled. I suppose another way to define it would be, the overall effect makes me look as if I'm wearing foundation, when I'm not?

I've nearly finished my first bottle of proline, but I only started to notice HUGE changes after I took n-acetyl-Cysteine along with it.

If this product is doing this much for my outward appearance, can you imagine what its doing for my organs and connective tissues? Because I'm so encouraged by the physical changes this product has brought about, I decided to speed up the process by making bone broth every couple of weeks. (Its very inexpensive, you chuck it all in a pressure cooker and have enough for 4 days.)

When you read into why people are generally so deficient in good collagen, its because we don't make bone broth any more and as a species are (sadly) only consuming lean cuts of meat. Furthermore, the really neat thing about making bone broth is that it is an age old way to ensure 'protein sparing'. This means you can eat less protein per day, but your body will not cannibalise its protein stores for energy production e.g. you can prevent muscle wasting whilst on a calorie controlled diet!

N.B. I would add, that the main reason I think this regimen has worked for me, is that for the process to be complete, we are told you must include adequate levels of vitamin C. Well, I don't drink shop-bought fruit juice anymore, or take any Vit. C supplements, but I do juice up half a grapefruit and 2 oranges every morning e.g. one tumbler full a day. (Furthermore, I feel pretty certain, the consumption of ascorbic acid alone would not produce these amazing results.)
The other thing worth mentioning is that I take adequate Essential Fatty Acids (EFAS) too, in the form of cold-pressed nut oils (3 teaspoons per day).

Update 09 Feb 14:
My Proline ran out for about 2 weeks but I continued to take all the aminos in the usual way. Noticed my lungs started to have a big clear out, the likes of which I had not experienced before. I had a cold too, but colds never usually go to my chest, this time it did and resulted in what we came to refer to as sci-fi levels of snot. Now I'm not sure, but this could be that my lungs are clearing out gunk from younger hedonist days?

Occasionally I take Branched Chain Amino Acids, especially just before a heavy gardening or decorating session. One of the aminos in that group is Valine, which is also recommended for repair of damaged connective tissue. I do think that helped too, but I take them very infrequently, because they tend to reduce serotonin and I have to watch the calendar that I don't get caught out on that.

Update 28/03/14:
As a measure of how much stronger my joints and spine are, get your ears round this. Had a bad leak in the garage, seems to be from waste pipe section that is in the loft of the garage. Suggests item was not lagged. No surprise, must have been 'a Friday afternoon' job, as builders refer to it. Anyway, Tarzan had other things to do, so I was left to empty the garage of 25 years of tut, single handedly.! Now that would almost certainly have made all my joints, especially my back and wrists kill me by the end of the day. On the contrary, there is no isolated area of overuse, most interestingly, there is almost no generalised feeling of being shot to shreds, yet - this is the third day of lugging stuff backwards and forwards. I suppose I'm ready to return to the gym now, but quite honestly I'd rather straighten out the house, as I was below par for a whopping 18 months.
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on 18 November 2014
Swanson are very good value for money so I totally recommend them, N Acetyl Cysteine is something that anyone who smokes should take as it keeps your chest clear, Cysteine is a potent anti-oxidant, can bind with heavy metals so your body can excrete them, is needed for collagen production and is converted into glutathione
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on 3 August 2015
I've been taking these for my trichotillomania for a few months now, one a day. My eyelashes have fully grown back and I no longer get the urge to pull them out. I had a bit of a 'relapse' a couple of months back where I pulled all my left eyelashes out but I felt terrible afterwards and decided to continue taking nac as at that stage I'd only been taking them for around a month and wanted to give them more chance. I'm so glad I did. My eyelashes have almost fully grown back again with no more desire to pull. I highly recommend this supplement for trich sufferers. It might not work for everyone but hey, it's worth a shot right?
review image
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on 1 February 2014
I won't do without this product, it stopped years of nasty sinusitis which is a blessing when I would suffer 5 days of bad headaches, feeling sick, lethargy
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on 2 October 2013
I have found these capsules to work well to clear the congestion I have.Better than any other medicine I have tried.Wray
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on 13 December 2014
This is 100% brilliant stuff. It works within days to clear sticky mucous from the lungs and makes breathing easy again. I would recommend it 100%.
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on 15 July 2016
I use this at 2,400mg per day for Trichotillomania. It has many other varied indications for use. Unfortunately, it is not licenced for clinical use in the UK so buying it pharmaceutical grade is near impossible, and I've therefore had to go down the OTC route which is always a gamble as the quality of the product is not regulated so stringently (or at all).

The problem with NAC is that it is not very stable, and releases Hydrogen Sulphide as a breakdown product, which in these low quantities is harmless... But STINKS of rotten eggs. That's how you can tell the quality of the product you receive. If it's fresh and high purity, there should be very little effusive odor.

Unlike other brands I have tried and tested, Swanson is the least nasally offensive and in fact when first opened has no smell.

Advice is to keep this product in the fridge, and do not buy multiples in advance (I have made this mistake even with Swanson) because it can and does go off in the airtight container. Gone off product is not harmful, but it obviously is no longer NAC and will not be efficacious. You may aswell take a sugar pill.

So yeah, if you can't get your hands on pharmaceutical grade ( v expensive, too) then Swanson is your best bet. But keep refrigerated and only buy one at a time!
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on 6 November 2015
These are wonderful.

Anyone who has done some credible research into supplements for supporting liver function will know of this product.

Optimal dosage is 600-1200mg per day.

NAC along with PPC and SAM-e form the cutting edge trinity of supplement support to support liver detoxification and support.

I take these every day and I have really noticed the difference.

Interesting, many hospitals administer NAC when dealing with patient who present themselves after taking high levels of Paracetamol. Which further supports its benefits for liver support.


Platinum Review
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on 6 November 2010
This powerful anti-oxidant seems to specifically target the lungs, helping to prevent recurrent chest infections in vulnerable people. As a COPD sufferer I would not be without it, as a preventative measure. (It doesn't help if an infection has already taken hold.)
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on 22 May 2011
I have been taking this product for over a year on the advise of my medical consultant. This is the first time that i have bought Swanson NAC, i normally buy from a well known high street Health Store. What more can I say!..... Much cheaper and no horrible Arnie ....I will be back! I'm well pleased.
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