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on 10 April 2017
This book will guide you to a place that goes beyond any form of understanding. However, only when you're ready. You'll know what it's time and not a minute later.
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on 2 February 2013
, The words of this book are healing, they opened my heart to love love love !! Thank you Michael, from my heart . anna
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on 27 April 2011
If you only ever want to own one book on the subject of self-realisation, personal development, recovery from childhood trauma, spiritual growth, meditation, etc., then this is the book to own ... and USE.

I have never reviewed anything on Amazon before (despite having purchased hundreds of books and DVDs from them over the years). That's how strongly I feel about this book.

What this book is not:
- an overly theoretical work
- a New-Age 'everything is perfect' panacea
- a neo-yogic reimagining of the author's own issues
- a patronising rehash of the wisdom of ancient traditions boiled down for Western audiences

What this book is:
- a rigorous, practical guide and instruction manual
- a tangible, daily practice
- a process of recovery from past trauma and emotional wounding
- a signpost to a path that will lead, if followed sincerely, to an ongoing encounter with the deepest truth about the nature of the self

Nuff said.
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on 8 March 2017
Great quality book. Thank you : )
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on 10 May 2012
I've been working at healing my multiple trauma for some years now and have used many different books and strategies, and this is the book I would recommend if you were to buy only one. It works and I believe it's the answer to most of what's ailing folk.

For me, it contains the best of what I've learned during therapy and in my spiritual search. I believe that anybody in *any* kind of physical or emotional pain would be helped tremendously by using this book, and even if you didn't go through the process you'd be a lot wiser and closer to health and inner peace for reading it.

The inauthentic, unhappy adult contains the suffering child. We are triggered by 'the messenger', the person or sickness that we say is making us suffer, into un-integrated painful childhood memories, and we have to understand the message that the pain is carrying, feel it to heal it and re-establish a connection with the hurt child. No more suppression or repression with addictions or any behaviour that is designed to stop the pain. It has to hurt before it will go away, but it is a cleansing sort of pain and it absolutely transforms. I really love this book.
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on 4 July 2011
A friend tipped me off about Michael Brown and I have not been disappointed. This book and his wisdon can take you forward to peace. What I really like is that I can tackle really big stuff that has been blocking me all my life myself. I'm on week eight now of the process and the effects have been amazing. Let's not underestimate how hard it is but heck, it is worth it. I would rather go through this pain now and experience peace and love here and now that suffer on and on with the same old same old - and make everyone around me and the world suffer too. So I will cut to the chase and say buy this book now and get on with the process. No buts.
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on 24 May 2011
Michael Brown offers a proceedure to gently clear the negative emotions which unconsciously effect our relationships in the everyday world. This process along with his written text have provided me with a much clearer understanding with which I now face the world. When I feel troubled I trace the problem back to the cause within myself and apply Michael's techniques for healing. This is opening up a more joyful world for me and those around me. The book is very helpful but an individual must be ready to want to go through this process in order to improve their life for themselves, we all have a time of awakening and this is a great fascilitator.
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on 6 December 2010
The second edition is far more user friendly than the first, worth buying even if you have the first edition.

I am on the third run through, and the second with the 2010 edition. The tranformative effect is beyond doubt. It appears that critical reviews, particualarly on Amazon USA, are from readers who read the book but not followed the process. It may be that troublesome emotional imprinting can be 'healed' by some other practices without going through a lot of painful feelings. On the other hand, feeling those feelings fully, which is central to this process, may bring emotional maturity as well as integration.

Michael Brown suggests that events in the outer world will take place during the process to support the process, and to stir up feelings which need to be integrated. Obviously it is a matter of perception, whether outer events, where there may be no explicable connection with one's behaviour (even one's subconscious behaviour), are really linked with one's inner emotional patterns and experiences. It is not something which could be proved to sceptic. It is my perception that this is what happens. Those outer events are not necsssarily bad. However, I would hesitate to recommend the process because there is a risk that you are stirring up outer trouble and inner pain. There are great benefits too, in terms of becoming more present and aware, and less encumbered by 'noise in the head,' and by what Michael Brown calls 'reactive behaviour' (in effect trying to fix problems by working on the outward circumstances rather than on one's own imprinted patterns of feeling). Each person must decide whether the process is for himself or herself.

For me the breathing practice he recommends is nothing like meditation, and it does not make one calm. It does seem to speed up one's emotional development, and at first the effectiveness of something so simple as breathing, reading the chapters, and taking the odd bath, is puzzing, and unforeseen.

Michael Brown himself does not hype the work at all, and he puts out nothing in the way of testimonials (the book itself contains only one success story). The fact he has chosen not to turn his work into a business (the only financial cost involved in following it is buying the book) inspires confidence. He has also been generous with free materials on the net, and support.
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on 28 January 2013
I had this books for some time before one day something told me to pick it up and start reading. I completed the process and it showed me what it really meant to be truly present. I would definitely read and/ do the process again and have bought and recommended it to friends.
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on 7 March 2013
The book is an easy to understand process of how to become present in your own life, reduce your tencencies to re-act and increase your ability to re-spond, when initially feeling triggered. Read it and become wise
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