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Xbox S

Top Selected Products and Reviews

"... for myself as an early birthday gift and its amazing, very easy to set up" - by Joshua Jones (Wales)
i got this for myself as an early birthday gift and its amazing, very easy to set up. very quiet machine runs perfectly and just awesome

"Excellant but FAN makes buzzing noises" - by ZephyrViper
This should be 5 stars as the console is really great and plays flawlessly however I have an issue. An issue that has happened on 3 of these consoles.

IS XBOX ONE S supposed to be silent or is the FAN supposed to make a WHIRRING noise? I've had to replace 3 of these console because of this issue. Now, I've got sensitive hearing and this is starting to annoy me. Can anyone help?

"A review for those of us that are young at heart." - by wagsta (Yorkshire)
Before I start the actual review I would just like to clarify something. My Xbox One s was not purchased from Amazon or the market place and the bundle that I have is not currently for sale on here. I got mine from a well known High Street and online Game retailer and the bundle contained a dark blue 500GB machine, one colour matched controller, Battlefield 1 as a download only, COD Infinite Warfare on disc and a 14 day Gold pass.
As a gamer in advancing years, 60 next year, this is my first Xbox of any description and I would like to give other young at heart gamer's a more balanced perspective and help them overcome any techno fears that they may have. My previous experience of modern games machines has been limited to the Wii which I enjoyed very much but did have its limitations.
- ... full review

"A great revision to the original Xbox One, but not a necessity" - by Rich - Rangisco (London, UK)
As an early adopter of the original Xbox One, I was a little unsure whether to go ahead with this purchase considering the Scorpio is known to be in development and being released at the end of 2017. However, now I have the S in my possession, I can honestly say it is a great piece of kit. I am fortunate enough to have a Samsung 4K tv so the fact that the S is a 4K player made this a valuable purchase to allow me to take advantage of 4K content. I watched [[ASIN:B01ELF4L4A Deadpool [4K Ultra HD Blu-ray + Digital Copy + UV Copy] [2016]]] as soon as I set up the console and was immediately impressed with the quality of the picture. I have also played several games and I have noticed they run slightly smoother. WiFi connection seem more solid too, but I have reverted back ... full review

"The Xbox One looks stunning!" - by Miss Directed (Inverness, UK)
Just received this Xbox One S (2 Tb). The unit is very small; the same size as my laptop and just as quiet. The Xbox One looks stunning in crimson with black claw marks across it and the controller. Beautiful graphics on my BenQ Zowie gaming monitor. I don't regret paying for this games machine.

UPDATE: After a few days running the Xbox One S, I am returning it back to Amazon for a replacement because the internal fan is getting too noisy!
UPDATE2: The replacement Xbox One S came today; no fan noise so far, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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"Genuine & Works." - by NorthernerLuke (Leeds, United Kingdom)
Does exactly what it's designed for. Sure there's a few third party stands around. But this works & a decent price. The console looks even better now tucked away at the side of the TV.

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"Works great." - by Jason Bartlett
I purchased this item and it worked really well. The controllers easily fit into the charging stations, the stand held the console securely, and the fans ran smoothly for hours at a time.Awesome, I love it.

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"Brilliant, bought these for my boyfriend and he says ..." - by Ruby Frost
Brilliant, bought these for my boyfriend and he says the quality is brilliant for gaming and also music which he was surprised by. He also likes the light which he says is a really cool design.