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Xbox One Games Pre Order

Top Selected Products and Reviews

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"Best Game Ever!!! Buy it!" - by Bradley
Oh my god... the best game i’ve ever played!!! Well Done Rockstar!

I’ve been waiting for this game since the first one came out, 8 years ago! And it was well worth the wait, the amount of detail Rockstar have gone to is just amazing, it’s all the little things like your beard and hair grows in time, you need to eat, bath and sleep!

I’ve already played 15 hours since Friday (26th Oct) and i’m only 28% into it!!! Crazy!

Just buy it, everyone with a console needs this game.

I’m playing on an Xbox One S, and for me, the graphics are still amazing, even though i’ve seen it on the Xbox One X... it doesn’t bother me too much!

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"Very good." - by Lee Gemmell
So for all the haters out there here is my two penny’s worth , firstly the lack of a single player campaign does not detract anything from the game , yes it would have been good but be honest most people play COD for multiplayer and not single player . Secondly why not read up on it before buying ? Then you would have known it was multiplayer only. The game is a feast for the eyes and mind , with so much going on and to date no bugs , it’s hard to find fault . The new black out game is a great addition. All in all very enjoyable and entertaining. ( worth noting I haven’t received my double xp for the game which it was marketed with !!! ) still love game , especially zombies.

"Just breath taking" - by Jake Otu
Absolutely love this! Playing this on an Xbox one x is truly breath taking. The voice acting and motion capture is great too. Not far into the game but it’s looking like it’s going to get even better! Yet again another great tomb raider.

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"Best Assassin's game in years" - by K. Pendreki (Bristol)
There are so very many awesome changes and some that I feel fell short.

You get to choose which character you play as and if you want the standard map or one with no 'go here' markers at all.

This was my first issue, I tried the exploration mode as apparently that's how the game is meant to be experienced however there is absolutely nothing to guide you. You just amble around until you find what you're looking for (which could be a totally different island)

There are now choices in dialogue that alter how the game progresses and if certain quests will appear or not. Everything has an effect.

The graphics are absolutely amazing and the controllability has vastly improved.

The previously clunky skill tree has been nicely refined and is much easier and clearer to use.

All round brilliant game that I absolutely adore, there is very little to not like about this one. ... full review

"really great game" - by G. Reed
i was a bit sceptical about paying so much for this game but i'm glad i did not only is this a fantastic game but you also get the season pass and if u like arcade racing and open world games this is the one for you it has all sorts of motorsports from cars to planes the graphics look amazing also if play with your friends it adds to the enjoyment cant wait for the dlc

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"Well worth upgrading." - by Greg
Awesome. Wasn't sure if it was worth upgrading to the Xbox one x but am now really glad I did. Games look amazing and there are already a lot of Xbox one x enhanced games available.

"Brought for my 12 year old son & he love it said its one of the best games he ..." - by Allison/Paul Hodgson
Brought for my 12 year old son & he love it said its one of the best games he has played

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"Great game as expected because of previous 5 games in ..." - by D. Mitchelson (Scotland)
Great game as expected because of previous 5 games in series. Loved the open world with great graphics... But Hated and loathed the "Story" the "Boss" was not scary but drudgingly boring and the "Resistance Meter" for the regions was an awful idea as well as the Lieutenants story lines and ladder to beat them and take over their area , So Yes great lovely game that bordered on unplayable at some points because of the poor attempt to make an "Edgy" story, When Farcry has always been open wold with very little forced to progress down its story missions .In previous games this has been hardly noticeable. Cant say that about Farcry 5 ...sadly

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"I can’t describe how much I love this controller" - by Belle
I can’t describe how much I love this controller. The skull even glows in the dark. It’s gorgeous and I may even buy a second one!

"A great product, but extremely slow delivery time for the item from this seller." - by The Spartan
I do like this hard drive. It does exactly what you'd want, which is to add storage space for your games, or media if you assign it for that for your Xbox One, and it looks nice and the USB ports are a useful addition. Shame about the delivery though was was approaching a month and taking too long, so felt i had to switch to express delivery, at which point it was immediately dispatched and arrived in two days, so my point is, if you want a reasonable delivery time, either get from another seller or go express delivery, from my personal experience.

Additional: If your thinking of buying this as an external drive for your PS4, don't, it won't work on it, i know, i tried it.

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"47 Returns" - by Joe Harper
Buy this game if you liked the previous game well this is the same style with a new story and improved abilities actions, The detail to explore is half the fun the other is all the ways to carry out the kill, Good luck 47

"Great even if you DON'T have 4k TV" - by Luke W (England)
Got this to replace my day one Xbox one. For starters, I do NOT have a 4K TV but I DO see a difference in quality and performance. I have heard lots of people say that there is no point in them getting the Xbox one X as they don't have a 4K TV, but there are benefits even if you only have a 1080p screen. Here are some. Games look and run smoother with less frame rate dips and resolution staying higher when games have adaptive resolution scaling. Xbox one X Enhanced games will render the game up to 4K resolution, then be downscaled to 1080p. This feature allows players to get an image clarity boost even if they don’t have a 4K TV, this is called supersampling. Games load quicker because of faster HDD. Xbox one Enhanced 360 backwards compatible games look and play amazing, Fallout 3, The ... full review

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"10/10 I rarely complete games" - by Jay1995
Definitely recommend getting this game, i played the first one which was quite good but this game is 10x better and a great adventure/free roam zombie survival game one of few games ive actually Completed...now go buy it if you havnt already!!

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"fun graphics" - by airsick puppet 48
hard to navigate...baby a pain ....traveling to various locations is much too difficult.

"Star Wars" - by ghosthunter (UK)
My birthday present to my self. It's star wars, review writes it self.