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Wrist Heart Rate Monitor

Top Selected Products and Reviews

"Used for Swimming" - by Dr Who (Brighton)
I am an old man 62 and have just started to learn Butterfly. After two 25m lengths my heart rate shoots up. I wanted to monitor my HR (Heart Rate) just to be sure that I wasn't overloading my body too much and to check all was in order. Manually counting your pulse is of little use, as you are counting your rate that is changing back to normal.

This watch comes with a transmitter that you strap to your body; it is fairly inconspicuous; the contacts come just below my solar plexus. No one took a bit of notice that I had it on. Last Sunday I used it for the first time fearful that it wasn't going to work in the pool, and if it did, it was not going to be anywhere near accurate. Well I was pleasantly surprised that it worked like a treat. ... full review

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"Great functionality in Fitness Band" - by Linda (Worcestershire)
Really easy to set up with my iPhone
Has so many feature and makes keeping track of your fitness really easy
Lovely big display and had good battery power

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"The best HRM for the price?" - by marcoscu (Chorley,UK)
Today's run was my first using my new Mio Link HRM in conjunction with the Runner Up Android app on my [[ASIN:B00GGDWJTU Google Nexus 5 32GB Phone SIM Free Unlocked (Black)]] phone and my [[ASIN:B005T0Z9CU Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS Watch with Premium Heart Rate Monitor]].

I had more or less given up with Heart Rate Monitors as every one I have ever used, even from Garmin, was fiddly to setup and used and ultimately unreliable.

The Mio Link is fitted to the wrist and by measuring the light transmission and reflection of the capillary blood flow with powerful LED's on the underside of the strap. This is not new and I have used similar HRM's from Scosche, such as the [[ASIN:B009S28MUQ iPhone Pulse Monitor RHYTHM]] in the past but they proved to be even more flaky and unreliable than chest strap HRMs. One claim to fame ... full review

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"brilliant device." - by Guy Jones (Braintree, Essex)
This was a present for my wife. I deliberated over which fitness band to buy and settled on this because I did not think she would bother with constant downloads and the Vivofit 2 has a display which you can see clearly. Well, I was wrong. The software is so informative and my wife is so keen to see her sleep patterns that not a single day has passed without checking her steps/sleep etc. brilliant device.

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"Great product!" - by mercgirl
So far am very pleased with this - definitely rivals other well known brands and a fantastic price! Monitors heartbeat, steps, distance and calories. Even more surprised that I can can get alerts for text messages and calls!

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"very comfortable to wear" - by Amazon Customer
very comfortable to wear, accurate for steps and distance. However, the heart rate is clearly not accurate. At the gym, it only got up to 125, when the fitness machine said 150.

"Not as bad as I had feared - in fact fact pretty damn cool!" - by jasebro
I have had the Charge HR for a 4 days now and early opinions are very good. I like to do a lot of research before buying a gadget, and the fitbit forums are currently awash with very unhappy CHR owners saying everything from the step count to the actual HR accuracy is way off. I was very nearly put off by this, but decided to give it a punt anyway.

So I'm now on day 4 and I can say so far that the device is everything I would want. It seems to be counting steps pretty spot on, the HR is correct to my gyms HR monitors, I can track my sleep, and follow a diet plan with calories burned etc...

The caveat to that is I don't think this device would be suitable for ultra serious fitness freaks who track their HR to the exact ... full review

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"Worth buying for this price!" - by Patrick M (Essex)
[[ASIN:B01DDJ6C92 Makibes ID107 Smart Bracelet BT4.0 Heart Rate Monitor Smartband Pulse Sports Fitness Tracker for Android iOS (Blue)]]

DISCLAIMER: First of all, I have been giving this product for free, in return of sending me this product i will give an unbiased and honest review on this product:

The product contents:
1 x Smart Bracelet
1 x USB Charger
1 x User Guide
1 x Box( That the product come in)

The Smart Bracket (Makibes ID107 Smart Bracelet BT4.0):
What feature's can i start with here, the product is a very useful in every day to day life and even better for people such like me who are into doing sport activities, such as Running, Gym, Biking etc. If you are or will be getting involved in anything like that this is a watch for you and at this price at less then £25 where can you ... full review

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"Simply Brilliant." - by piggy (England)
Simply brilliant bit of everyday kit. My first activity tracker watch, used to motivate to beat daily goals. So far used for walking, running and swimming. The connect app is great and the auto sync allows constant updates - I have the connect app sync'ed to MyfitnessPal to track calories and starva for gps. The stride mileage, steps and heart rate is brilliant.

The notifications is basic but great. The watch vibrates when you receive messages on txt and apps on the phone. Very useful if you're hard of hearing / deaf.

Only small down side is that most of my friends are on Fitbit which limits the challenges on connect. However 2 of my friends are now upgrading there boring Fitbits to the smart hr. Can you swim using your Fitbit and see/read notifications :p

It's that good I even wrote my ... full review

Currently unavailable.
"Heart Beat!" - by tone1428 (UK)
First of all what do you get for your money?
In the box you will find....
1 X C536X Heart Rate Monitor Wristwatch with 1 x Battery CR-2032.
1 X Heart Rate Transmitter Chest Strap with 1 x Battery CR-2032.
Both batteries are user replaceable! ( and oddly I have lots of these batteries in my cupboard!)
1 X Instruction Manual...This is probably the best user manual I have ever had with any of my electronics gadgets!
with the Instruction manual being so informative (and accurate) the watch and its multiple function modes was literally a five minute job to set up.I did note that there was a link to a You Tube site for instructions too,though with the manual being so good I never bothered, or needed, to have a look at it.
Next I do have to say that this is a nice looking watch, designed along the ... full review

"I like the simple app and the graphs" - by Chris T (Nottingham UK)
Ive used this quite a few times now. I like the simple app and the graphs. It does seem very good at tracking heart rate; I can see from the graphs. Ive even used it for punch bag exercise, and it still works pretty remarkably well.