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"Cutting edge technology" - by TomPhil (Stockport, United Kingdom)
I have had this phone now for about four months, and it has very quickly become one of my favourite things I have ever owned.

I was really unsure about upgrading from my S4, as on paper the S6 Edge did not have much extra to justify the hefty price tag. Even when I first got it and took it out of the box, I wasn't sure I'd made the right decision. The curved screen looked weird. I wasn't sure how to hold it. There was nothing super-exciting jumped out at me.

But once you get used to it and start using it every day, you really do notice the difference. The screen is stunning; I have sometimes watched videos on my phone as opposed to my iPad 3 because the quality is so much better. The curve is subtle but really does make everything on it look ... full review

"That was a great phone, but on intensive days the battery would ..." - by random name is not mine
I upgraded / sidegraded? from the 2014 Moto X - which I'd only had for three months. That was a great phone, but on intensive days the battery would be gone by 5pm. Same with the previous phone, S3 mini. And the same with the iphone, which was the main reason I moved to Android. I bought this as soon as it was released from the Motorola Moto Maker, so I got the 32 gb version, but everything else is the same, and I bought it hoping the battery was going to be as good as they said - 2 days.
As you might guess, I'm a pretty intensive user of my phone - and yes, its as good as they say. No more sneakily pluggin my phone in when I can just to top up - its 3 pm now and I'm on 72% percent battery. The camera seems ... full review

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"Great Device !!" - by ukstevens
Smartphones are most often down to personal preference according to needs and requirements ....... I frequently change in pursuit of the perfect device (which I haven't found :)) so feel well placed to draw a reasonable comparison. I have previously used iPhone 5S, Galaxy S4 & 5, Lumia 925 and 930. Im not a fanboy of any particular brand or OS and this is the first piece of hardware of any description made by LG that I have owned.

Right now for me the G3 ticks all the boxes for my use. The screen is immense both in resolution and size..... almost no bezel wasted space either side and the display is pin sharp and crystal clear.

I am a heavy email user and I find that the stock email app works perfectly with no need to download 3rd party apps. Likewise the stock Calendar app ... full review

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"Great build quality, smooth/improved Samsung UI, awesome screen and camera & the battery life is much improved by Android 5.1.1" - by Lyndon
The first thing you notice about the phone is that no longer does the Galaxy feel like a cheap bit of plastic :-) and having not ventured near an Android/Samsung device for a while this was a big draw. Once switched on you'll see the incredible screen which puts my iPhone 6 to shame and the camera is equally as impressive with amazing low light pics too. All great, but there is an achilles heel....battery life. At 100% at 7am, sending a few txt, ready a few email, listening to Spotify on the train, but 10 am its down to 70% and by 5pm its below 20% after a few calls. My iPhone 6 lasted a full day always but the S6 struggles to get to 7pm, which for a £500 premium phone isn't good enough in my view. Yes it has quick charge, but what use is that when ... full review

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"Quality Android experience for a budget price" - by Raff
For a mainstream brand, this phone represents great value for money considering the spec. Bought it for my wife to replace her old Android, and she's very pleased.

It's fast. The Snapdragon 410 CPU really flies. Allied to lastest Android Lollipop, it runs really smoothly. Demanding 3D games run great.

Good screen. 960 resolution across a 4.5" screen is nice and crisp, if not razor sharp like high-end phones.
Brightness, colour and viewing angles are also good.

Excellent battery life. Nearly 2400mAh is really good for a cheap phone.

Excellent build quality - Gorilla glass, anti-smudge, tight seams, water-resistance and tactile materials differentiate it from cheap chinese imports. It feels nice and solid.

Very fast GPS lock on.

Camera is very average with no flash, but the software is good. Good enough for casual snaps. Front facing-camera useful for Google Hangouts.

It takes ... full review

"Unique simplicity and modern is best to describe this phone" - by Tec-know (UK)
Unique simplicity and modern is best to describe this phone. Excellent quality build that comes with a top camera and fluid and very elegant OS. The touch screen is the best I've used that can be used with ease even with gloves on. The sound is excellent too with great audio recording features: Nokia Rich Recording with four microphones, Nokia Rich Recording with Surround Sound. With W8.1 now having 'Swip' keyboard which feels more accurate compared to all Android phones I've used, inc my now Xperia Z2. Live tiles are informative and look great. Apps are plenty with less bloatware apps compared with Android/iOS where many apps do the same thing, but still W8P still has all the popular apps: Facebook, What's App, Netflix, BBCiplayer, 4oD, Spotify, Instagrams...etc. The store continues to add new apps with some excellent Nokia apps already built into the Lumia. Bing apps are great too: ... full review

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"An Amazing Phone To Shove In The Face of All Those Apple Users" - by Arcade (Sussex, United Kingdom)
I've had this phone for a few days to replace a 2 year old Nokia which, unlike the Nokias of old, couldn't withstand day to day use for much longer than a few months.

BUILD: As soon as I opened up the box I was amazed at the quality of the build. It simply looks amazing - in my opinion better than the Apple iPhone 6, and especially better than the curved Samsung Galaxy Edge which has to be the ugliest thing around! Especially considering its price - I got mine for £159 - it is a great looking and solidly built phone. It it really nice to hold, the screen is sizeable but not overly so, and the weight is nice and light too. The phone is fully customisable - I have one with a yellow shell and a black 'accent', but you can easily switch between hundreds ... full review

by LG
"Very smart!" - by M.M (U.K)
The G3S from LG offers a much sleaker, intuitive smart phone that makes using Android a lot more pleasing. The 5 inch IPS screen gives you high definition interface with lots of room to organise, type or game. The first thing I noticed about this phone is how light it was. Other remarked that it was 'plasticy', however I disagree. Though it's a larger phone it's low weight means having it in your pocket goes largely unoticed. It uses taps to power on from sleep as aposed to side buttons. I found this a much quicker way to access the phone. After the customary Android updates (of which there are always many) you can easily organise and customise this phone to your hearts content.

The phone's 8MP camera offers great clarity and definition. The camera also comes with an auto-focus function to reduce blur. Inside the box is a ... full review

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"Great phone all round." - by stunningredhead
Wanted to try another brand of phone so instead of getting another HTC ONE model, went with this from samsung. Ok it's specs are on paper not as good as my HTC ONE M8, but dont let this fool you. Obviously a lot cheaper but worth it. The display is nice and crisp, apps load quickly and by tapping the home button twice opens up the camera. Takes great pics with the 13 mega pixel camera. It evens runs better and smoothly than my previous HTC ONE M8. Only downside is you only get 8gb of storage and there are a lot of pre loaded apps which you cannot take off so only leaves you with around 3 - 4gb. Saying that it takes micro sd cards which are themselves quite cheap so not really a problem. I am really pleased with this phone and saved myself a bit ... full review

"Great phone. But be warned camera lens glass is ..." - by Shane Walsh
Great phone. But be warned camera lens glass is very weak. Mine was randomnly shattered in my pocket. I googled it and alot of people have had similar issue. Amazon have ignored my complaint about it for over a day now. Brilliant.