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The Slits

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"Uri up" - by Reebi
Saw the Slits at the Vortex in London the night Elvis died. This is so evocative of that era, love it.

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"Really, The Most Fun You Can Have Being Difficult!" - by Tech. Sgt. Sect. 23 (kilmarnock)
it giveth and it taketh away, unfortunately! yes, a very welcome re-issue for a brilliant album (that c.b.s. threw away initially because it didn't really fit anywhere and they didn't know what to make of it!), but, as the price is already rising steadily, it would suggest it's not going to be around for long. shame.so you'll need to be quick!
'cut' is a groundbreaking record, and would easily make my top 20 albums ever. this is better but wouldn't! why would this be so? maybe because it's been so hidden, more or less, since release, subject to the very odd re-release, therefore kept in the margins. with multiple influences on show and dennis bovell again at the controls, it truly is an earth(beat)shaker of a recording, with only tenuous links to the debut - unique, inventive and compelling on the whole!
we get the album in a bog standard jewel case, ... full review

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"Milkshakes and cherry cheesecake" - by T. Satchwell (A Tower in the Heart of London.......)
It starts out as a celebration...the opening scenes are of the girls taking a car apart piece by piece from the Jubilee Film...at the end it all becomes a little melancholy, as Ari asks for a reformation, but only Tessa wants to play. Then Ari gets ill....and doesn't tell anyone but soldiers on giving it 200%. Theres a contribution from Palmolive and Viv, but i get the feeling most of this is driven by Tessa and her lovely ageing scrapbook. Fleeting appearances from the two male drummers..Budgie and Bruce Smith...and Don Letts, Dennis Bovell get to the Roots of the slits.
Theres some nice archve film, courtesy of The Punk Rock movie and I'm sure other bits of Don Lett's handywork.
It is what it is... a tribute to the band that as Vivien Goldman felt, had been kind of airbrushed out of history...and was quite emotional about it too. Not so ... full review

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"The best thing they did" - by Alan Parker (Geneva, Switzerland)
I don't think that it is just the nostalgia. I heard these sessions as they appeared & they blew me away. The rawness and energy just can't be beaten by the recorded versions. Quintessential punk.

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"Five stars, but..." - by P. F. Jeffery (London)
I give this five stars, because it is quite simply brilliant, but I don't think that this is the place to start listening to the Slits. My advice would be to know (and love) "Cut" before approaching this album.

Before buying the album, I wondered whether 8 low-fi punk era tracks, followed by 7 hi-fi dub era tracks would work as a whole. Weirdly, it works very well. And the more often I listen, the better it works.

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"A welcome return for the much missed Slits" - by zips78
A more than welcome return to the recording world for the Slits: their first full studio album since their 1981 split and that years 'Return of the Giant Slits' LP. This collection of songs is an eclectic fusion of all the sounds and styles that have influenced or been a part of their musical make up over the years - together or not. The most obviously Slits sounding track is 'Reject' and the title track, whilst other tracks display attempts at dub, Dancehall, Punk, ragga and more - with the ever present influence of reggae driving through their musical veins. Anyone who has ever enjoyed the Slits during the past will surely find plenty within this new work to enjoy. A great return and much better than the incohesive'Return of the Giant Slits' LP, this outing much more deserving of the Return banner!

[[ASIN:B002J8LVNQ Cut]]

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"Don Lett's Punk Rock Movie - 30 years on" - by Martin Percival (Marlow, UK)
Until about a year ago I hadn't watched this film since about 1983. It seemed an artifact then. Now, nearly 25 years later and 30 years on since much of it was shot by Don Letts on Super 8, it really is from another era. However the film holds up surprisingly well and it's worth seeking out a copy if you're interested in not only the music but also the whole impact on life for many people of the 1977 punk explosion.

Don "The Screaming Target" Letts and Peter Clifton, the film's Australian producer, shot the bulk of the footage in 1977. Subsequently Letts was a founder member of the trail blazing but little heard Basement 5 in 1978 and the way more commercially successful Big Audio Dynamite with Mick Jones, formerly of the Clash, in 1984. He's since made a great many promo videos and a number of films, including ... full review

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"Real Punk is back." - by Mr. T. Blane
This band has brought back the real meaning of punk, to make people stand up and do something about the problems we face in society, listen to REVOLUTION, the lyrics are simple and effective, as are all the songs on this brilliant LP, I do wish it was out on vinyl as I hate CD, a digital recording in my opinion takes the soul out of the sound, But never the less a big thankyou to

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"Great example of its type" - by G. Airey (UK)
Loved this. Obviously based on plenty of contact time with the band and shines a lot of light on the people and their music. The Slits have had nowhere near enough analysis until this came along. Even long-term fans (like me) will learn a lot. Neat writing style too.

"Sensational." - by Chris McGuirk
This was the Slits at their most experimental, and arguably at their very best. It only seems to be avaliable in Japan now, but with brilliant tracks like 'Earthbeat', 'Face Place', 'Improperly Dressed' and 'Life on earth', it's an absolute must for fans of not only the Slits, but Kate Bush, Bjork and the Banshees too. If you liked 'Cut', you'll find it strange at first, but eventually well worth the purchase. Please re-release this in England. It's absolutely ridiculous that it hasn't been re-issued already.

"Four Stars" - by stillpunk.
One track is the punkiest thing they have ever done.back to 1977(recorded in 2006)inc members marco paroni(ex ants,models and paul cook (pistols)and his daughter.

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"Inspiring!" - by Amazon Customer
I love this book. I've read it twice now and in some respects reading it the 2nd time was the more enriching experience. I saw the Slits on the White Riot tour in 1977 at Bristol Colston Hall. They were pioneers in sound and attitude and along with others like Siouxsie, X Ray Spex, & Penetration, helped smashed opened the doors for females within the music industry.
Viv's telling of this time is riveting and brought back a lot of great memories and her story of coming back to making music on her own terms 25 years later is utterly inspiring. Nice one, Viv.
We could definitely do with more artists around today with the attitude that The Slits had.

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"Four Stars" - by warren
the kids love it

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"Better then expected" - by tara
Im a 28 inch waist, 30 after a big meal and I got a small and it fits perfect. The material is cooling for hot weather and I didn't realise when I got it that it has slits at the sides. I really like it and would buy it again.