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The Confidence Game

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"A brilliant analysis of “the aristocrats of crime” and how they manipulate their gullible victims" - by Robert Morris (Dallas, Texas)
Long before we are adults and others have deliberately gained and then betrayed our confidence, most of us have already mastered several of the skills of self-delusion. "After all," Maria Konnikova suggests, "we are the best deceivers of our own minds. At each step of the game, con artists draw from a seemingly endless toolbox of ways to manipulate our belief. And as we become more committed, with each step we give them more psychological material to work with." Everyone is a potential victim. "Despite our deep certainty in our own immunity -- or, rather, because of it -- we [begin italics] all [end italics] fall for it. That's the genius of the great confidence artists: they are, truly, artists -- able to affect even the most discerning connoisseurs with their persuasive charm."

She wrote this book so that those who read it will be much better prepared to ... full review

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Christine Richard writes an excellent insight into bond insurers and how they were brought down to earth by one man, Bill Ackman - a hedge fund manager who fought a long and at times 'bloody' battle to bring the financial community's attention to deliberate major under-reserving of potential losses in the largest company in this line of insurance, The Municipal Bond Insurance Association (MBIA).

At first, Bond Insurers were on to a good little earner, by stuffing enough money into their capital account to attract a Triple A rating from Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Fitch rating agencies, and then offering to guarantee municipal bonds thus endowing each bond 'underwritten' with a AAA rating making it easier and cheaper to attract investors. As it was virtually unheard of for a municipality to be allowed to 'go bad' on the interest or capital repayment of one of its bonds, the ... full review

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"Very easy to read, insightful and useful." - by Mel Beanland (manchester)
Very easy to read, insightful and useful. I read a lot of self-help books and whilst there isnt a great deal of new ideas in here the way its presented is full of energy and it really motivated me to try the ideas I'd only conceptualised up to now. The action steps in each chapter really push you to be better and it all seems a lot easier after reading.