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Telescope Camera

Top Selected Products and Reviews

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"Good product" - by Alison Pudney
Fits perfectly in my telescope eyepiece lens holder,works well with my older laptop,as I am sure it would work with any computer.The price is very resonable,Surely a great investment for your telescope and an added demension in the correlation of telescope and computer The possibilites is surely going to take viewing the heavens to another level that I am just beginning to discover!This little view finder camera has a nearly permanent home in my flip mirror 90 degree port.
But is easily removed to use a conventional eyepiece.
Just plug it into one of my USB ports, Open the included program, select the camera and preview, and there's your view of the universe.

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"very compact and nicely made. Images met my expectations" - by tim777jet
very compact and nicely made. Images met my expectations. The software included works very well, easy set up. I am just starting out and I have no experience with very expensive cameras or video cameras connected to a telescope I have used it in my 114cm full goto telescope and my dads cheapest £50 first scope unit and it performs very well on both. I use a 5meter USB2 to mini USB standard cable from maplins and it works perfectly, no interference and powers the camera without any issues over that length of cable. for viewing the moon I use a Moon filter dropped inside my 2X barlow lens, as my barlow and this camera do not have a Filter thread and images are very good but you can use it without, but the filter reduces any flickering you occasional get as the intense light changes as the moon ... full review

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"The zoom is really good and you can easily adjust the focus to suit your need." - by Tapan Brahmbhatt (Aylesbury, UK)
The lens is very compact and handy for your photo needs. The zoom is really good and you can easily adjust the focus to suit your need.

Th built quality is very well and it is a good item to carry on your holidays.

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"Nice protective case" - by Cinemascope (On your PC screen)
Exceeded expectations! Bought as a stocking filler but it ended up getting more use than any other gift!
Nice protective case, & caps on all lenses. Greatly expanded the options for my Brother's use of his Smartphone for all photos.

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"I really like this Criacr 4in1 Phone lens kit - it's a ..." - by Callum Cox
I really like this Criacr 4in1 Phone lens kit - it's a fun little kit that comes presented well and I've certainly had a bit of fun when using it.

Firstly this kit comes packaged in a simple, but professional way, all the lenses are securely packaged and protected and overall it was organised as well. Personally for me I use the lenses to get a fun effect on my pictures. That being said the 12x zoom telephoto lens is the only one that I personally use to get 'better' pictures and it does improve the zoom on my S7 so that the picture quality is better at a further distance.

The tripod is stable and extendable so it can fit most phone sizes and I can't fault it - it's angle is also adjustable and it makes for stable video filming. Overall this a nice kit and worth the price tag.

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"Does the job as it should" - by J. Warwick
Owning a sony rx100 II camera of which I like to take out with me and have taken many great photos, however being a compact camera the zoom was disappointing so I purchased the Celestron 70 travelscope but needed a way to connect the two.
This item connects the scope and camera together just perfectly, the rx100 II is a substantial compact camera but in size and weight it is relatively small and this camera only just fits, I would not recommend trying a bridge camera using this, however I have seen similar products which have more depth to them which may work.
The main body of this adapter is metal which makes this quite heavy and you will need a strong sturdy tripod taking the weight of the telescope this adapter and the camera into consideration especially as it will become heavier at one end than the other when using this.
When ... full review

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"Useful" - by Gary Leslie
Really useful and easy to use. It allows accurate alignment of phone's camera over the focal plane of most telescopes eyepieces.

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"great value lens" - by iUnbox4U (UK Based)
Every cell phone available anymore has a built-in camera and more and more people are using them in place of point-and-shoot cameras. They're easy to use, convenient, they do not incur extra cost and they avoid having to carry multiple devices. The one downside is that most camera phones are not particularly capable and rely on digital zoom and effects to get different shots.

The box includes an 18x optical zoom as well as a microfiber cleaning cloth for wiping lenses when they get dirty or smudged, lens clip, mini tripod with iPhone holder.

This lens is amazing but they’re NOT in focus, NOT sharp. I like the idea of manually focusing the lens, but I don’t think the quality of the glass used is good enough.

Overall this is quite a comprehensive lens, offering more than any other I've come across, Recommended!!

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"The monocular arrived well-packed and in perfect condition. I am impressed with the ease of ..." - by -Zerin-
The monocular arrived well-packed and in perfect condition. I am impressed with the ease of focus, the sharp image and the good eye relief, the image comes out nice and clear, good for close up pictures. The optics are bright across all the viewing fild of the lens. I can clearly see the area that was at least 200m away. Good optics for hunting and hiking.Adjustable case for different sizes of mobile. Happy with the purchase.I am looking forward for my next adventure with this product 😊. Appreciate seller response and quick delivery.

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"High Quality and impressive lenses" - by Bhavik
What an Absolute piece of product, I just love this product.
The package is very nicely packed and all the items in the package is secure in the plastic mould.
In the package, there are two lenses and both are different for different, They are fairly easy to put on your phone (these could be used for a lot of different phones).

1st Lens is for the Wider Angle, so this lens covers a bigger part of the frame (Refer to the Images), this lens is good taking a wider angle image (e.g group picture). 2nd Lens is my best lens so far, this lens takes images that are far away, Zoom lens that what I call it, It Zooms 18X times, and the images are clear (refer to images). And as you can see from the images below, there is a significant difference between two. The images quality is great too, ... full review

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"but this is good bit of kit for the money" - by geez
Clever idea , its never going to replace normal cameras , but this is good bit of kit for the money , will keep in my truck , its easy to pop onto phone

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"Five Stars" - by Harry Blair
I'm very happy with it because I had large & small telescope ...good work and Excellent ..Thank you ..Harry