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Steel Water Bottle

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"Totally impressed!" - by Lynne (UK)
I loathe room temperature water, and even worse, warm water when the bottle has been left in a hot car. I was a bit sceptical but I am so impressed with this bottle. My chilled water has stayed chilled on the car, and a bottle in the bedroom was still chilled the following day. Our kitchen tap delivers filtered chilled water, so this is colder than general tap water, which may help. It doesn't get condensation on the outside either, so has been perfect to carry around in my handbag too. I'm very happy!

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"Ordered this as I like my water to be icy cold" - by MandBg (Manchester)
Ordered this as I like my water to be icy cold. Having tried many other water bottles (glass, plastic, straw lids and Sigg) I was a bit dubious about how good it would be, but my concerns were unnecessary. I put ice and water in there and 12 hours later the ice had melted but the water was still really really cold. I left it in my car in the hot sun another day and there was still ice in there when I returned a couple of hours later.

Love this water bottle, and am now taking it everywhere with me.

"Quality flask, perfect for cycling / walking" - by Chris M
I have used this water bottle for a couple of longer walks now and it was excellent. We have had some lovely warm days recently so I tested put some cold juice in there, it was cold throughout the walk and when we got home (five hours total), all was good and still as cold as when I put it in. Something I really liked is that the flask didn’t form any condensation at all within my bag despite it being cold on a warm day.

The flask is relatively lightweight (weighing 300g when empty) and fits the bottle holder on my bike perfectly which will be great in the coming months.

A couple of other things worth noting, the flask has a 6.5cm diameter, 500ml capacity and the packaging notes it is BPA and toxin free… always nice to know.

To wash the flask I ... full review

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"I've drunk way more water than I normally do!" - by humanoid (Bristol, UK)
I adore buying water bottles. It's just one of those things. I feel like I'm a superhero saving the planet one plastic bottle fewer a time. Alas, the issue with buying lots of bottles is you know what works for you and what doesn't. THIS BOTTLE WORKS FOR ME.

I adore the fact it's insulated means cold water stays cold. The sports cap is like a straw which, as an adult child, makes me drink more. I take it with me everywhere. I take it to work every day and I have it next to my bed every night. I find the cap means I'm more likely to drink it due to the lack of dust settling on my water.

I'm in love.


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"Superbly insulated bottle which keeps hot drinks hot for over 10h. Great for cold drinks too. Tips & "test" on review ;)" - by The Good, the Bad & the Ugly - VIDEO Reviews
Superbly insulated bottle which can either keep you hot drinks hot for over 10hours or cold drinks too. Tips and "test" on review

If you're looking for a quality insulated bottle that will not leave you feeling "cold feet" this is the one for you.


-Design / Mouth opening
Unlike most similar insulated bottles, this one has an unique design simulating a 500ml bottle of pop.
This design makes it ideal to drink "on the go"
The flask has a screw on top with a ridge shape, making it very easy to open even with gloves or wet hands.

I also love the blue colour the bottle has… But of course blue is my favourite colour, so that is not an impartial view.

With others I have owned, of the more "classic shape style" I find that come with either a complete mouth opening ... full review

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"Fabulous water bottle/flask" - by Sherlocked of Wales (Swansea, Wales)
Bought this bottle primarily as an insulated water bottle to keep my water cold in the summer as I work outside . First impressions are good . I got the navy blue bottle and it looks a really smart colour . The quality is very good and when I used it with ice on a 12hr shift , I still had ice left keeping it nice and cold . Very impressed and highly recommend . The style is unusual in that it's a bottle not a flask and looks good when you use it. Have already been asked where I had got it from .

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"Good water bottle,could be Great" - by Fredo (London)
Good insulated water bottle would give ten stars if it came with sports lid which you include with your 750ml bottle? which is to big for my usage.

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"Great bottle" - by Rob
This is a good size water bottle.

Despite it being made of metal, I detected no metallic taste while using it.

The main issue with water bottles is leakage and I can confirm that mine hasn't leaked and I use it every day.

It is easy to clean and I am very pleased with the overall quality of this product.

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"I like the bottle" - by ms P Lhamo
I like the bottle, it is light weight and practical but I did thought of returning it as its not inscribed the stainless steel work on the bottle itself which makes me doubt it's made of mixed metals rather the stainless steel, the manufacturers swear it's stainless steel and I will keep the bottle and live with the doubt.

"I absolutely love this water bottle" - by PriscillaV
I absolutely love this water bottle, it's quite light weight and the water tastes so much better than it does in a plastic container.

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"Punished, battered and still working!" - by Lee Rushworth (Durham, UK)
I've owned one for over a year, I have absolutely battered and beaten it up...yet it still works brilliantly every time. People who ask if it keeps things hot; I used this for 5 days Sea Kaykong and camping in Winter on the isle of Skye (Scotland) it was -5 degrees outside over night and not much above zero during the snow and sleet of day time...it kept coffee piping hot for over 12hrs and at normal coffee cup temperature after 18hrs...To put it in context it basically kept coffee piping hot while left in the pile of snow that was my front porch of my tent overnight. Ruggedness wise, I've dropped it, thrown it about on rocks and sand, lost it to the sea only to fetch it back when the sea kindly dropped it back on the beach for me...yes the finish / paint work has ... full review

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"Excellent! does what you expect" - by Adam Mcmanus
Excellent! does what you expect. Just be careful filling it up as you can't see how much is in the bottle and can squirt out.