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SSD Card

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"An everyday "vanilla" solution" - by Cruiser (Uk)
For basic everyday applications this Sandisk card will serve you well, for example, in a basic camera, storing music for the car etc. plus you know your data is as safe as it can be with the Sandisk pedigree on this SD card. The card itself is well made and durable and a couple of mine have survived going through the wash. At pennies per GB of storage this basic card is hard to beat and will serve you well. Remember though if you're shooting HD video etc. it is worth trading up to a faster Class 10 card. A value solution recommended for everyday use.

"Speed booster." - by Delta Whiskey (Wales)
My ASUS Z97-P motherboard has a M.2 slot that runs at PCIe 2.0x2, so my Samsung 951 (256Gb) SSD only ran at:
Write: 740 Mb/sec
Read: 785 Mb/sec
Attaching the 951 to the Lycom DT-120 and installing it in the PCIe 3.0 x 4 slot resulted in speeds of:
Write: 1243 Mb/sec
Read: 2209 Mb/sec
That is as fast as this size of 951 will go.
There was no problem with the DT-120 as far as the BIOS was concerned, and it booted into Windows 10 Beta 10162 straight away.

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"good for expanding storage" - by Jack
16GB microSD card, good for expanding storage, reliable SanDisk brand

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"Quality card, a great buy." - by Techcentral
A micro SDHC card with adaptor. A high speed card suited to video or any large file. If you have USB3 then the speed of this card is ideal. Recommended.