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Top Selected Products and Reviews

"Game works pretty well however occasionally the game will freeze or the ..." - by Yes
An absolute classic! If you have an snes this needs to be in your game collection. Game works pretty well however occasionally the game will freeze or the screen will start "tearing" but this game 20 years old so I'll put it down to old age.

by ..
"Very good condition." - by M E McBride (CANTON, GEORGIA, US)
Game condition is very good. Bought it for my son who wanted a retro console and game to compare to the modern ones. He's really pleased with it

Only 9 left in stock (more on the way).
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"It will work with an original snes alot of repro ..." - by john cayzer
It will work with an original snes alot of repro games will Not work on a retron of a retro freak.

"Brilliant." - by Kevan
Came fairly quick, no damage done.. Looks brand new.. Missed out on this game when I was a kid (born 93). Brilliant.

Only 6 left in stock (more on the way).
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"a goods little unit." - by Amazon Customer
Is a goods little unit. The only thing is where to buy controllers for Super Nintendo and nitendo to play them games looks perfect plane Sonic the Hedgehog

"Awesome" - by Amazon Customer
Awesome games brings back so many memories!!! Quick delivery gr at condition and good price!!!

"Starwars" - by Poke33
Never played this retro game before ,but it's a classic there's allways something special about old games that new games don't have

"Wonderful game" - by Juulia
What can I say? When I first played this when I was much younger I was instantly hooked. Although it's very simple compared to lots of fighting games nowadays it has special place in my game shelf.

"A good game." - by Amazon Customer
Item arrived as described. A good game.

"Dodgy controls, but fun" - by Ben
Little bit confusing at first, but after a couple of hours of getting the hang of the some-what weird controls, I managed to get a bit of enjoyment from this game. Would definitely recommend for those into tycoon-esque games.

Only 1 left in stock.
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"A great credit to R-Type of the arcade." - by Jag Man Paul
A side scroll-er shooter that is hard to master but gives you a sense of achievement at the end of each level. Graphics are good but its the music that really capture you into a 16bit world of funky tunes. You end up just playing the sound menu to listen to that tune again... Ah yes "slowdown" i hear you say, yes its present but it doesn't affect the gameplay as people say and can actually help you when a lot is going on while shooting on screen. Highly recommended if found cheap enough. Buy It!

"Classic Mode 7 Snes." - by Jag Man Paul
This is a good looking flying/aeronautics game which boasted some great graphics back in the day and game play that kept you coming back for more. Spend some time mastering the various crafts and skills in the aerodrome or airfield your placed in and it can be quite entertaining. A two player option would have made it even greater but this still holds its own even against some simulators today you find on android! Well worth a purchase.

In stock.
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"It works fine on my orignial SNES" - by R. Anderl
Last week I received the Joe and Mac Collection. It works fine on my orignial SNES. It reminds me of long past days of videogaming. But there is, for me as a collector, a quality problem with the label on the cartrige it doesn't stick correctly. I've made an unboxing video so you can see what you'll get. There are two buttons and a sticker besides the manual.

"amazing" - by liam fletcher
the game came really early and is an amzing game

"SNES Fan's Dream Come True." - by michael devlin (UK)
Fantastic product. I have an American SNES (anyone from the PAL region will know why I went for an NTSC system) and a reasonable collection of games, now I never have to remove the Every Drive from my system because it has all the games I'll ever need. Before I received it I watched a video on You Tube where the guy said you have to download software for it from the Ever Drive's website and then seek out your ROMs. This arrived with everything you need already install and ready to play. I also came with both a PAL and a US NTSC ROMset. It has an 8Gb SD card and with both ROMsets there is still a massive amount of space to add more games. Beware, once a game is loaded it functions like an official game including regional lock outs. The first game I fired up was ... full review