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Smart Weigh

Top Selected Products and Reviews

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"Great for the price" - by Chris Morris
Good at weighing to 0.01g, very good considering the price I paid for it. Would definitely recommend to other buyers

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"Decent so far." - by Ibby
Packaging was decent. Scales seem to work well enough, gets the weights within 1g (usually less) of what's advertised on packaging. When I remove an item and re-add it, it always shows the same weight (within 0.1g). Doesn't seem to have any trouble detecting smaller weights (tested with piece of paper). The cover for the battery compartment is a bit wonky but it still fits and doesn't seem to affect the scales.

I only got this today, so I will update once I have used it for a while.

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"Simple and Elegant. Smart Weigh's Digital Scale "PL 11B"" - by Andre Lawrence (Miami, Florida)
Smart Weigh's makes a number of different kinds of scales for what seems like every conceivable purpose from food scales, to bathroom scales, to jewelry scales to packaging scales.

"PL 11B" is a general, packaging scale. It's can weigh item(s), packages or boxes up to 11 lbs.

The only real difference between the models within these categories has to do with design, because the accuracy of the scale itself is remarkable.

PL 11B measures 7" x 7" with the metal scale top measuring at 7" x 6." And, is powered by a lithium (wristwatch-style) battery.

Like all of the Smart Weigh scales, this one also features a "Tare" function. The Tare function deducts the weight of the packaging leaving you with the net weight of the item.

As you can see in the video, if you're sending out packages as gifts ... full review

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"Small but mighty!" - by Nick - the Honest Reviewer (UK)
On appearance this set of scales is quality. The display is easy to read and it is very accurate. There is a choice of measurements and it is easy to keep clean. This is clearly one of the best set of scales I have owned. I know it says pocket scale but I wish this was a normal size scale because it is so good.
Please be aware that I got this product at discount if I provided an honest - non -biased review.

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"Accurate to a point" - by Brendon Wall
I use the scales for very sensitive chemical measurements and I've come to the conclusion that they operate on an uncertainty of about +/- 3mg, approximately.

Still very good quality product for the price tag, I recommend it highly

"Great little set for precision weighing to 200g, with useful modes." - by A. I. McCulloch (Co Durham, U.K.)
This item was supplied free to review.

This is a beautifully presented set of precision scales, for weighing items up to 200g / 7.05 ounces with an accuracy of 0.01 grammes. My scales came supplied with 2 AAA batteries, with a plastic film strip protecting the terminals.

A soft mock-leather pouch was also supplied, although the outer case of matt black plastic looks robust enough.
There are clear instructions printed on the inside of the hinged lid, written in good English. Sliding a catch at the rear of the scales releases one side of the lid so that it can be removed for easy all round access to the weighing platform.

The digital display is clear and well-lit and activated by touching the screen. It appeared initially not to work but on re-fitting the batteries all was well. When placed on a stable, flat surface the scale ... full review

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"Very thin, elegant scales with everything you'd want in a scale" - by Thomas Cunliffe (Sussex, England)
On opening the box I was immediately impressed by the low weight of these scales and the way they are thinner than any others I have seen. They look very smart with a brushed metal surface.

To get them going I just pulled out the paper strip in the battery compartment. The controls are intuitive - unit (metric/imperial) and "tare" which resets the scales to zero when you've put a container on them. You can also add ingredient after ingredient by pressing "tare" between each ingredient - very useful when you're measuring various items for a cake for example.

The scales weigh up to 5kg (11lbs) which is more than many kitchen scales. I like the large weighting platform which means that can put containers on it without accidentally touching the control buttons. The large backlit LCD display is very clear and with ... full review

Currently unavailable.
"Very, Very handy." - by Ryan Meldrum
My personal experience with this product was pretty good. I was using the product to make sure that all the little candles we had where the same/similer wight as we where putting them in small bags to sell. The product is very simple and easy to use which is exactly what you want. I was very happy about the case it came in as it will protect the scales and stop it from being damaged. The scales fit right into your pocket which is perfect for when we sell the small bags of candles, as if we are asked to show them the wight of the bag, we can just slip the scales out, put the bag on and show them the wight. This product does multiple different values, meaning it is good for more than just weighing in grams.

The pictures below show you the product ... full review

"Excellent customer service" - by MintyMods (Bedfordshire / Hertfordshire)
Excellent customer service. Having received an empty package from Amazon (the weight had clearly fallen out of the cardboard envelope) I was sent another free of charge by Five Star after already obtaining a refund on the empty package. The weight I received is very good quality finished in chrome and packaged in a handy container to keep the calibration weight clean and free from scratches etc. Would highly recommend both the weight and especially Five Star for the level of customer satisfaction.

Currently unavailable.
"Best for accuracy!" - by Ash (London)
Bought for weighing parcels for my small business. They provide great repeatability, are lightweight, great build quality and just great value for money. I love the fact that it has a separate cord with just the display as with large parcels it makes it really convenient to weigh. The scales are also very sensitive and therefore really accurate. Came with both batteries or with a USB cable so really convenient to hook up and get going. Very impressed!

Currently unavailable.
"Uncalibrated with a poor box and rubbish tweezers but incredibly cheap (it shows)." - by Richard (North of England)
If someone requires a calibrated weight set then I do not imagine that the quality here of these would be good enough. There is no calibration certificate or information supplied with the weights.
Starting on the outside the smart looking case (at least it looks smart in the pictures) is of very poor quality and does not even close properly as the plastic is mis formed. The plastic tweezers are also very poor.
The medium sized weights fall out of their holders and the smallest ones are in a small plastic bag which is not ideal. The weights themselves are nice enough but there is no way of knowing their accuracy, their markings and finish is a little poor.
Okay if one wants such a set on a budget but I can't think who exactly this might be.
Uncalibrated with a poor box and rubbish tweezers but incredibly cheap (it ... full review

Currently unavailable.
"Good quality weight and seems to do what it says." - by KS Tech Tips (United Kingdom)
I brought this calibration weight as a guide when checking my scales, while neither of my scales are precision scales they both seemed to do well with this weight, my postal scales gave a weight of 500g and my smaller pocket scales flickered between 500g and 500.1g, which as a test is good enough for what I need.

Made of carbon steel with a chrome plating this weight is of good quality and easy to handle, has the weight 500g stamped into the top of the weight.

While these say they are a calibration weight there is no certification to quarantee this, but from my tests this looks about right.

The weight comes in a white plastic box with a screw lid to keep the weight secure and top stop you from turning upside down and the weight from falling out, also there is a foam insert ... full review

Currently unavailable.
"Faulty Balance" - by Mr R.Sykes
The bathroom weigher arrived promptly BUT it would not convert from lbs to stones & lbs or kgs. I contacted the supplier, who without any quibble said you have a faulty machine. We will replace it but keep the original weigher. The replacement weigher came as promised and does all the instruction manual says it should.

I cannot praise enough the attitude and customer care of this Company and would not hesitate to purchase from them in the future,