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Smart Scale

Top Selected Products and Reviews

"Good but with slight calibration issues" - by Daniel Davies
Worth the money. The way it syncs seamlessly with the app is really good.

The only drawback is that if you move it between weighings it throws the accuracy off (usually adds 3-4 lbs!). This is because, unlike many other scales where you tap it and it tares to zero before you step on, it tries to weigh you straight off. It's supposed to detect if you've moved it and recalibrate but it doesn't always do this (hardly ever does this!). This is a pain if, as it is for me, it's impractical to leave it in one place all the time.

One way around this is to weigh yourself and then stand on it again while it's syncing. Then if you get off and back on it forces it to recalibrate. I do this every time now and just delete the first reading and trust the calibrated ... full review

"best scale out there" - by Robert Grabowski (Silesia, Poland)
I bought this scale about 1.5 years ago, therfore I think it's finally time to share my thoughts by writing this review.

The scale requires you to use Withings app on your mobile device. So if it's your first Withings device, you'll have to download it and create an account. One account is family-wide, meaning that you'll create a profile for each and every family member instead of creating several accounts. If you wish to use Withings account with other apps/services like RunKeeper or MyFitnessPal - don't worry - when linking an account, you'll be able to choose your profile on Withings account.

Moving forward - the setup is very easy. All you have to do is pair your scale with iOS or android device with Withings app installed, and then follow simple instructions.

After setup your scale will be connected to your home wireless network, ... full review

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"Great scale, Works with apple health and iOS well" - by Luca Taylor
Great scales, seem to be very accurate when measuring weight and body fat percentage. i expected my body fat percentage to be higher.

Don't listen to other reviews the app does integrate with apple health, all you need to do is:
1. Download the SenssuHealth app.
2. Stand on the scales as you launch the app (with bluetooth on).
3. This will see the scales and prompt you to add them.
4. To add to apple health launch and close the apple health app, then weigh yourself agai.

Only drawback is that if you have other bluetooth devices connected to your phone at the same time it may struggle to connect to the scales all i do is turn the Bluetooth on and off before measuring my weight.

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"Faulty Balance" - by Mr R.Sykes
The bathroom weigher arrived promptly BUT it would not convert from lbs to stones & lbs or kgs. I contacted the supplier, who without any quibble said you have a faulty machine. We will replace it but keep the original weigher. The replacement weigher came as promised and does all the instruction manual says it should.

I cannot praise enough the attitude and customer care of this Company and would not hesitate to purchase from them in the future,

"Great for the price" - by Chris Morris
Good at weighing to 0.01g, very good considering the price I paid for it. Would definitely recommend to other buyers

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"Amazing!" - by Mikhail (Brighton, UK)
Easy to set up, easy to use! The body fat measurement is unreliable, but I can't imagine any device, which can measure it accurately, apart from autopsy.

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"Accurate to a point" - by Brendon Wall
I use the scales for very sensitive chemical measurements and I've come to the conclusion that they operate on an uncertainty of about +/- 3mg, approximately.

Still very good quality product for the price tag, I recommend it highly

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"Small but mighty!" - by Nick - the Honest Reviewer (UK)
On appearance this set of scales is quality. The display is easy to read and it is very accurate. There is a choice of measurements and it is easy to keep clean. This is clearly one of the best set of scales I have owned. I know it says pocket scale but I wish this was a normal size scale because it is so good.
Please be aware that I got this product at discount if I provided an honest - non -biased review.

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"Be smart - get these scales!" - by Jef
I ordered these Smart Scales for my husband when our existing scales failed. Having lost a lot of weight already he was dreading these scales giving him a different weight. Thankfully they didn't and he is delighted he can now see all these measurements on his phone rather than peering at the scales. The scales arrived the next day and were easy to unpack and set up. The information page that explains all of the different measures is the clearest I've ever seen and the ability to monitor the various body measures over time so easily is cool. These scales are not only what he needs to help him reach his target but also to maintain it. And I don't mind tracking my own measurements!

"very good buy" - by mf
I purchased this when I need to calibrate my Smart Weigh SWS100 elite scale (please see my review on Smart Weigh scale). Its a must to keep scale calibrate to ensure accuracy of weight.. It is packaged in protective snuggly cylinder case and I have used it already to ensure scale is accurate following transportation.

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"Great kitchen scales!" - by Ben (London, UK)
A good scale, very accurate after testing it against my mum's kitchen scale with the same items.
The scale looks great, the surface of the food scale is glossy, easy to clean with just a couple wipes and you're ready to use/re-use again. (however it does pick up fingerprints very quickly, but this isn't a big deal).
I must admit the batteries were quite fiddly to get in, once placed in, the bottom battery tended to fall out by itself despite the spring, so after a few attempts I was able to get it working.
The display is bright and easy to read and the units are easily adjustable with a click of a button.
Once turned on, make sure it's calibrated at zero before applying an item on it.

Overall I would highly recommend, a must have for every kitchen.

I received this item free of ... full review